Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A sermon on a miracle

We need to be humble. Because if we aren't we miss the blessings He has given us. Because if we aren't, we don't hear His call. It isn't as if He is whispering softly, but when we are arrogant, we don't listen. There are physical limitations. He made the world and those limits should be there. Of course He will express his will by what is, sometimes.
The story begins in Poland in the 1920s. A Jewish family in a land that was healing after WW1, and that had miraculously survived Soviet Assault in the early '20s. A New World called, a land of opportunity and hope, and this family decided to migrate. Only they couldn't afford to migrate at once. Two sisters were particularly close, and one, Anja, was picked to go abroad and prepare the way. In Poland, the family raised money to send the next person. In the US, in Baltimore,Anja's life improved, and she married a good man. Meanwhile in Poland, the sister who remained also married a good man.

Anja worked very hard and prospered, but He had it so she did not have children. But the sister in Poland had children, and was greatly blessed. Except WW2 intervened. The two sisters had kept in touch by mail. But when WW2 came about, the plans to send more family to the US was interrupted and no mail got sent. Following the war, fellow villagers reported to Anja that her family in Poland had all been eliminated. No survivors. And now, a well off middle aged woman in Baltimore yearned for family, and had none.Many people in such circumstances crumble and blame Him. Anja may well have done so. But she also called out to Him. She wanted family to raise for Him. Children that would know his name and call her 'mother.' Family.

She discussed it with her husband, and they agreed to adopt a Jewish baby. Many of the few survivors  that were children were available for adoption, and so, negotiating with an agency in New York City, She and her husband set off to see who was available. They wanted a very young child or baby that they could raise in the manner of their people. Only, when they got to the agency, all the babies had been adopted although there was an eight year old orphaned girl named Miriam.

They discussed it, but they weren't for lots of children and they wanted a baby. They went home in an empty car. A year later, they tried again. Lots of babies were available, they were told, and they made the long journey. Only there were no babies left when they arrived. Only the now nine year old Miriam, and Miriam was connected with her younger brother. The agency would not let them be separated. They adopted both. And made the journey home with a car that was not empty.

He hears prayer. He heard her call for family, and he gave her one. Physical realities of the known universe being what they are, He delivered. And had she not been humble, she may never have allowed Him to heal her wounds.

But it isn't humble to limit Him. He has made the world, and He can do whatever He pleases in his garden. When the family got home, the car doors opened and baggage was removed. The door was opened and inside, on display, were familiar pictures the couple had of their life together and loved ones. The little girl spotted them, and cried out. What was wrong, asked Anja, the adoptive mother. Miriam asked why she had pictures of her 'babcia,' indicating the Anja's mother, and Anja's own sister. 'babcia' means grandmother in Polish, and Anja was confused. Miriam went to her bags, and came back with a picture, the exact one that was shown on display. Because Miriam and her brother were actually nephew and niece to Anja .. true family. Blood of her blood.

He had answered her prayer, His way.

I am an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian but my outreach is secular. I have Jewish friends and would like to address some issues here. Firstly I would love it were all to know God through Jesus. This puts me at odds with my Jewish friends who are not inclined to grow through evangelism but through raising their families and they greatly resent it when their children are taken from them at vulnerable moments. Also, they don't like it when the Christian community evangelises to them and not so much Islamic peoples as it increases the level of difficulty in working with a hostile community. Come the end of days, I want it all are saved. I do not know how that will come about. And so I humble myself to do what seems best at the time. My future is entwined with my Jewish friends. My past was too, they are my family. And I believe in times to come, we will prosper together. I stand for Israel as a sovereign nation and home to Jewish peoples. I believe Jewish peoples should be able to prosper everywhere in the world, but Israel is their home.

Secondly, I dislike creationism and intelligent design as clumsy attempts to oppose evolution theory which has been over run by atheists. Evolution is an excellent description as to how He made the world to work. The bible is His word, not a physics textbook, but the revelation of Him to mankind. With the bible, one can walk and talk with Him.
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