Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Robbing of Allen West

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Dear Friend,
I’m sure you’ve heard about how Allen West lost his Congressional seat after election officials in St. Lucie County, Florida “found” some 2,000 ballots after the polls closed.
Well, True the Vote just filed a historic lawsuit against those election bureaucrats. We are going to find out exactly what happened and make sure it never happens again!
You see, never before in American history has a private party asked to see election records in order to perform a “citizen audit” of the election returns.
But that's exactly what we're going to do.
No more hiding. No more lies. The American people will learn the truth!
True the Vote is the nation's only citizen-led nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to stamping out voter fraud and protecting the integrity of our elections.
And under federal law, we have the right to investigate what went so terribly wrong in St. Lucie County last November.
Throughout the recount last fall, St. Lucie County authorities admitted to makingmultiple mistakes in an effort to speed up the process.
These officials publicly confused which ballots they had recounted.
And, they ultimately ended up trying to conduct the recount in a non-secure private office until they were kicked out by the landlord!
As these events unfolded, the West campaign even demanded to review records that would determine whether the total number of voters participating matched the number of ballots received.
And they were ignored!
That’s why True the Vote has filed this lawsuit. We are going to find out why this recount was such a terrible mess and make sure it never, ever happens again.
We are going to end this cover-up. The integrity of our elections is definitely at stake.
We can’t win this battle without your help.
The St. Lucie County election officials are going to fight us hard. They have alreadyillegally refused to allow us to review their work.
And we have every reason to believe they will spend limitless taxpayer dollars trying to cover up what really went on in the recount room last November.
We need to be able to pay our lawyers for the countless hours they will spend battling these election bureaucrats.
We need to distribute a video explaining this lawsuit to the media and thousands and thousands of internet citizen-journalists.
We need to pay for all the legal research, travel, and research teams on the ground once we win this court case.
It’s going to be a circus. And we will be attacked by the media and “progressive” activists every step of the way.
However, the American people deserve to know what really happened in Allen West’s race.
And the questions keep piling up.
Were some absentee ballots counted twice while this recount was held in a non-secure location?
Why did officials rebuff the West campaign’s lawful request to determine if the number of people who voted matched the number of votes cast?
We need to know. And we need to make sure that this type of nonsense never again costs a good conservative an election.
This is a precedent-setting lawsuit. If we can convince the court to allow this “citizen-audit” to proceed, we’ll be able to perform similar audits all over America.
Catherine Engelbrecht 

Founder and President
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