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Wilson calls out a Human Rights Commissioner

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(3:44pm)

The IPA’s Tim Wilson confronts Human Rights Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick over the refusal of her Human Rights Commission to defend our free speech - indeed, over it’s disgraceful attack on this fundamental freedom.
Why was it silent when so many ordinary Australians rose up against the Gillard Government’s attempt to restrict our right to speak freely?
Unusually, this debate is hosted by the ABC, which graciously allows Wilson to be the token, lone conservative.
More often, though, an ABC “debate” sounds like this, as described by Media Watch Dog:
Monash University academic Waleed Aly is a recent addition to ABC Radio National’s already substantial stable of leftist or left-of-centre presenters in Australia’s own Conservative-Free-Zone. On his “Drawing Room” segment on Radio National Drive on Wednesday, the topic was “The Tipping Point of Climate Change.”
This was foreshadowed as a “debate” but it was your typical ABC discussion where presenter Waleed Aly essentially agreed with green activist Helen Caldicott who essentially agreed with green activist Nick Feik who essentially agreed with Waleed Aly. Enough said…
The highlights of the oh-so-ABC debate, where everyone agreed with everyone else, occurred when: 
- Nick Feik (The Monthly’s online editor) declared that the failure of nations to act on climate change was due to Fox News in the United States and News Limited in Australia. This stopped the US and Australia from having a “reasonable and intelligent, sort of, national dialogue.” Sort of.

- Helen Caldicott declared that climate change sceptic Christopher Monckton has “got thyrotoxicosis and bilateral exophthalmos”. She gave the impression that such conditions should prevent Monckton from engaging in the public debate. Waleed Aly said nothing to stop Dr Caldicott’s ad hominem attack on Monckton’s alleged medical condition.

- Dr Caldicott referred to “the lovely Bob Brown”. [How lovely – Ed.]. She also criticised a person she called “that guy Jenkins from Western Australia”. Apparently, Caldicott was referring to Liberal Party MP Dr Dennis Jensen. Aly did not correct this error.

- Caldicott opposed Australia’s coal exports to China. All of them, apparently.

- Caldicott declared: “What about their children’s futures? I’ve got a grandson called Liam, who’s three and a half, in Boston. I could eat him he’s so gorgeous. And I look at him and I think: ‘My God, when he’s 20 how hot is it gonna be?’” No one bothered to inform Caldicott that since the world has not warmed for 17 years (see Stop Press) it’s possible that it will not warm for the next 17 years. In which case, it’s possible that the world will not be hotter when Liam turns 20. How about that?

- Aly concluded by declaring that Helen Caldicott’s most recent book – which suggests that the planet will run out of water – is realistic.
A postscript:
Broderick’s Human Rights Commission is so determined to actually strip us of free speech that it granted its Human Rights Medal to the barrister who helped to restrict my own.


Robert II of Scotland





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Not the way to prove Wilders wrong

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(10:19am)

Three British Muslim men have been found guilty of planning a string of bombings that prosecutors said could have been deadlier than the attacks on London’s transport network in 2005…
Police said it was the most significant terrorist plot to be uncovered in Britain since the 2006 conspiracy to blow up transatlantic airliners using bombs in drink containers.


Galloway: “I don’t debate with Israelis”

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(8:51am)

The sinister new racism of the Left looks awfully like the old one of the Right:
George Galloway walks out of a debate at Christ Church college at Oxford University on Wednesday. He was speaking for the motion that ‘Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank’. When the Respect MP for Bradford West learned that Eylon Aslan-Levy, a student opposing it, was an Israeli citizen, he leaves, saying ’I don’t debate with Israelis‘. 
(Thanks to reader Daniel.)


Rudd’s real game: reinventing Labor?

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(8:45am)

Reader Erasmus has a very interesting theory:
Andrew, I think it’s possible that Kevin Rudd is telling the truth about not challenging Gillard. I suspect he may be playing a longer game.
He may think that if Labor suffers a massive defeat, he may be able to take over and rebuild the party in his own image - in particular, he may be able to break the grip the union movement has over Labor. This would indeed be a huge accomplishment and would allow Labor to become a party much better suited to the times. The last few years have proven that the Hawke years were an abberation and that Labor remains a party wedded to class war and union patronage.
Rudd has no love of the unions and would love to do to them what they helped do to him. And it would actually create a better party. Strange as it sounds, Rudd may be Labor’s last best hope for genuine renewal. He’s young enough and egomaniacal enough to believe he can do it and give himself a permanent and major place in Australian political history.
Add to that this consideration: Rudd is not interested in taking back the leadership simply to lead Labor to defeat in September.


$2 billion to prepare the beds

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(8:35am)

That’s a lot of money just to have more time to prepare the beds and dinner:
The Federal Government will send a letter of request for possible access to the United States Navy’s development program for a high-flying, long-range pilotless aircraft called the Triton.
Once it detects a timber vessel it will be able to photograph the intruder or pass the information through secure military links to other aircraft or ships in the area.
As reader Watty puts it:
Find them, track them and then what? Turn them back? Attack them? Sink them?


Rain, dog, grateful

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(8:26am)

Reader Stephen takes me out of my bubble:
Sitting up with the dog during a thunder storm, we are getting a bit of rain with it so am grateful for that.


Crook laws

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(8:19am)

This government’s intrusion into the right of adults to decide for themselves what to say or who to hire is astonishingly arrogant:
RELIGIOUS organisations running schools, health and aged-care services face losing key exemptions to Labor’s new anti-discrimination laws under recommendations that could see them sued by people who disagree with church ethos.
A parliamentary inquiry has found Labor’s proposed laws need to be substantially changed, including to dump exceptions that would have allowed religious organisations to discriminate against individuals when providing services, where such discrimination would otherwise be unlawful. 
(Thanks to reader CA.)


Richo: Gillard will destroy Labor

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(7:02am)

A loss of between of between 30 and 40 seats is on the cards, a slaughter of epic proportions. It would take Labor a decade to recover… The next generation of political Labor leaders, with the exception of Bill Shorten, would all be gone.
You would be entitled to wonder just how much the Labor Party can take… Given that a budget must be prepared by May which must deliver $15 billion of cuts just to allow for the NDIS and the Gonski reforms, the political pain would be immense. There is a real chance that there won’t be much left of the modern Labor Party at the end of her reign....
She could ditch the NDIS and Gonski legacy she has been determined to leave behind as a permanent reminder of her prime ministership. That would at least give Wayne Swan some chance of preparing a budget that won’t destroy a party he has served all his working life.
Most likely though, she will hang on and try to tough it out… This would mean that the legacy Gillard leaves behind would be the near destruction of the modern Labor Party.


That blame game Labor promised to end

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(6:47am)

“The Commonwealth blaming the states and vice versa doesn’t help the problem when you’re sick,” he told a news conference.
“It’s time to end the blame game between Canberra and the states on health and hospitals.”
JULIA Gillard has threatened to abandon her own landmark health reforms before the federal election, escalating a row with the conservative states as they seek more funding for public hospitals from the commonwealth.
The Prime Minister ... yesterday warned the states she was prepared to scrap the two-year-old funding agreement if they continued to blame her government for cuts to services.
Instead, the Gillard government has already moved to “go around” the states, rearrange their budgets and deal directly with hospitals - starting with a $107 million “rescue package” for Victorian hospitals announced yesterday. The package effectively returned health funds that were cut from the Victorian budget as part of the commonwealth’s $1.6 billion “recalibration” of funding based on new population data…

The conservative premiers were last night undeterred by the Prime Minister’s threats, vowing to keep up the campaign, as constitutional experts warned that Ms Gillard’s direct funding model might not stand up to a High Court challenge.
So much for five years of “health reform” by Rudd and Gillard. In the end, Gillard, desperate for more of the cash she’s squandered, tried to pinch some back from state health funding. And now this almighty brawl
By caving in to Victoria and restoring $107 million of the money cut from the state’s health budget on the strength of outdated population figures, Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has put the commonwealth in the firing line to return $1.6bn across four years to the states and territories. Strictly speaking, the commonwealth was right in docking the states because Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed projected population increases on which the original funding was based had not materialised. Disrupting the states’ budget processes, however, was always going to cause a political storm… The backflip is also a problem for Ms Gillard in that the agreement she signed two years ago forbids direct transfer of payments - despite it being Labor’s preferred position. The move could even be subject to a High Court challenge. 


Topher’s taxes

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(6:40am)

Christopher Topher, who blog readers helped to make an earlier video on the forbidden history of unpopular people, is back. This time the topic is terrible taxes.


Now will Emerson finally say sorry?

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(6:16am)

His ignorance and innumeracy was frightening from a senior minister in a government that imposed on us a carbon tax on the grounds that man was heating the world dangerously.
Maybe today - at last - he will listen:
THE UN’s climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain’s Met Office, but said it would need to last “30 to 40 years at least” to break the long-term global warming trend…
Dr Pachauri, the chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said ... global average temperatures had plateaued at record levels and that the halt did not disprove global warming…
He said that it would be 30 to 40 years “at least” before it was possible to say that the long-term upward trend in global temperatures had been broken.
Thirty to 40 years of no warming before we can say the alarmists were wrong?
What utter nonsense, since so many alarming IPCC projections were for dangerous warming by 2050. For instance:
The IPCC draft report forecasts temperature increases of 0.8- 3.9 degrees by 2050 and a 20 percent reduction in rainfall. Water flows in the crucial Murray Darling basin could fall by as much as 35 per cent by 2050.
This would cause a loss of up to 30 percent in Australia’s agricultural economy, it says. A reduction of another six to 23 percent is expected in the agricultural economy of the Macquarie River Basin. Losses are predicted in beef, wool, wheat and cotton.
GLOBAL warming is made worse by man-made pollution and even optimistic projections suggest that the Earth will warm by a dangerous 3 degrees by 2050, according to a draft report by the world’s leading climate scientists. The increase will be the biggest in 20,000 years and is likely to cause drought, famine and mass extinction, scientists said.
The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has confirmed that humans are the main force behind warming and that further temperature increases are in store even if emissions are curtailed.
In fact, two years ago we were told just 17 years of no warming would be enough to question the global warming theory:
The hiatus was not unexpected. Variability in the climate can suppress rising temperatures temporarily, though before this decade scientists were uncertain how long such pauses could last. In any case, one decade is not long enough to say anything about human effects on climate; as one forthcoming paper lays out, 17 years is required.
There seems to be an awful lot of goal-post shifting and denial going on.
But one person who can no longer deny is Craig Emerson. He should apologise for and retract his false claim that I was wrong to say there had been no warming for 16 years. 



Temporary truce

Meet John Doe (1941)
- Complete Movie -

Meet John Doe is a 1941 American comedy drama film directed and produced by Frank Capra, and starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. The film is about a "grassroots" political campaign created unwittingly by a newspaper columnist and pursued by a wealthy businessman. It became a box office hit and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story


Here is a cut-out of a recent article from the Bankstown-Canterbury Torch about the campaign in Banks.

This cartoon was created before Virender Sehwag dropped a sitter at slip today.



HEAVEN — at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café.
I am amused when others complain about what topics I choose to post about on my own FB page. I wonder if they are as adamant with others. "Don't post about your stamp collection. I really don't like stamps, and it's inconsiderate."

Take issue with my opinion if you like, but please, friends, don't tell me what I can and can't post on my own page. - George Takei

Ammo Prices Have Risen Up to 145% in Some Places. Who would have thought you'd get a better return on ammo than the stock market?


Hey guys don't forget to come and support jfc at the freedom plaza tommorow. 
Entertainment includes:
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Alarmists on the attack!

Global warming alarmists are attacking the integrity of scientists, desperately seeking to minimize the damage presented by a recent survey of geoscientists and engineers regarding global warming.

A recent survey of more than 1,000 geoscientists (commonly known as earth scientists) and engineers reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies found that only 36 percent agree with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assertion that humans are causing a serious global warming problem. By contrast, a majority of scientists in the survey believe that nature is the primary cause of recent global warming and/or that future global warming will not be a very serious problem.

For more :



We bet you all wish you had this phone cover! - Max Brenner

Word Entertainment has partnered with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett to create THE BIBLE: Music Inspired By The Epic Miniseries CD. This 12-song musical companion features top Christian artists performing songs that highlight various themes from the series, including "Crave" by For KING & COUNTRY. 

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Christchurch is beautiful

A Subway Sub one foot long is about $12, A Big Mac is $6. A litre of petrol is $1.45. A New Balance walking shoe costs $200. A cheap house in Sydney is about $350k. Does our minimum wage really seem appealing? - ed

Arthur Schopenhauer - 
- All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
When the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to Jesus, they quoted the law to Him, saying, “Teacher, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses, in the law, commanded us that such should be stoned. But what do You say?” (John 8:4–5). 

They thought that they had succeeded in trapping Jesus because if He told them to stone her, then they would accuse Him of not demonstrating the forgiveness and grace that He had been preaching about. If He were to say that they should not stone her, then they would accuse Him of breaking the law of Moses and bring a charge against Him.

Now, adultery is a sin, and Jesus had every right to say, “Stone her!” But knowing that He would soon hang on the cross and pay for the woman’s sin in His own body, Jesus was able to uphold the perfect standard of the law, love the sinner and silence her accusers.

And He did all three in style, with just one sentence—“He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first” (John 8:7).

Demonstrating His infinite wisdom and grace, Jesus simply challenged the person who was perfect before the law to cast the first stone. Pricked by their conscience, the Pharisees who had come to ensnare Jesus began to walk away one by one, completely silenced.

Beloved, 1 Corinthians 1:30 tells us that Jesus “became for us wisdom from God,” and because you are in Him, the same wisdom that Jesus has is available to you! Begin to see yourself in Christ, who is always flowing with divine wisdom, always in control, and the same wisdom that flows in Him will flow in and through you. Depend on Jesus’ wisdom to succeed and you will see whatever you do prosper.


While others live life worried about their future and watching their own backs, you can live life trusting in God’s undeserved and unreserved favor to open doors, protect and provide abundantly for you every day!

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Hurting for revenue, the US Postal Service is launching a line of… apparel

The US Postal Service posted a $16 billion loss in fiscal 2012, and if you’ve been among those asking for official USPS apparel to show your support while helping cover the enormous pre-funded benefits nut, your wish will soon be in the mail...

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