Monday, February 25, 2013

Removalist blues - AAAcityremovalist

600 dollars to move a sofa from North Sydney to Fairfield in Sydney is really steep. I've been unemployed for over 5 years but I never felt like I'd been stood over and robbed. I cleaned up after the two left. They were polite. $100 cash on top of $515 charge. I might write an article about the experience.
AAACityRemovalist were first on the yellowpages and so I chose them to seek a quote. I had a limited opportunity .. I needed to get an 8 piece modular lounge out of a North Sydney address that Friday afternoon. I have friends, but they would be at work. So I turned to a professional mob. I had wrinkles .. an appointment with centrelink at Fairfield was to keep me away from home. So I had to ask about storage. I was told their could be two people available that afternoon and that storage would be $80 for the weekend. The cost was about $80 an hour with a minimum of $280. I understand that removalists have costs and I had no problem with the estimated cost of $360. I was told there would be a second delivery fee of $220 with a smaller truck and I explained that I considered it oe transaction only and I would pay more if it went overtime. Storage in Strathfield being a mid way destination and the entire job unlikely to take 3 hours. I negotiated for the seller of the lounge to allow pick up of the lounge. A call came from the removalist who contacted me instead of the previous owner. I asked about removing some items for a tip and was told it would be $60 to 80 and to discuss it on the day. 

The Monday morning of the delivery I'm phoned at 9:14 am and told they were on their way. I had the items needed for transport clear of anything that might make the removalists work difficult. I am asked how I will pay. I say credit card. They ask if I have cash and I explain I don't have much cash. I ask about the removal of items and am told I need about $65 cash. I accept. Items removed and items installed haphazardly .. I have a lot of work to do to set things up. During the work I am asked about my rental arrangement. The removalists can see my place and are assessing my worth. I mention I own but don't go into detail .. not having worked in 6 years I won't own it much longer. I'm asked to pay for the delivery and told it was $515. It is clear that their head office debited me for two trips so although the transaction should have been $360 I was hit for $155 more .. and before they go, the driver says head office told him the tip fee was $100 cash. 

I post on their FB wall my concerns. I am awakened from a doze by a phone call from a person claiming to be their manager. He tells me the charges should have been explained to me and he wants to get to the bottom of the cash transaction. I touch on the doubling up of fees, but he steers the conversation to the drivers cash. He promises to investigate. Wisely, he admits no fault and gives me no reason to suggest anyone should deal with his business ever again. 
Update 8th March .. still no reply about the overcharging. I had asked, and been assured, that my transaction would have been charged once, but was charged twice. 
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