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Happy birthday and many happy returns David Nguyen. On the same day as you were born, the teacher of Dick Turpin (1739) recognised his handwriting .. and so he was hung. Remember.

February 23Purim begins at sunset (Judaism, 2013); National Day in Brunei(1984); Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia and several other former Soviet republics
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Free speech stoned to death

Miranda Devine – Saturday, February 23, 2013 (6:26pm)

IF you needed proof that free speech in Australia is on the run, look at what happened when Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders came to town. 


Gillard cuts wild promise down to $1 billion more than she has

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY232013(9:40am)

Julia Gillard will limit her landmark school reforms to $1 billion in new spending next year, as she puts off the final stage of the funding boost until 2019 amid fears over a mammoth increase in the education budget…

The Weekend Australian can reveal that Labor’s plan would require about $10bn in total over the four years of the budget estimates as outlays are gradually increased year by year.

The injection stops far short of the $6.5bn required every year to meet the funding benchmark set in a review led by company director David Gonski, although the outcome depends on whether states contribute any cash.
But Gillard will still promise spending that ramps up over a few years to $4 billion a year - a promise to bind an Abbott Government which will be struggling to repay Labor’s mountainous debt.
(Thanks to reader Peter.)


Argus warns against this mad spree

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY232013(9:06am)

Borrowing in even good times to pay for huge welfare programs is a highway to disaster:
BUSINESS community elder Don Argus has warned that the growth in politically popular welfare spending is unsustainable and youth unemployment is one of the greatest economic challenges confronting Australia.
In a speech to be given in Melbourne today ..., the former BHP Billiton chairman and National Australia Bank chief executive calls for a national discussion about welfare spending, warning that the pension and health costs of an ageing population will add to the structural pressure on the federal budget.
Mr Argus’s comments come as the Gillard government, which has abandoned its budget surplus pledge after mining tax revenues fell far below forecasts, looks for deep savings to pay for multi-billion-dollar promises, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme and school funding reforms.
Mr Argus says it is crucial to have a debate on government finances - especially amid fears that the mining boom has peaked and the need for households to service their debts put pressure on tax collections.
“If we think we can avoid the fallout from the austerity measures which will be required to stop the economic bleeding in developed economies, then we are viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses,” Mr Argus says.


The unions’ PM is the unions’ poison

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY232013(8:44am)

Julia Gillard’s Labor Party was on display this week - the Prime Minister and Wayne Swan on the Gold Coast at the Australian Workers Union conference, winning declarations of support from Bill Ludwig and Paul Howes with pledges the AWU would mobilise its members in marginal seats, drawing upon Obama campaign techniques. It was union power on Labor’s behalf, an idea that has had its day.
Gillard is more dependent on trade union support for her internal position as Prime Minister than were Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd. The irony of modern Labor is that as trade union coverage of the workforce has declined dramatically, its influence within the Labor Party has only grown. What does this convey? 
The obvious is conveyed, of course - that the Prime Minister is an AWU puppet, kept in place by union fiat against the manifest wish of most voters.
But there is something else the AWU seems unable to contemplate: its own members see their leadership using members’ money and their union’s authority to keep in power a prime minister many of those union members do not want. Gillard is not merely a union puppet. She is also poison to the union bosses who keep her in power. The bosses discredit Labor, Labor’s leader discredits the bosses.


Overrun by what the Press Council says I cannot call “illegal immigrants”

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY232013(8:30am)

Insider Royston Mitchell reports on this deadly and grotesquely expensive farce:
My colleagues advise me that five boatloads of asylum seekers were offloaded on Christmas Island today. As far as I am aware, this is a new record. Not sure what number were onboard.
Christmas Island is the biggest money pit in Australian history. Never before has so much money been squandered, wasted, misdirected and lost in such a short period of time. Asylum seekers arrive almost daily, only to be churned through the system in two months or less, and sent to the mainland. The government couldn’t burn through money any faster if it tried. Two navy boats constantly on patrol; RAAF aircraft on patrol; teams of Customs and AFP officers permanently stationed on the island; empty hospitals manned by dozens of health professionals; SERCO spending millions a week; the list goes on. The waste is appalling, and I have certainly never seen anything like it in my life. When Labor says this year’s asylum seeker expenditure will be $2.2 billion, it should be emphasised that this is just the department of immigration’s costs - I would conservatively estimate Customs, Defence, AFP and the other associated departments costing at least $1 billion more, putting this year’s outlay to service the burgeoning asylum seeker industry at more than $3 billion.
The true (economic) cost of Christmas Island may never be known. So Wayne Swan wants a post-election audit of election policies? Good. Let’s start with Labor’s decision to dismantle the Pacific Solution in 2007. Perhaps the Treasurer would like to explain, before September, how Labor’s ‘humane’ policy has led to a $10 - $20 billion black hole in just five years.
Five years Labor have had to fix this festering sore. The boats are now what I like to call a ‘United Nations’ of economic opportunists. Europeans, Africans, Asians; dozens of young men in high spirits, thrilled at the prospect of unlimited welfare. When asked why they have travelled to Christmas Island, the answer is almost universally the same: “I lost my job”; “I heard there were jobs in Australia”; “I’m looking for work”, etc, etc.
Intel in the department has it that there are 30,000+ asylum seekers in Indonesia waiting their turn to travel to Christmas Island, and hundreds of boats are in the pipeline waiting to be launched. My estimate this year is for 35,000 - 40,000 arrivals by the time of the federal election.
Oh, by the way, somebody might like to ask the new immigration minister why, in the last few years alone, thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ have returned to their supposed ‘country of persecution’. This is another big secret the department is hoping does not become public: asylum seekers are granted Protection visas, only to travel back to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, marry their arranged brides and lodge applications for large groups of ‘family members’. And curiously, many of these asylum seekers, returning to their country of origin, do not have jobs; that is, their travel is funded by welfare payments, which they continue to collect while overseas. 


Tips for Saturday, February 23

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(11:45pm)

Pass on news tips here. No moderators, though, mean no comments can be posted, although I can read them.
Posts may be light. I have a daughter to take to a regatta.
Many readers today complain - again - about the lack of moderation..
Bear in mind two things.
First, moderators cost money. Each one we employ is one fewer reporter we can hire.
Second, the employment of extra moderators to very carefully vet each comment is forced on us by increasing legal restrictions on free speech, a preponderance of judges and tribunal members seemingly hostile to free speech and conservatives, and the deliberate use by activists of those laws and legal bodies to punish and silence those with whom they disagree.
If Australia had a right to free speech as strongly defended as the US has, we could publish your comments much, much more freely.
But you, blog readers, are now the victims of our intelligentsia’s war against free speech. You are being silenced, too, because the cost of defending your comments as well as mine is now too high even for us.
If you are outraged about the muzzling of free speech, may I urge you to put your money where you want your mouth to be. Sign up here. Join the body that is fighting back so successfully.


House them in Parliament instead

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY222013(8:06pm)

We’ve already had boat people housed in motels and an old people’s home. And now this:
RADIO announcer Ray Hadley has called on the Federal Government for a detailed report and explanation after he revealed 80 asylum seekers ...  were living at student accommodation inside Macquarie University
NSW Police today confirmed officers were investigating reports a man indecently assaulted a female university student while she was sleeping in her dormitory… 
Macquarie University officials later confirmed the grounds are being used to house asylum seekers.
A statement released by the facility said the Macquarie University Village, which is owned and operated by the independent Campus Living Villages, made an agreement with the Red Cross’ Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme to provide temporary accomodation for refugees…
It is not known yet whether one of the 80 Sri Lankan asylum seekers is responsible for an indecent assault on a female student, but the attacker has been described as a “dark skinned male”.
Facebook posting from a Macquarie student, which I’ve edited to maintain the student’s privacy: 
Be aware these are only allegations - whether against the alleged intruder or over the alleged handling of the complaint.


This is the skum bag that broke into singleton keyman at 10pm Thursday night share with your mates and lets get rid of these Ferrals from singleton 

7.30 SUNDAY | Charles Wooley sits down with former PM, John Howard to discuss the wild political ride that will be 2013.

What are your predictions for Australia's longest political campaign?



Had a great time in Eugene, Oregon -- yes, Eugene, Oregon! -- at Lane County GOP Lincoln Day dinner. Here's a pic with the Univ. of Oregon College Republicans.

‘You feel inadequate, ashamed … you don't feel any motivation for a while.’ - Kumar Sangakkara on losing World Cup finals:
Nothing compared to how you feel if you cheat - ed


Supporting small business, just outside Bundaberg this afternoon. — with Campbell Newman.






Praise God for a successful day! Great work JFC...— at Cabramatta Multicultural Food & Entertainment Festival 2013.
I feel Wilders is wrong to scapegoat Muslims and leave migrants as sacrificial lambs. The issue, as I see it, is law and order which suffers badly under socialist governments. European governments are notoriously left wing and permissive and they don't have the benefit of being a former convict colony. Clearly the Islamic communities suffer from bad leadership, circles of silence regarding terror, and terrible dysfunction. It is incumbent on our communities that aren't dysfunctional to deal with the issues symptomatically until they are resolved .. to recognise bad leadership as legitimate is appalling. To lay claim that there is a religious, racial basis for bad behaviour is to misread the lessons of WW2.

As for the blame game of the ALP/media .. don't fall for it. They are losing and so use that to level the field. Let them sink. - ed

My friend, when you are conscious that you are God’s beloved, you will have the confidence to ask Him to bless you. Not just in the big things, but also in the little things!

Many years ago when Wendy was pregnant with Jessica, she and I were in a restaurant for dinner. As we were about to order our food, a man seated not too far away from us took out a pack of cigarettes and prepared to light up.

I really didn’t want Wendy to take in any of that secondhand cigarette smoke, but there was no non-smoking section in that restaurant. So I prayed. Under my breath, I told the Lord, “Lord, I know that I am Your beloved. Please stop that man from smoking in this restaurant.” That was all I said—a quick and simple prayer.

And guess what happened? That man tried to light his cigarette, but his lighter just wouldn’t work! He kept trying, but no matter what he did, the lighter simply would not work. After some time, he shoved his cigarettes back in his shirt pocket in frustration.

I want you to know that even in the little things, God hears and answers your prayers because you are His beloved. Nothing is too big or too small for your Daddy God. If it matters to you, it matters to Him. The more you are conscious of the fact that you are His beloved, the more you will walk in His unmerited favor in every situation!

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Pursuing man or money will drag you down, but when you pursue Jesus, you will find Him lifting you up with His wholeness, peace and abundant life!


Yosemite National Park - USA



George Street, ca1930.
Phil Box Ooooh, the Hotel Cecil. I remember that that hotel was the first hotel in Brisbane to have racey barmaids in see through tops with nuthin on underneath. The place was packed and I did a roaring trade in the afternoon Telegraph paper. City Final was the call I used to yell. Got heaps of tips that day. Melbourne Cup day was the most profitable. Kept me in Mr. Whippy ice creams all through grade 8 and 9 lunch times


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