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Race riots highlight multicultural failure

Piers Akerman – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (6:36am)

THE warring Aboriginal and Pacific Islander families of Douglas Street, Woodridge, have again demonstrated the failure of the nation’s insane multicultural policy.
Instead of identifying as Australian, the combatants are resorting to the symbols of their race.
In the case of the Aboriginals, the flag Cathy Freeman made momentarily famous, is being given a thorough workout.
The Islanders say they are being discriminated against as foreigners in the education system, among other gripes.
The violence, fortunately, is local and, by international standards, minimal.
One Aboriginal family, the Briggs, has already said it will move from the state housing dominated area.
State Labor MP Desley Scott has blamed cuts to welfare for the problem – as a Labor MP would.
It was unhelpful of federal LNP MP Andrew Laming, to tweet on Monday: “Mobs tearing up Logan. Did any of them do a day’s work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?”
The Opposition’s spokesman on indigenous health later tweeted: “To clarify: Working together to resolve these riots the priority. Training and a chance for jobs are key.”
But the genesis of the bitter feelings in the Logan community lies beyond the orbit of welfare – around Australia groups which have been encouraged to hang onto the national identities of their former homelands are finding it harder to blend into the mainstream.
The melting pot isn’t a Mixmaster.
Under multiculturalism, some groups have formed ghettos within Australian cities.
Despite the millions thrown at SBS, many of these more recent arrivals can’t speak English and make no attempt to learn the language.
Instead, the government just spends more money providing translations of important documents and translators to assist them retain the languages of their former home nations.
The success of the migration program of the post-WWII period which saw Australia absorb millions of displaced people (as refugees were once called) is being overshadowed by the dysfunctionalism of multiculturalism.
As Australia Day approaches, with its reminder of the racial disharmony promoted from within the Prime Minister’s office last year, the ugly reality of this failed policy is yet again on display. 

I don’t feel the issue is to do with multiculturalism policy so much as the issue of minority entitlement where the more important issue of promoting cultural assets has failed. Which may sound like splitting hairs but this stand off is not a first in Australia. I recall a 1992 incident at James Meehan HS. The motto of James Meehan is “survey the fields ahead” because the school is named after the surveyor. A bit like “look before you leap.”
At the time, as I have discussed in my “Picking Cotton” documentary series into the Macquarie Fields riots which happened a few years later, school policy of entitlement promotion of minorities caused intense jealousy in that dysfunctional school which only a few years earlier had students who had killed Cobby and Balding. A school counsellor with special responsibility for Aboriginal students gave those students permission to smoke and go walk about from class. Meanwhile Islander students were carrying the load of sporting success in Rugby League. The resulting Islander strike was reported in the media and the counsellor was dismissed.
Cultural Assets are what need to be promoted to have a healthy community. Cultural diversity should be celebrated. But minority favoritism is old school bigotry and has no place in a modern Australia even though the ALP promote it.
DDBall of Carramar/Sydney (Reply)
Wed 16 Jan 13 (08:05am)

Nemesis replied to DDBall
Wed 16 Jan 13 (04:57pm)
DDBall....I believe you have missed the point with this article. Minority entitlement is a direct result of multicultural policy which also protects and encourages any culture other than the Australian Culture. And I hope you don’t believe there is no such thing as an Australian culture.
Nations are nations only when its people are united together as one culture. No ordered society or culture can survive being divided into tribes of cultures which we are now seeing. There is no success story in all recorded history where multiculturalism was once practised as a uniting factor. The Roman Empire being a classic example.
As Lincoln once stated, a divided house cannot stand.
And we now have a divided house!
-Yes Nemesis, I despise the word "Multiculturalism" preferring cultural diversity .. I despise the history of the concept of Multiculturalism being the brainchild of the ALP and nothing to do with what it purports. Philosophically, the idea is absurd .. people are only of one culture although they may entertain tolerance for others. But, I know where diverse cultures work well together .. and that is my home.  -- oddball.


January 16Teachers' Day in Thailand
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Tim Blair – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (3:53pm)

Ten years on, Judge William Young’s sentencing of stupid shoebomber Richard Reid still rocks: 
You’re a big fellow. But you’re not that big. You’re no warrior. I know warriors. You are a terrorist. A species of criminal guilty of multiple attempted murders …
See that flag, Mr. Reid? That’s the flag of the United States of America. That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag still stands for freedom. You know it always will. Custody, Mr. Officer. Stand him down. 
Read on.



Tim Blair – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (1:09pm)

Civil war within the British left leads to censorship. In other Brit media news
British daily newspaper The Guardian has announced its intention to launch a digital edition in Australia.
Due to start up this year, the operation aims to capitalise on an existing substantial Australian readership, launch editor Katharine Viner said …
The operation will launch with the help of “founding investor” and chair of not-for-profit news and features website The Global Mail, Graeme Wood. 
What could possibly go wrong? And look who else is involved: 
Outgoing director of editorial policies at the ABC Paul Chadwick will become non-executive director of the Guardian’s Australian entity. 
This’ll be fun.



Tim Blair – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (1:04pm)

Email response to this week’s column is unusually large and disappointingly positive. Here’s Wollongong’s Phil R.: 
Congratulations on your article in today’s Daily Telegraph. While, to be truly honest, I don’t often agree with your point of view I feel that your article has revealed the truth of this matter perfectly.
I was astounded when I read the comments from the Greens. Comparing what this idiot did to the actions of the “true heroes” referred to in your article is a sick joke.
Thanks for the article, and while I’ll probably continue to disagree with you in the future (I am after all a bit of a lefty) I will continue to read your articles to get a contrary approach.
One thing’s for sure, I’ll vote for Fred Flintstone before I’d vote for the Greens or anyone who would enter into a coalition with them. 
Well said, sir. Meanwhile, the worship of St. Moylan continued earlier this week: 
Anti-coal lobbyists have staged a protest outside an ANZ branch in Melbourne in solidarity with the activist behind the Whitehaven Coal hoax.
Protesters from Quit Coal played dead on the floor of the ANZ branch in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall, to be carried out on stretchers by members dressed as paramedics.
Comedian MC Rod Quantock told onlookers outside the branch the bodies represented victims of climate change as he accused ANZ of funding major coal projects. 
Two puzzling terms: anti-coal “lobbyists” and “comedian” Rod Quantock.



Tim Blair – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (11:58am)

What is it with academics and 11-year-olds? In Melbourne
A university lecturer has today been committed to stand trial on child sex charges.
The academic, 52, is accused of preying on an 11-year-old friend of his daughter after they had watched the film, Rio: The Movie, at his home in their underwear. 
And in Canberra
A former university lecturer has been found guilty of putting his hands down the pants of an 11-year-old.
Augusto Ricardo Tamayo-Del Solar was on Tuesday found guilty in the ACT Supreme Court of committing an act of indecency on a child. 



Tim Blair – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (11:45am)

The big two enter doom mode: 
Ford’s Falcon and Holden’s Commodore will likely be phased out within months of each other in 2016.
Ford has said for some time the future of the Falcon and its Broadmeadows manufacturing facility are not guaranteed beyond the end of 2016. Overnight at the Detroit motor show, Holden inadvertently confirmed the Commodore’s run is due to come to an end about the same time. 
Holden boss Mike Devereux:  
“I think the Prime Minister and the Industry Minister of Australia, if we had a better plan, would certainly want to look at a better plan.” 
The core problems of the Australian car industry are made clear in that dire sentence.

Who might I approach on creating a research project into government policy creation? I'm interested in undertaking a PhD and to do so I need to secure funding. I am thinking of doing it within the Education Faculty at Sydney University.

Broadly, I would look at policy creation, how the NSW 2004 code of conduct came into being. What other similar legislation was enacted elsewhere and why. How has it been applied and what is its effectiveness. 

My school friend, Philip Berry, claimed to be author in 2005 and it was used to make my life difficult as a teacher. That is insight to me. I can weigh the assertion with facts and look at the issue of transparency in government and effectiveness of public policy. I can contrast it with new policy aphorism 'Cultural Asset' 

As for the peanut allergy policy, I can compare the new policy practice with old to see if there is any difference other than between legal blame shifting. I note it is an ongoing issue. >

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Gary Morgan says:

“Today’s Morgan Poll shows the L-NP (52%, up 4.5%) regaining a winning two-party preferred lead over the ALP (48%, down 4.5%) in the first Morgan Poll for the 2013 Election Year. This reverses the lead held by the ALP in the weeks before Christmas.

“It is obvious that the Gillard Government’s decision to abandon a long-promised Budget Surplus for 2012/13 has cost the Government support after Treasurer Wayne Swan discarded Labor’s commitment to deliver a Federal Budget Surplus for 2012/13 only a few days before Christmas.

“In addition, nearly 100,000 single parents had their Government support pension removed to start 2013 and replaced by Newstart payments — at a lower level. The issue (which involved cuts of up to $200 per week to some single parents) was highlighted on January 1 when Families Minister Jenny Macklin claimed she could live on the $35 per day payments ($246 per week).>







There’s no need to worry, relax and enjoy the ride. 

Despite Gillard’s multiple makeovers, new clothes and what looks suspiciously like a reduction in something, she is without hope.

Despite the avalanche of feel-good, unfunded promises and the muckraking filth of McTernan, despite her blistering gender fury, despite the support of the ABC and the Left Press and despite her newly-found art of the sweet smile and doggy doting, she cannot win the next election.

You can fool an intelligent Aussie once, but not twice.

Those who will vote for her again have always voted ALP but there are not enough of them now.

To itemise the dismal failures, immorality, incompetence (and in some cases pure evil) of this Government is nigh impossible. Suffice it to say that this lady makes Whitlam look like Menzies.

Forget Newspoll, they regularly get it wrong. Polling by phone during work hours results in skewed figures. The only accurate polls involve clipboard interviews of 1400 people in Martin Place during lunch hour, but they don’t do that anymore.

Phone polling means you only get to interview people who have time to talk to you. Those at work can’t talk to you. Those who do have the time are home on benefits and those returning from work are dog tired and too busy preparing dinner and getting the kids to bed.

There is only one unemotional poll that can invariably be relied on; the bookmaker’s. Money is the truest indicator of someone’s intentions.

With the ALP quoted at $4.20 and the Coalition at $1.28 we need look no further to gauge the result of the next election.

It’s not the bookmaker who determines the dividend, it’s the punter... you and me!

Once it was rude to broach the subject of who you intended voting for, it was a private matter. Not now. The anger in the electorate remains white hot as the lady, Moses like, divides a once tranquil sea in two.

Polarisation is intensely bitter but has the silver lining of the Greens losing seriouss ground. All minor parties suffer when the electorate vents its fury on a major party.

On another matter. I saw a news item recently where a rust-coloured dog was actually trained to drive a car. It was remarkable.

Now, no-one will own up, but someone in the Gillard household has picked up a whole bunch of speeding tickets in a taxpayer-subsidised car.

It couldn’t be, could it?



A man jumped into a cab in London. 
He said, "Take me to Waterloo".
The cabbie said, "The station?"
The bloke replied, "Well, I'm a bit late for the fucking battle!"
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