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Happy birthday and many happy returns Lyn Vo. The same day that the largest school by enrolment, Wesley College, opened in 1866. I hope you went .. they waited for you.

Wilhelm I of Germany





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Greens split on whether lying is good

Andrew BoltJANUARY182013(1:04am)

Is any other party led by people who publicly and brazenly defend lying? Odd, then, that the Greens pride themselves on being the moral alternative.



Tim Blair – Friday, January 18, 2013 (1:25pm)

Lance Armstrong answers honestly, for once, and is now deservedly condemned as one of international sport’s worst-ever cheats



Tim Blair – Friday, January 18, 2013 (11:44am)

Splitters! And in other Greens news, the party is again pleading to its base
The Greens are calling for room in the federal budget to help young artists make a living and support risk-taking art. 
So they want a safety net for risk-takers. Makes sense in GreensWorld. 
‘’I think that in Australia it’s the usual story where so many artists struggle to make a living andthey’re trying to work two or three jobs in order to be able to keep a roof over their heads, while they pursue the love that they have for their art,’’ Senator Milne told Fairfax Media. 
Artists are working three jobs? Sounds like the private sector is already providing all the funding these creative types require.



Tim Blair – Friday, January 18, 2013 (10:26am)

In an audit of her work, Times editors have been unable to find 69 people in 34 stories since 1998, when we began archiving stories electronically.
On Tuesday, Jeffrey admitted to fabricating people in some of these articles ... 
On the up side, nobody ever complained about being misquoted. 


Misleading but fact. We need to drive but we don't need people with handguns or assault rifles - ed
We always win in the fight of life not because of our love for God, but because of His love for us! Check out today's devotional. Be sure to click "like" to help spread the word! Thanks, all!


A big day in the edit suite for our martial arts webseries Whoopa-Chow! with our editor Declan Shrubb! The first episode coming together in all its comedy martial arts glory!







It Made Me Look Twice
I looked twice - ed

Bad administration, not gun control is what causes this - ed




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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for January 17th. Enjoy!

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