Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enduring Abuse

Abuse is not something I enjoy but endure as I seek to clear my name over the issue of Hamidur Rahman, having done nothing wrong.

dontrelicare is probably my old Head Teacher pretending to be a student, but it may be a student of hers, or former staff member SD.

This was posted on a challenge I made to Gillard on Sunrise in '07

Hey fat cunt, I see blood is seeping through your bandana; about time soeone fucking smacked you in the head you perverted shit

I think Id like your parents; beating the fuck out of you sounds like the best relationship anyone could have with you

WAS fat?


you didnt give love because you ate it already

god doesnt love you; he sends pedefiles like you to hell

plus your too heavy to ascend to heaven

============= ============ ===========
More recently I have been faced with A primary school teacher working with the ADL and Australian Tea Party. They have deleted there more unsavoury comments .. or I have. This was on my cover ofLean on Me

  • hey bro just noticerd your a maths teacher. do you still teach cause i need help

  • by the way don't forget those walmart directions. stay cool bogans rule.

  • sorry agaih mr ball the requests just keep coming now my sister wants you to do wake me up befre you go go and wham bam I am a man and she asked if you could wear spandex like georgie did. thanks your so cool. remember stay cool bogans rule.

  • remember stay cool bogons rule

  • sorry Mr Ball now me other friends want some songs - dicknee suggested Hey Little GIrl - good song followed by YOu can't touch this - that I could see you doing well and cheap wine and a three day growth and last but nolt least i do not hook up by kelly clarkson and I just dont know what to do with myself. now don't screw that last song up its one of me favs. Just one last thing on the vid do a wardrobe malfunction - more laughs more hits. also the wife wants directions to the closest walmart

  • oh im in the shit now man, now they want you to do big balls - can you man - can you dance too while ya doing it. thanks man remember stay cool bogans rule.

  • oh shit sorry mate - we had a rethink and thought Like a virgin would be a great song for you to sing - ya know, wiggle the hips, shake the booty and boobies - gee thanks mate, my mrs will love me if i get you to do that one. Hit song mate, hit song. remember stay cool bogans rule

  • Dude - you need to stop with the church music and start singing real music - YOu'll be a no1 Hit. Stay Cool Bogans rule.

  • just two more requests mate - we've had a chat me and the gals and boys and have come up with our toip two requests -David Lee Roths I'm just a gigolo and that awesome song How Bizarre - thanks mate, looking forward to hearing them. Stay cool Bogans Rule.

  • YOu'll be a utube hit! Sensation in fact. Anyway, seriously man, I really love listening to your songs each night - but try breaking out a bit. Stay cool - bogans rule!

  • oh man, what about some Radiators = gimme head baby - girls go wild over a guy singing that song. My friend Stacey has a special request if you could do KIss - I was made for lov'nn you or I wanna Kiss you allover. My other friend - she thinks you would make a shit load of money if you re-did FAT by wierd All Yankovic. Or do somethinga little more modern for the younger generation something like I'm sexy and I know it - yeah that will get you votes from the young dudes.

  • sorry you got off to a bad start with the Mrs.You know I have been listening to your songs eachnight as I go to sleep actually you do have a pretty good voice there.However I'd like to hear you break out of your shell and sing something a little bit more hard rock - something I can listen to during the day when working away hard in the workshop.How about something like Barnsey,cheap Trick-The Flame is pretty good girls love it even better some ACA DACA maybe Am I ever gonna see your face again,

This person is working in tandem with another ..

ashleymalamute has sent you a message:

Song requests:

Say David, whilst some of us dislike you for some of the things you write, we are not so blind that we cannot see.

We know talent when it reveals itself.

On that note, could you please please please sing my favourite two songs and post what will surely be a stunning and emotive rendition on your Youtube channel?

-Cheap Trick- The Flame
-Roy Orbison-I Drove All Night.

Thanks a heap and God bless.
Note the 'voice' of Ashley is the same as Tracey

Ashley also posted on a Tea Party support video

  • @ashleymalamute from memory and from others David was an ADL member as fae back was July 2011.One ADL group can be explained but not 2 or 3!

  • @themobsters100 Thin ice ashley.Where the proof SNJ said leader?

  • @ashleymalamute Once again ash where is the proof SNJ said "leader" Stop hiding behind networls/associations will yo?people speak for themselves so AGAIN where is your proof SNJ said ADL leader,?ADL member yes.

  • @ddball1 I make no accusations. But you, David, make the accusation that DG is an ADL leader:

    "It is telling for me that Goodridge is also an ADL leader (Australian Defence League) and you should compare them with their sister organisation the EDL, English defence league".

    It is you who is doing the abusing by publicly denigrating DG's character, in a very gutless, spineless way via the internet and Facebook. I am merely calling you out on your hypocrisy. You are the abuser.

  • @ashleymalamute You make the accusations but don't establish their truth. Logically I don't need to respond to your abuse. I have spoken with Goodridge and I base my assessment on my observations of his behavior .. I won't go into that. You claim to know him, but clearly I know differently to you.

  • @ddball1 I am not. But you should be, and you should be more discerning with those who you affiliate your self with. Aligning your self with those who spend every waking moment trashing others, spreading rumour and engaging in mindless group think attacks on those of us that are actually doing things in the real world, stains you with the colours of the trade they are so deeply steeped in.

  • @ashleymalamute I am sorry you feel that way.

  • @themobsters100 The SNJ network know what they said. That is good enough. Be true to thy self.

  • @ashleymalamute don`t recall saying he was a leader only a member.

  • @ddball1 Please show me the ADL Qld members list. A Facebook page showing hundreds of names of people who 'Liked' a page or were added by a friend is not a members list by the way.

    David, have you ever read the Bible? Did you know that you are a hypocrite and give Jesus a bad name? Did you know what Jesus said about slander and the spreading of rumour?

    You sir a a typical Godless, Jesus preaching hypocrite.

  • @themobsters100 Sorry to burst your bubble SNJ, but you guys stated that DG is a leader within the ADL ranks. Clearly this is false. And being added to a Facebook page and thus having one's name on a Facebook page members list does not constitute membership in a real world group does it?

  • @ashleymalamute Calling me SnJ is apparently a smear in your eyes. You are wrong. The ADL Qld list Goodridge as being a member. I feel that you are not trying to convince me or people that know, but that you are trying to convince those who do not know about Australian Politics, like a US audience. US TEA people would be embarrassed by this association.

  • @ddball1 I have responded on Facebook. And I am sure you know SNJ, you seem to have the right Godless stuff.

  • @ashleymalamute Your calling me SnJ is a tale. I'm not. I know them, just like I know David is an ADL leader. Your defence of what you apparently believe to be a slur is also a tale.

  • @ddball1 First you should at least try and remember what your argument was:

    "It is telling for me that Goodridge is also an ADL leader (Australian Defence League) and you should compare them with their sister organisation the EDL, English defence league. Google it".

    Again, David is not an ADL leader, so your suggestion of Googleing the EDL(who you say are similar to the ADL) would not shed any relevant light on David would it SNJ?

    My thought process is logical, yours is bizarre.

  • @ashleymalamute Fascinating insight into your argument process. You say David doesn't lead the EDL so there is no point in Googling him, and you put forward this argument about meaning. I have spoken with that space cadet and I know he has nothing of value to offer conservatives and no leadership ability. But you can dream on.

  • This has been flagged as spam

    @ddball1 David Goodridge is not a leader of the ADL and thus has nothing to do with the EDL. Googleing the EDL, therefore, would be pointless.

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