Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Australian Tea Party?

I am a fan of the Tea Party in the US. I don't think it is perfect. I don't think it is the only player in town. But I do feel that it is legitimate as a political force and capable of changing things for the better in terms of raising awareness of conservative issues that are too frequently sidelined by mainstream media colluding with left wing politicians.

In Australian there is no established conservative media. The most balanced programs have an ALP story at their beginning. So in radio we have 2GB in Sydney, in which only a few of the broadcasters are conservative and even so, those conservative broadcasters run liberal promoting stories from time to time for balance. Like in the lead up to the 2007 federal election when a panel of 2GB analysts 'awarded' the debate to Rudd. I had called to say that Rudd won the beauty contest, while Howard had clearly been the winner on substance. My meme was supposed to be crushing, but no one on the panel wanted to promote it.

There are those in Australia laying claim to the right wing. That is not conservative but radical. They don't want conservative values of freedoms allied with the right to self determination, but the defeat of the radical left which has ruled leftwing politics and media for a long time. Conservative politics is about integrity. secular values and transparent policy making providing for prosperity. Right wing politics is about isolation, protecting the untarnished from left wing influences. Purity.

I didn't like the sound of him when he was introduced to me. I had a political agenda and was seeking to get certain issues raised. He was introduced as a person with connections. He had apparently been the person behind the founding of this Bolt Report Supporter's Group. I was being placed in admin while the old admin did their own thing. He called himself David Goodridge. It was apparently a conversation between two people who were supposed to touch base because of common political interests. Only I didn't like what he was saying and wished to distance myself from the reactionary nature of some of what he was saying.

I like migrants and want Australia to have a big population. I think money must be spent on infrastructure to make it so that Australia prospers during the expansion. I have a dream that in a few hundred years Australia enjoys a population of 420 million free peoples. I like to believe the word of the Lord will be known by them, but I respect the secular values of a free society. On the other hand, that David Goodridge I spoke with wanted a small Australia which would be monocultural. I appreciated the Pacific Solution for being the best, fairest policy available. I don't like it that desperate people drown to come to Australia. I don't lie it when desperate people are prey to pirates and people smugglers. But the person I was speaking to seemed to think that those desperate peoples should suffer so as to learn some lesson. I have been asked about Vietnamese peoples coming to Australia. I like them and hope they never lose their history. I feel embarrassed by Australia having voted in Whitlam and the subsequent suffering that many peoples had as a result of his foreign and domestic policies. Goodridge seemed to feel that neither the conservatives nor the ALP had been much chop, leaving the 'flood gates' open. I respect that Goodridge has political ambitions and he has chosen not to use the conservative Liberal party to advance them, but I just didn't agree with those ideals.

He asked me about my agenda. I mentioned Hamidur Rahman and my attempt to raise the issue of his death and the injustice surrounding the decision to rule as an accident what may have been a murder. It didn't seem to matter much to him, he seemed keen to talk about himself. He said that he was trying to attract funding from the US Tea Party movement. He said the ADL (Australian Defence League, which he said he also lead) shared an acronym name with the US movement, but it wasn't politically connected and the Tea Party movement in the US had an 'insane' amount of money which might be used to seed legitimate Australian conservative interests. But he said his ADL connections made the perception his group was more reactionary than conservative, so he needed to reposition to connect with the US. In the mean time, he offered the use of his connections to get material I might write published.

I thanked him, never intending to take him up on his offer to get material published as it didn't meet my agenda of raising the issue with appropriate authorities.

He did give me fair warning that there were people who were trouble who would try to sideline the agenda of the Australian Tea Party he lead for their own purposes. He said Steve N Jan was an example of such a troublesome group. I pointed out that I would admin the group and as long as SnJ behaved themselves I would keep them involved, and that I would be fair. I would not accept bullying. He said 'fair enough.'

However, those associated with his Australian Tea Party movement were reactionary and often very abusive to SnJ. I needed to boot some of his colleagues from the Bolt Report Supporter's Group who wanted to kill Muslims, wanted migrants to suffer, labelled people as 'pederfiles,' made accusations about sock puppetry and generally failed to advance actual discussion. They then became abusive when booted and made allegations about fairness. So I implemented a policy of copying content and posting it with explanations when I booted people. On one occasion I booted Goodridge. I asked him about his allowing abuse of SnJ by his Australian Tea Party Colleagues. His rather chilling reply was that it suited him.
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