Saturday, April 16, 2011

US Campaign for Burma Two thank yous

Humanitarian Aid is Secured and the U.S. Special
Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma is Nominated

Success! Humanitarian aid for refugees and internally displaced persons is secured for the rest of 2011 and President Obama has finally nominated someone to be the U. S. Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma.

Thank you for telling your Senators to block the cuts to life-saving humanitarian aid. Supporting and protecting millions of Burmese refugees and IDPs has always been a humanitarian issue. Now both the House and Senate passed the same budget bill yesterday and there is no cut to humanitarian aid funding.

U.S. Campaign for Burma members successfully advocated for a Special Representative in the 2008 Block Burmese JADE Act. We
are pleased to let you know that after more than two years, President Obama has announced his nomination of Derek Mitchell, for the position of U.S. Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma.

The U.S. Special Representative and Policy Coordinator will play two critical roles: 1) Coordinating Burma policy amongst all the various agencies within the United States government working on Burma, and
2) Working with members of the international community to help coordinate international pressure and action on the regime.

Derek Mitchell's nomination signals a greatly needed increase in attention by President Obama on promoting freedom, democracy, and human rights in Burma. We welcome Mitchell's nomination and look forward to working with our members to ensure our Senators confirm his nomination as quickly as possible.

We, and the people of Burma, greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in to raising your voices on their behalf.

In gratitude,

Aung Din, Jennifer, Nadi, Patrick and Myra

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