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Some terrorists, possibly from those who were released by demand from Obama for 'peace,' murder three Israeli boys. Then an honour killing of a gay Islamic boy is blamed on Israel by media. Turns out US money is funding terrorist operations but no one is blaming a military official as Oliver North was blamed .. this ugly situation is at the feet of world leaders like Obama and the UN secretary General. And neither of them is denying it. Meanwhile, Iran has apparently been granted permission to build an atomic bomb. When will the madness end? 2016? 

Today, in 1035, a supposed descendant of Rollo, reputed brother of the semi mythical Ragnar Lothbrok, became Duke of Normandy. He was also an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II. The French royal line was also founded on this day in 987, with Hugh Capet crowned. For equivalent US royalty, George Washington committed his only surrender in 1754, and took command of the US army in 1775. But it was a royal stuff up by General Lee to order Pickett's charge at Gettysburgh in 1863. Wasting the lives of 50% of his men in a futile charge. Years later, when interviewed about the cause of the defeat, a confederate officer remarked that the Union forces had a lot to do with it. Touchingly, 50 years later, to the day, opposing forces met and held hands at the high point of the charge. And there is the majesty of royalty, that so many die for the state. But it is no explanation for the deaths of four youths in Israel at the hands of terrorists. 

Born on this day in 1943 was Judith Durham, a Seeker. Jim Morrison passed through a door on this day in 1971, and the carnival was over. 
For twenty two years I have been responsibly addressing an issue, and I cannot carry on. I am petitioning the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to remedy my distress. I leave it up to him if he chooses to address the issue. Regardless of your opinion of conservative government, the issue is pressing. Please sign my petition at

Mr Ball, I will not sign your petition as it will do no good, but I will share your message and ask as many of friends who read it, to share it also. Let us see if we cannot use the power of the internet to spread the word of these infamous killings. As a father and a former soldier, I cannot, could not, justify ignoring this appalling action by the perpetrators, whoever they may be.>
I thank you Douglas. You are wrong about the petition. Signing it is as worthless and meaningless an act as voting. A stand up guy would know that. - ed

Happy birthday and many happy returns Annie NguyenFreedom Gt andEmmanuel D'Annunzio. Born on the same day, across the years. Independence Day in Belarus. In 1844, The last known pair of Great Auks, the only modern species in the genus Pinguinus, were killed in Eldey, off the coast of Iceland. 1863, Pickett's Charge, a futile Confederate infantry assault against Union Army positions, occurred during the final and bloodiest day of fighting in the Battle of Gettysburg, marking a turning point in the American Civil War. 1970, The Troubles: The British Army imposed the Falls Curfew on Belfast, Northern Ireland, which only resulted in greater Irish republican resistance. 2005, Same-sex marriage became legal in Spain. Not everything is futile. Party long enough and you will see that. Cheers.


Tim Blair – Thursday, July 03, 2014 (5:50am)

An unusually-shy Vanessa Badham can’t bring herself to mention a certain name
I discovered that a male blogger from a rival news organisation had turned me into a bat at a most inopportune time.
I was in rehearsals for a theatre production in Hobart … 
Not a bad intro, but for frightbat bragging points it can’t beat Elizabeth Farrelly’s “I was in Africa …” 
I may be no bat, but I am a tough broad. I came of age in Wollongong, where you can learn through direct observation that police separately bag the parts of a dismembered body after an axe-murder, as I did one sunny morning, on the way past the house of the very dead ex-mayor, Frank Arkell. Your perspective on human cruelty somewhat deepens after moments like that. 
Firstly, Arkell’s killer used an ashtray and a lamp rather than an axe. Secondly … what the hell? 
Everyone on the internet knows not to feed the trolls. What not everyone may realise is just how well the trolls are fed suggested targets by the “frightbat” blogger and his ilk, and how a silent masthead can lend legitimacy to that persecution. 
That’s non-mention two. 
Everyone who gets into commentary does so with vigorous eagerness for debate. Our role here is to provoke a conversation. 
Here are a few examples of Badham’s gently provocative conversational gambits. It’s just eagerness for debate, people! 
To attack 10 women with the ancient stereotypes of “shrieking”, “hysterical” woman-hating betrays to me an obviously gendered problem – not merely of the blogger, or his audience. 
Non-mention three. 
Whether the dogwhistling is deliberate or not, what possibly motivates a news-blogger to publicly denigrate his female colleagues? 
Non-mention four, plus a bizarrely collegial plea from Vanessa, who never, never denigrates her journalistic colleagues, be they male or female. Never. 
A decade ago, it would’ve been fanciful to imagine a tabloid commentator could name so many feminists … 
That’s now five non-mentions. Vanessa clearly believes me to be some kind of reverse Candyman. If you don’t say his name five times, he won’t appear! 
What was actually surprising about the “frightbat” poll was the number of feminist commentators who didn’t appear. 
I didn’t say their names five times. Worked a charm. 
There are dozens more influential Australian media feminists who meet the political criteria of “frightbat” … Where was Eva Cox, Wendy Harmer, Karen Pickering, Stella Young or Amy Gray? Where the hell was Celeste Liddle, Nareen Young, Nakkiah Lui or Kelly Briggs? 
Beats me. Making sandwiches, probably.  
One name suggests ten more; the sheer size of this community is perhaps the reason why the “frightbat” poll rebounded on its creator so quickly, with the named “frightbats” campaigning for votes, memes created, hashtags trending within a matter of hours. 
Don’t forget your frightbat t-shirts, Vanessa. You know, the ethically sourced t-shirts you made with one of the most sexist, misogynist clothing companies out there. Anyway, this is the headline on Van’s non-naming attempted shaming: 
When they call us ‘frightbats’, they make us fair game 
I might have used a friendlier, more conversational phrase, but “F--KING SELF SERVING S—TTIPEDES”, “ARSEHOLE KNOB GREASER S--TBUCKET C--T FARM C--T C--TS”, “F--KING IDIOTS”, “F--KING ARSEHOLES”, “STUPID PACK OF C--T ARSEHOLE S--TS”, “ MOTHERF--KER DIMB C--T WANK F--K S--TS”, “MAGGOT F--KING LUNATICS” and “DUMB C--TRAGS” were already taken.



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 03, 2014 (5:44am)

Monica Lewinsky reflects on the media attention following her affair with Bill Clinton: 
“To be in the vortex of this media maelstrom was quite alarming, and frightening, and confusing.” Lewinsky said.
“I think a lot, too, had to do with the fact that I was a woman.” 
Well, of course. The media wouldn’t have had any interest in President Clinton’s affair with a man. Where’s the news value in that? 


Tim Blair – Thursday, July 03, 2014 (5:34am)

This site, last month
Australian leftists … usually dismiss all US authority until they meet any left-leaning American academic. Then they meekly roll over like so many supplicant client states obeying the great hegemon. 
And here’s the latest example. A recent Daily Telegraph editorial dealt with interloper Joseph Stiglitz.


Tim Blair – Thursday, July 03, 2014 (5:12am)

The curse of FitzSimons strikes again. Bookmakers should start framing odds around this guy.


Tim Blair – Thursday, July 03, 2014 (5:11am)

Twitter people aren’t very smart.

Beware the cries of “racist”. Some seem fake

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (5:10pm)

Some racism exists, and is vicious. It needs to be fought:
THE woman filmed unleashing a racist tirade at an Asian commuter on a train to the Central Coast has apologised for her behaviour. 

The clip shows the woman, identified as 55-year-old Sue Wilkins, harassing children and making racist remarks at an Asian woman ... and a man who stood up for her.

“Who is this little jerk off he can only get a gook, he can’t even get a regular girlfriend — it is so sad,” she said.
“Is it really that small that you can’t get an Aussie girl? Poor man. Look at this bogan he has got a gook — look at it. She probably thinks he is rich.”
Other cries of “racism” are far more suspicious, and seem more a tactic to gain advantage:
OWNERS of a Melbourne restaurant are fuming at being branded racist over the treatment of a customer and are considering legal action for defamation. 

Their legal plans come as the African-Australian woman at the centre of the claims, which were published in The Age, has openly admitted that she hates white people.

The comments made by Tabotu Teklemariam, 21, on social media emerged after she claims she was turned away from Melbourne’s Il Pom restaurant for racial reasons.
“I’m going to bring you whites so down you wouldn’t know what’s coming,” Ms Teklemariam told social media followers on June 22.
“I don’t care if you think I’m being a racist cause (sic) I’ll openly admit it, I hate whites with a passion.”
Ms Teklemariam later apologised for the comments describing them as a single mistake in a “heated” moment, and vowed to continue her fight against racism.
A report published in The Age described Ms Teklemariam’s humiliation at being “attacked for being black” at the restaurant last Friday.
But Il Pom said it was 9.30pm when the woman and her boyfriend sat down and the kitchen was closed…

In a Facebook post last year, referring to an ABC report on DNA evidence about Europeans’ heritage, [Ms Teklemariam] wrote that Africans are “pure” and that “everybody outside of Africa is a mongrel”.
It is not the first time I’ve thought the anti-racism movement is underpinned by racism, from the insistence on racial division and the creation even of Aboriginal courts to the hatred of our Western civilisation and history. 

If Palestinians celebrate child-murder, they are not fit for a nation

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (3:18pm)

Bret Stephens says the culture of many Palestinians make them unfit for statehood:
IN March 2004 a Palestinian teenager named Hussam Abdo was spotted by Israeli soldiers behaving suspiciously as he approached the Hawara checkpoint in the West Bank. Ordered at gunpoint to raise his sweater, the startled boy exposed a suicide vest loaded with nearly 8kg of explosives and metal scraps, constructed to maximise carnage....
“I blame those who gave him the explosive belt,” his mother, Tamam, told The Jerusalem Post, of which I was then the editor. “He’s a small child who can’t even look after himself.”

Yet asked how she would have felt if her son had been a bit older, she added this: “If he was over 18, that would have been possible, and I might have even encouraged him to do it.” ...
I’ve often thought about Mrs Abdo, and I’m thinking about her as I hear on the news that the bodies of three Jewish teenagers, kidnapped on June 12, have been found near the city of Hebron…
What about their killers?… Less innocent was the view offered by Abu Aysha’s mother.
“They’re throwing the guilt on him by accusing him of kidnapping,” she told Israel’s Channel 10 news. “If he did the kidnapping, I’ll be proud of him."…
Here’s my question: What kind of society produces such mothers? Whence come the women who cheer on their boys to blow themselves up or murder the children of their neighbours?…
I just have yet to meet the Israeli mother who wants to raise her boys to become kidnappers and murderers — and who isn’t afraid of saying as much to visiting journalists…
As for the Palestinians and their inveterate sympathisers in the West, perhaps they should note that a culture that too often openly celebrates martyrdom and murder is not fit for statehood, and that making excuses for that culture only makes it more unfit.
An allegation:
Tensions mounted in Jerusalem as a local Palestinian teenager was found dead early Wednesday in what some fear may have been a reprisal attack for the killing of three Jewish Israeli teenagers abducted in the West Bank..
The burned body of the victim, identified by family members and police as 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair from the Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat in north Jerusalem, was found in a forested area west of the city.
Police began searching for the teen after his family reported him missing when he hadn’t come home early Wednesday morning, Israeli media reported. Separately, police received a call from friends who said that the teen was forcefully shoved into a car.
Even assuming this is the work of Jews, where is the mother boasting that her son is a murderer? Where is the celebration of the killing? Every society has its killers and misfits. It’s health is measured by how it reacts to them - by denouncing or honouring.
It is too early to claim the Palestinian youth was the victim of Jews:
Though the cause of death remains unknown, Rosenfeld said the boy’s body sustained significant burn marks. The spokesman added that police are also investigating previous kidnap attempts of members of the family to which the victim belonged, stemming from a personal dispute…
Speaking to Arutz Sheva on condition of anonymity, A senior retired police official noted that the family of the murdered 16-year-old was well known to police sources in Jerusalem, adding “it’s a problematic family with internal clashes that have been ongoing for many years. I have no doubt that as time passes it will be clarified that the murder was criminal and nothing more.”
The ABC, of course, is giving the “revenge” attack angle a lot of play.
Police suspect the revenge motive:

Israeli police have become increasingly convinced that 16-year-old Jerusalem resident Muhammad Abu Khdeir was murdered Wednesday morning as revenge for the killing of three kidnapped Israeli teens, officials said Wednesday evening.
According to the testimony of local residents, Abu Khdeir was seen being forced into a car by three Israelis in East Jerusalem late Tuesday…
Security camera footage from the scene of Abu Khdeir’s kidnapping strengthened investigators’ suspicions that Jewish extremists snatched the teen, Channel 2 reported.
Police are still looking into the possibility of a criminal motive for the attack, or even an honor killing, but sources told Channel 10 that the family has no criminal history.
The sources also said rumors claiming that Abu Khdeir was killed because he was gay, or because he’d had sexual encounters with local girls, are baseless.
(Thanks to reader David.) 

Why is Labor cuddling up to a union like the CFMEU?

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (10:29am)

The bruvvers at work:
A Melbourne developer has accused Victoria’s powerful construction union of demanding he employ union boss John Setka’s brother-in-law and his best friend on $70,000 a year jobs in return for securing industrial peace.
Fairfax Media obtained CCTV and other recordings, along with an interview with Peter Chiavaroli, a builder and developer of the old Pentridge prison site in Coburg, which provide an insight into the backroom dealings of union officials, figures aligned with Melbourne’s underworld and bikies.
The royal commission into trade union corruption is likely to examine these activities at hearings into the CFMEU in Melbourne next week, including evidence that:
- Victorian Labor Party official and industrial consultant Ken Hardy allegedly told Mr Chiavaroli to work with gangland boss and union fixer Mick Gatto.
- Underworld associate Mario Amenta saying he was dispatched by Mr Setka to “sort out” problems on the old Pentridge prison site.

- Union officials abused non-union workers, employers were pressured to “give a kicking” to non-union members, and Mr Setka describing one as a “f---ing dog, Turkish painting piece of shit”.
- Subcontractors threatening to use Comanchero bikies to collect a disputed debt.
The Pentridge allegations add to previous claims by building companies Boral and Grocon and industry whistleblowers that the CFMEU threatens companies unless they cede to union demands, and will increase pressure on Labor leader Daniel Andrews over Labor’s close ties to the union.
Setka and the union deny impropriety. 

The Liberals should buy their advertising at Woolies

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (10:18am)

How come the TV ad with the best conservative message about the dignity of work is put out by Woolworths and not the Liberals?

Scott Morrison could be a week away from sealing the deal on his boats triumph

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (9:47am)

Boat people policy

The Abbott Government faces a great challenge - but also a great opportunity - with the two boats from India and Sri Lanka:
The Australian understands the transfer of as many as 50 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers, intercepted by Australian authorities near Cocos Islands at the weekend, will take place in international waters, though closer to Sri Lanka’s extended economic zone.
The Sri Lankan navy’s official spokesman, Commodore Kosila, confirmed late on Tuesday that a Sri Lankan asylum boat had been intercepted and would be transferred into Sri Lankan custody, though he would not confirm how, or where, the handover would take place.
But another senior Sri Lankan navy official said yesterday: “They expect to rendezvous ­tomorrow...”
The whereabouts of as many as 153 asylum-seekers on board a second boat [from India] spotted near Christmas Island last Friday, is unknown.
Returning the passengers will not be easy, given the distance and given, too, that India does not as yet have a history of cooperation on boat returns.
There is also this difficulty: that the Government probably cannot return to Sri Lanka any of the Tamils who actually left from India, although this admittedly confused reference in reports today suggests some of those on boat the vessel which sailed from Pondicherry may actually have joined it from Sri Lanka:
Indian authorities have confirmed that a fishing trawler containing an estimated 153 Tamil refugees left the Indian union territory of Pondicherry on June 13 bound for Australia.
Authorities believe the 25-metre long vessel was being piloted by a former Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam naval commander with the expertise necessary to navigate a direct route to Australia, bypassing other countries such as Indonesia.
It is understood that after leaving India, the trawler rendezvoused with a boat from Sri Lanka at which point the remainder of passengers joined the vessel.
Meanwhile the Left are gearing up for a huge fuss over these boats. It’s their best chance in months to destroy the Abbott Government’s so-far successful policy to stop the boats.
But activists haven’t heard from the boats since the weekend. That already suggests the boat people have had their phones confiscated by the navy and are being returned, not brought to Christmas Island.
If this is done, the message sent to people smugglers will be powerful. That message: even if you sail from Sri Lanka or India, you will not succeed. Those on board will have risked plenty and spent a lot for zero result.
I’d suggest that some time next week immigration Minister Scott Morison will have a new success to announce that will seal the deal on the government’s boat policy. 

Why Friends of the ABC shouldn’t give a Gonski about Albrechtsen’s appointment

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (8:43am)

Hyperventilation by the Guardian and (Left-wing-Only-Please) Friends of the ABC:
The Abbott government has installed the conservative commentator Janet Albrechtsen and the former Liberal politician Neil Brown to the nomination panel that appoints board members to the ABC and the SBS.
Albrechtsen, a columnist for the Australian newspaper and a former member of the ABC board, is a vocal critic of the ABC and recently called for its managing director, Mark Scott, to resign.
Brown has called for the ABC to be privatised and has labelled the ABC’s news and current affairs coverage as having “an endemic lack of objectivity and balance"…
Along with two other panellists, Albrechtsen and Brown will now decide who gets to sit on the public broadcasting boards until June 2017.
A spokeswoman for the Friends of the ABC, Glenys Stradijot, said the decision to appoint the pair had totally undermined the integrity of the ABC board appointment process…
“It appears we are in for a return to the bad old days when the Howard government stacked the ABC’s governing board with its political supporters.”
Strange that the Friends of the ABC never complained about Labor’s appointment of Gonski to the same panel, given Gonski was chairman of the company owned by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s wife and was appointed by Labor to design Labor’s spend-spend-spend “Gonski reforms”.
If Gonski, active in political business with Labor and active in commercial business with a Labor leader’s wife, can be trusted to act impartially then so can Albrechtsen and Brown.
Besides, given that overwhelmingly Leftist bias of the ABC, can it seriously be argued that there is no need of a rebalancing?
By the way, note that these appointments are made by Abbott’s department and not Malcolm Turnbull’s.
(Thanks to reader johnthepom.) 

Palmer is tearing down everyone, Abbott included

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (8:35am)

Niki Savva on Tony Abbott, trampled by a Palmersaurus:
Normally, governments dictate agendas and messages. Not now. This one is hostage to a beast, a Palmersaurus, and when one of the main stories out of the first Liberal federal council meeting post magnificent victory is a public tiff involving two of Tony Abbott’s closest colleagues, George Brandis and Christopher Pyne (ostensibly over party rules, but really over the re-election of Tom Harley as party vice-president, whom the Prime Minister and Education Minister failed to dislodge) it has all got too weird…
Stepping off a plane on Thursday night to be confronted by news footage of a joint appearance by Clive Palmer and Al Gore was like crossing over into the Twilight Zone… Palmer as usual was having a lend of everyone, doing his sick PUPpy act, pretending to support things he believes will never happen…
It must be so liberating for a politician to feel free to treat everyone like mugs. His debasing influence on the body politic is such that no one — not Abbott, not Bill Shorten, not even Christine Milne — is game to criticise him over reports of dubious business practices and erratic behaviour. He has bought political immunity with the votes he controls.
Palmer’s antics suck up political oxygen, so that it matters little what the Prime Minister says or does…
Palmer ... has usurped Shorten as Opposition Leader, although Shorten is bene­fiting temporarily from the lack of scrutiny, but right now it is Abbott who is suffering the most.
People have a mental picture of prime ministers which Abbott was already struggling to fill. Palmer has made Abbott’s task that much harder by smothering him. Palmer disses Abbott and rubs his nose in his dependence.

These boats are just part of an armada

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (7:41am)

Boat people policy

THE Greens this week proved they’ve learned nothing about asylum seekers and the lethal cost of “kindness” to them — particularly children.
Our Navy on the weekend intercepted a boat that left India with 153 Tamils on board.
India, a stable democracy with a free press and the rule of law, should not be a source of a single refugee. Any Tamils there, including those who left Sri Lanka, are safe and do not need to flee to Australia.
So this boatload of alleged “asylum seekers” actually seems part of a vast movement of people travelling from poor countries to rich ones in the West in search of wealth, and the Abbott Government is right to try to negotiate their instant return.
The Government is even more correct to be militant in stopping boats. Around the world, Western countries are finding their borders under siege from poor immigrants like never before — well, not since the cataclysmic migration of German tribes into the Roman Empire.
The US now has more than 25,000 Latinos illegally crossing over every month, twice the rate of last year. It already has around 11 million undocumented or illegal immigrants, mostly Latinos likely to form another underclass.
(Read full article here.) 

See no jihadists, speak of no jihadists

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (7:38am)

Islamism, Media

GOOD news. Six imams on Wednesday told the federal Attorney-General they would help stop Muslims joining terror groups.
But just six?
Finding apologists of Islamist extremism is easier, and they aren’t all Muslim. Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas, for instance, invited a Muslim radical to give a lecture titled “Honour killings are morally justified”.
And 3AW broadcaster Neil Mitchell was last week asked by a caller why he didn’t mention Islam in discussing Iraq.
(Read full article here.) 

The madness of the warmist Age

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (6:02am)

Global warming - general

Terry McCrann on the madness of The Age - captured in a single sentence - when it finally figured Clive Palmer’s plan for an emissions trading scheme came with impossible conditions:

.... its lament was that such a scheme would have no effect because there’d be no price on carbon until Australia’s major trading partners implemented their own schemes.
Then the sentence: “That might occur next year, next decade, or never.”
A rational sentient human being would have then said; exactly, and thank you Clive. For there is absolutely no point in Australia going down the aggressive ETS path, cutting our emissions of carbon dioxide, unless precisely our major trading partners were doing the same.
To argue otherwise is to argue for Australia to unilaterally hurt both its industries and its citizens, to send industries and jobs to ‘our major trading partners,’ for absolutely no point. Our pain would have not the slightest effect on the global or even the local climate.
That lamenting sentence is so revealing; that to The Age rationality has absolutely nothing to do with the issue. It is all about religious fervour.
Quite irrespective of what the world does, quite irrespective of whether our CO2 cuts would achieve anything at all, we have to cut; we have to flagellate like a 12th century penitent, to exculpate our sins, to pay penance to Gaia.
The sentence is deeply revealing on another level. For The Age is also admitting that in its collective hearts of hearts, it really knows that the operative word in that sentence is “never”. 

Could Sulayman just fight Cerantonio in a cage match?

Andrew Bolt July 03 2014 (12:10am)

The only good thing about these crazies is that they’re no longer living here - and are now more interested in killing each other:
AN Australian spiritual leader of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organisation in Syria has slammed fellow Sunni group the Islamic State, denouncing it for “breaching Islam” in its claim to have established a caliphate. 

Sheik Abu Sulayman, a 30-year-old from southwest Sydney who now serves as a senior sharia official for the al-Qa’ida group, said the “proclamation” of a caliphate — an Islamic state — may be used by to justify killing other Sunnis.

The warning comes as another influential Australian cleric, self-described Islamic State “soldier” Musa Cerantonio, said he was about to enter the war zone.
Both Sheik Sulayman — whose real name is Mostafa ­Mahamed — and Mr Cerantonio, 29, were prominent speakers in Australia and were regulars at Sydney’s al-Risalah Islamic centre.
Sheik Sulayman accused Islamic State — formerly known as ISIS — of “stealing the right” of senior Islamic figures to be consulted on the establishment of a caliphate in Syria… “Only difference I see is there is a stronger ‘Islamic’ justification for them to kill Muslims. Stealing the right of the ­scholars … (and) the leaders to be consulted is a clear breach of Islam!”

Ricky Muir’s new minder

Andrew Bolt July 02 2014 (9:05pm)

Ricky Muir has a strange choice of staffer - a man I saw today actually pushing his “boss” in the back to get him to the doors of Parliament:
Peter Breen, ...  a human rights and media defamation lawyer, entered the NSW upper house in 1999, representing the Reform the Legal System party before joining Labor from the crossbench in 2006.
Just 74 days later, then premier Morris Iemma dumped him from Labor after a media storm erupted over comments Mr Breen had made in a book he was writing about feeling a compassionate ‘’form of love’’ for one of the three killers convicted of the rape and murder of Cronulla bank teller Janine Balding.
Mr Breen has fought for years to overturn the life without parole sentences for the killers - one as young as 14 years old - who were locked up in 1990 and remain behind bars.
During his time in Parliament, Mr Breen also protested the innocence of Phuong Ngo, the man convicted of murdering state MP John Newman. 


















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The Deputy Prime Minister, photographed one hour visit to a Thai massage provider operating an unlicensed Sex Services Premises in his electorate

Wayne dropped me an email yesterday afternoon,
Hi Michael, 
Now that Albanese is Deputy PM, I can’t believe no media outlets are interested in him visiting the massage parlour in his electorate that specialises in sexual services. If TA or any other senior coalition MP had done that, the Labor party and media would be all over them.
 What do you reckon?

Thanks Wayne.   I think that the judgement of the Deputy Prime Minister is a very important factor that we should be aware of.    The Press Gallery journalists in Canberra have a responsibility to report matters of importance.   It concerns me that a collective judgement was exercised on "Albo" and the story was never reported in the mainstream.
The Deputy PM and his wife are on big money, they're both prominent people in the Marrickville area, on a Friday afternoon the now Deputy PM enters and remains for one hour in a business that is the subject of many hundred Parlour Pages and Australian XXX Reviews of the sexual prowess and services provided within that place.
Further the business is operating unlawfully, our forensic investigator attended and was offered sexual services or payment without him prompting.   The manner of his attendance and the way he recorded evidence was designed for admissibility in a court of law. The premises are not licenced to provide sexual services.
At the least Albanese has made himself a laughing stock.   Australian politicians who do stupid things like Albanese's visit to the Thai illegal brothel in his electorate one Friday afternoon (but only for a therapeutic massage) tend to get the mickey taken out of them for a long time.   Lapses of judgement like this one would carry that sort of gleefully extracted price from every conservative politician.   But the Press Gallery has made a collective decision to spare this man any embarrassment. Most unusual.
In this video on the occassion of Mr Albanese's swearing in as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, his wife Carmel Tebbut is seated to his left.   It's Kevin Rudd's wife Therese with whom he seems more comfortable having a chat.
Finally these reports from the time show what happened, how the story was buried in the main media, my conversations with senior caucus members, how Labor people forwarded the DA documents on the Thai massage premises to me, my exhaustive efforts to have Albanese deliver the comment his staff promised and his final "No comment".

Freeway fun in Ann Arbor Michigan while on the road with Yahoo! on the weather project campaign. — at Briarwood Mall.
You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But, you shouldn't pick your friend's nose. A reminder that not all learning should be from experience.



Finally a guilt free dessert!!! ‎#raw ‎#snickercake‎#yummy — at From Earth And Water.
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The sentence "Are you as bored as I am?" can be read backwards and still makes sense.




Holly Sarah Nguyen
God can use a crisis or a time of confusion to result in a blessing! What the enemy meant for bad, God can turn it around for good!

Three years ago today, the faceless men installed Julia Gillard as PM. That decision exposed the deep division and dysfunction in Labor, as well as the chaos and division that existed under Kevin Rudd.

But it does not have to be this way.

The Coalition’s Real Solutions plan will deliver a strong, prosperous economy and a safe secure Australia. You can read Our Plan here: - and please share with your friends.
Andreas Herrmann
Es gibt keinen Weg zum Frieden, denn Frieden ist der Weg. Mahatma Ghandi
An investment banker stood at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The banker complimented the fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.

The fisherman replied, “Only a little while.”

The banker then asked why didn’t he stay out longer and catch more fish?

The fisherman said he had enough to support his family’s immediate needs.

The banker then asked, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

The fisherman said, “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, take siestas with my wife, stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine, and play guitar with my amigos. I have a full and busy life.”

The investor scoffed, “I am an Ivy League MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds, buy a bigger boat. With the proceeds from the bigger boat, you could buy several boats, and eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats.
“The investor continued, “And instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would then sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing, and distribution! You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to Mexico City, then Los Angeles and eventually New York City, where you will run your expanding enterprise.”

The fisherman asked, “But how long will this all take?”

To which the banker replied, “Perhaps 15 to 20 years.”

“But what then?” asked the fisherman.

The banker laughed and said, “That’s the best part. When the time is right you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich. You would make millions!”

“Millions. Okay, then what?” wondered the fisherman.

To which the investment banker replied, “Then you would retire. You could move to a small coastal fishing village where you would sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, take siestas with your wife, and stroll to the village in the evenings where you could sip wine and play your guitar with your amigos.”
French destroyer Mogador




Holidays and observances[edit]

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”” Jeremiah 17:9-10 NIV
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon


"Our heart shall rejoice in Him."
Psalm 33:21
Blessed is the fact that Christians can rejoice even in the deepest distress; although trouble may surround them, they still sing; and, like many birds, they sing best in their cages. The waves may roll over them, but their souls soon rise to the surface and see the light of God's countenance; they have a buoyancy about them which keeps their head always above the water, and helps them to sing amid the tempest, "God is with me still." To whom shall the glory be given? Oh! to Jesus--it is all by Jesus. Trouble does not necessarily bring consolation with it to the believer, but the presence of the Son of God in the fiery furnace with him fills his heart with joy. He is sick and suffering, but Jesus visits him and makes his bed for him. He is dying, and the cold chilly waters of Jordan are gathering about him up to the neck, but Jesus puts His arms around him, and cries, "Fear not, beloved; to die is to be blessed; the waters of death have their fountain-head in heaven; they are not bitter, they are sweet as nectar, for they flow from the throne of God." As the departing saint wades through the stream, and the billows gather around him, and heart and flesh fail him, the same voice sounds in his ears, "Fear not; I am with thee; be not dismayed; I am thy God." As he nears the borders of the infinite unknown, and is almost affrighted to enter the realm of shades, Jesus says, "Fear not, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Thus strengthened and consoled, the believer is not afraid to die; nay, he is even willing to depart, for since he has seen Jesus as the morning star, he longs to gaze upon Him as the sun in his strength. Truly, the presence of Jesus is all the heaven we desire. He is at once
"The glory of our brightest days;
The comfort of our nights."


"Unto thee will I cry, O Lord my rock; be not silent to me: lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit."
Psalm 28:1
A cry is the natural expression of sorrow, and a suitable utterance when all other modes of appeal fail us; but the cry must be alone directed to the Lord, for to cry to man is to waste our entreaties upon the air. When we consider the readiness of the Lord to hear, and his ability to aid, we shall see good reason for directing all our appeals at once to the God of our salvation. It will be in vain to call to the rocks in the day of judgment, but our Rock attends to our cries.
"Be not silent to me." Mere formalists may be content without answers to their prayers, but genuine suppliants cannot; they are not satisfied with the results of prayer itself in calming the mind and subduing the will--they must go further, and obtain actual replies from heaven, or they cannot rest; and those replies they long to receive at once, they dread even a little of God's silence. God's voice is often so terrible that it shakes the wilderness; but his silence is equally full of awe to an eager suppliant. When God seems to close his ear, we must not therefore close our mouths, but rather cry with more earnestness; for when our note grows shrill with eagerness and grief, he will not long deny us a hearing. What a dreadful case should we be in if the Lord should become forever silent to our prayers? "Lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit." Deprived of the God who answers prayer, we should be in a more pitiable plight than the dead in the grave, and should soon sink to the same level as the lost in hell. We must have answers to prayer: ours is an urgent case of dire necessity; surely the Lord will speak peace to our agitated minds, for he never can find it in his heart to permit his own elect to perish.

Today's reading: Job 22-24, Acts 11 (NIV)

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Today's Old Testament reading: Job 22-23

1 Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied:
2 "Can a man be of benefit to God?
Can even a wise person benefit him?
3 What pleasure would it give the Almighty if you were righteous?
What would he gain if your ways were blameless?
4 "Is it for your piety that he rebukes you
and brings charges against you?
5 Is not your wickedness great?
Are not your sins endless?
6 You demanded security from your relatives for no reason;
you stripped people of their clothing, leaving them naked.
7 You gave no water to the weary
and you withheld food from the hungry,
8 though you were a powerful man, owning land--
an honored man, living on it.

Today's New Testament reading: Acts 11

Peter Explains His Actions
The apostles and the believers throughout Judea heard that the Gentiles also had received the word of God. 2 So when Peter went up to Jerusalem, the circumcised believers criticized him 3 and said, "You went into the house of uncircumcised men and ate with them."
4 Starting from the beginning, Peter told them the whole story: 5 "I was in the city of Joppa praying, and in a trance I saw a vision. I saw something like a large sheet being let down from heaven by its four corners, and it came down to where I was. 6 I looked into it and saw four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, reptiles and birds. 7 Then I heard a voice telling me, 'Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.'

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