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Out of Zion Ministries post re Gaza

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TAfter every attempted cease-fire, whether at the instigation of John Kerry or the UN, has ended in failure after Hamas rockets continued to fall in and around the Jewish population centres in the south and centre of the country.  On Monday Israel declared a unilateral 24 hour cease-fire, but Hamas responded with incessant rocket fire.  Israel had no option but to recommence the bombardment of the Gaza Strip in order to stop the rocket fire.  If you want to know within seconds when there is a rocket strike you can download an app to your smart phone called Red Alert Israel.  

With the death toll in Gaza passing the 1100 mark, with 6500 injured and serious damage done to the infrastructure, and with the unfair, unbalanced reporting of most of the secular media, world opinion is rapidly turning against Israel.  More than 50 Israeli soldiers have been killed and 3 civilians - many more are injured - some seriously.  There are a number of organisations doing their best to disemminate the truth, in the hope of people taking a more understanding position on Israel's right to defend herself and to hopefully eradicate the Hamas menace. 

The reasons why this war is taking place and all of these people are dying is that  ........ 1/   The US government of G W Bush forced the late Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to remove the Jewish settlement blocks from the Gaza Strip in 2005.  These blocks purposely broke up the continuity of the Arab population centres in the strip to prevent them being able to carry out terror attacks   and  2/  had the USA and the UN allowed Israel to complete the mission of disarming Hamas in the war of 2008, then the war in 2012 and this current war would not have occurred and hundreds of Gazans and Israelis would be alive today.

The simple fact of the matter is that Hamas is responsible for every death and injury and all damage done on both sides

I want to re-iterate some points that I constantly make in my messages as I speak in Churches and in my comments 

1/  Israel is not ILLEGALY occupying any land   -  in the West Bank or Gaza   -  it was all given by God, by the British Partition and by the San Remo convention
2/  The so called Palestinian people do not exist   - they a simply a mixture of all the surrounding Arab people   -  I have a quote by the PLO executive to confirm this is a fact
        also this is as recent as last week 
3/  The people of Gaza knowingly voted Hamas - an internationally recognised terror organisation as their leaders
4/  the Hamas charter still calls for the destruction of all of Israel  for no Jews in any Arab lands  - thats ethnic cleansing
5/  Hamas is purposely embedded among the civilian population and has been firing rockets from schools, hospitals and mosques  and  Ban Ki Moon admitted at the weekend  that
     Hamas rockets have been found in UN facitlites in Gaza
6/  Hamas uses woman and childred as human sheilds    -  one terrorist charged at Israeli soldiers firing an automatiic rifle in one hand and holding a child in the other
7/  Even in the 6 months of this year ( under a ceasefire since 2012 )  400 plus rockets were fired at Israel
8/  Hamas has broken every ceasefire
9/ Hamas is funded and backed by Iran and Qatar and the Islamic religion is simply a tool of Satan to destroy Israel to stop the 2nd coming of Messiah

Now on the other hand   ...........

1/  Israel didnt start this or any war  -  Hamas started it and has refused 5  Israeli offers of a ceasefire  
2/  While Hamas uses its missiles to kill Israeli civilians, Israel uses its weapons to defend its citizens and only targets terror sites in defense of Israeli
3/  The reason that there are not hundreds of Israelis dead ( which it seems the world would see as fair )  is that God is protecting His nation and preventing Hamas missiles from claiming lives.   Even the enemy seems to realise this

4/  God knows what is taking place and is behind it  -  God does not have humanistic views when it comes to wars  - In fact the Bible says that He is a God of war  Exodus 15:3  Jehovah is a Man of war; Jehovah is His name.
God uses Israel to destroy His enemies   Jeremiah 51:20   You (Israel )   are My war-club and weapons of war; for with you I will shatter nations; and with you I will destroy kingdoms.    And He has not changed  Malachi_3:6  For I am Jehovah, I change not.   
There are only 2 realistic options to stop this war and prevent others in the future.  (The first is the right option)

1/  The Biblical option  .......  destroy the enemy and retake all of the Gaza strip. allowing any Gazans who are willimg to live peacefully under Israeli authority to do so

2/  The Human option   .......  destroy as much of the Hamas tunnels and rockets as possible, then send in combined International / Israeli peacekeepers to ensure that the Gaza Strip is fully demiltiarised and stays that way.   Israeli personel must be included because the international community can not be trusted to be honest brokers.

Please pass these important links on to as many people as possible    .....
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Palestinians are really from other places 

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And in America
Please continue to pray for the situation and please ask your pastors to pray for the protection of every Israeli civilian and soldier at your services.  
Prayer Points
Please pray for the Issichar anointing on PM Netanyahu and his cabinet so that will know exactly what to do
Psalm 123, Psalm 57,  Psalm 80,  Psalm 138:3 - 8,  Psalm 33:12,  Psalm 68.34,  Psalm 44
Please pray the Samson anointing (not to bow down to ungodly international or internal pressure) to be stand strong
Please pray for the IDF leadership that they will receive perfect battle strategy from the LORD of Hosts
Please pray for Israel to have the 'arrow of the LORD's deliverance'   2 Kings 6:8 -23
Please pray angelic protection over every pilot and soldier engaged in the battle
Please pray for a wall of fire as protection over all Israeli citizens who are in the line of fire
Please pray that no Israeli soldiers or civilians will be taken as hostages
The Lord bless you as you bless Israel through yiour solidarity and prayers

In Messiah Yeshua

David & Josie 
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