Sunday, December 22, 2013

He seems confused

Geez I love owning leftist puppets.

Holden workers still have their jobs, and will continue in them until the doors shut in 2017, being paid well above award wages, yet they and their union are screaming at the injustice of them losing their jobs.

Many, if not all, Holden workers will receive over-generous redundancy packages that will see them surviv...See more
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  • Selina H Davies Shorten is a moron. Pathetic left wing cretin that is just a bloody nuisance.
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  • Anthony Broome The Union is pissed because it will lose millions in funding forced out of these workers! However, with 4 years notice and huge redundancy payouts, taxed at very marginal rates these guys have won the lottery. No more bullshit from the Labor/Union criminal movement!
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  • Stephen Wilson To me, Bill Shorten just looks completely disinterested as opposition PM.
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  • Greg Baxter People get retrenched everyday. Myself 3 times in 27 years in the workforce. Didn't get a brass Razoo other than what I was owed in holiday pay. Why are these sacred cows more important than Jo blow down road. Beyond me.
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  • David Daniel Ball Stephen Wilson, technically, you mean uninterested .. he is disinterested in anything worthwhile ..
  • Stephen Wilson No David, I mean disinterested. Kindly stop trying to pick apart my posts.
  • Stephen Wilson Is there a reason you have critiqued me twice in 24 hours and yet no-one else has come under your watchful gaze? Are you attempting to diminish and dismiss my contributions?
  • David Daniel Ball .. three times .. or you missed my pinned post .. there is an adage about those saying what they mean only if they mean what they say. The word disinterested suggests a good thing about Shorten, akin to impartial. Is there a reason you have such animosity to being corrected? Would you prefer I were oppositional? Why?
  • Stephen Wilson No, I'd prefer you didn't respond to me at all. I know what I mean, do not pre-suppose that you do. Shorten TO ME looks disinterested in his role.
  • David Daniel Ball I get it. I'm being helpful, but it isn't really helpful because you just don't get it.
  • Pete Jasper Unions use to run the country under the previous government so they can not recognize the reality of that they have priced their workers out of work. Job well done!
  • Stephen Wilson No David, you do not get it. I know what I mean. Just for your clarification, I'll take any number of the following synonyms for 'disinterested' to support my reasoning for using it (aloof, dispassionate, not giving a damn etc). If you believe that I meant to use only a completely negative adjective, then you are 100% wrong.
  • Stephen Wilson It is the height of arrogance that you presume to know what I feel about Shorten's performance and attitude in his role as opposition PM, not to mention that you believe Shorten is not interested in anything worthwhile. We can criticise all we like, but none of them are inhuman and without conscience or forethought.

Stephen Wilson, posts his 'thoughts' but hasn't *really* thought about them .. and doesn't want to be understood. He is just proud to post his .. *thoughts*

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