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To the NSW Police Commissioner

I am writing this open letter because I have been to my local police station to deal with a strong threat to my welfare on several occasions and at no time have I been able to have that threat addressed by the police.
The primary issue I wish dealt with right now is to do with the ADL but they also call themselves the Australian Tea Party. They should not be confused with the US based Tea Party, which is known for its conservative values. The Australian Tea Party is lead by David Goodridge and was apparently named so as to attract money from the US based body. The ADL has US and UK based analogs, the UK being the EDL. You would have heard of the EDL whose rhetoric was quoted by the terrorist Breivik and who attempted to foist troublemaker Brennan on Australia. It is because of these terror links I am alarmed. It is because they have targeted me for harassment that I am concerned.
The harassment is serious, with telephony, registered mail and social media being abused to threaten me. There isn't a good reason for this. I have not done anything to antagonize them. I could guess at their reasoning. I guess they are upset with me for stopping their multi media assaults on a couple calling themselves Steve n Jan. maybe it is because they felt they lost control of the website styled " Bolt Report Supporters Group" which they used to post islamophobic and anti gay sentiments. Actually, I write code here, because they said they wanted such people dead through torture.
You might not think it would be hard to report that. That wasn't targeting me, so I didn't report it. I deleted it and took notes.
Then I was warned. Then I was targeted. I am a public figure so I have no defense against such attacks. I was phoned at home, sometimes from silent numbers and sometimes from listed ones which I worked out were fake. They are capable of falsifying the call number display so that a friend might appear but it was really them. They would talk to me reasonably, threatening legal action against the page I administered so I can't say that there are violent threats from these people who choose to link themselves with terrorists.
Following was an email I ignored. There might have been several. I deleted them. A threat of legal action was stated. Then I was sent a letter through registered post, which I declined. Meanwhile, some of their gang took it upon themselves to denounce me on related sites controlled by the ADL. One was a primary school teacher who lives local to me. She was writing some of the rubbish addressed to her students on Facebook. Another is a Western Australia who was willing to call me from her WA phone while claiming she had heard my conversation with a NSW based member.
I was warned against defending Steve n Jan by various members who claimed they were bad news and spoke of a court case. I was willing to respect any standing order but I wanted to know why some ADL members felt it appropriate to call their victim a pedophile, name them and publish their address online. It concerns me that an organization with known terror links could be so hostile to an individual.
They seem to have contracted a trouble maker. He came onto my site and gave his phone number and address without prompting. One site member noticed he was listed on a pedophile vigilante site in the UK. Naturally he wants to sue us for noticing. Then he posted my name and address on YouTube along with Steve n Jan. We complained and the file is restricted in Australia, but the WA member posted the same file under Steve n Jan's name.
I have experience dealing with the NSW Police. I understand the efforts of their officers recently. I wouldn't want it that an innocent party could be harassed using the police as proxy. I know how that feels. When I first moved into my unit in 2002, I had bought it as a vacant possession. This meant that the low life druggie who had lived here was evicted before I claimed ownership. He had left his mail directed to me. Six months passed, then Bob Carr said it was ok for me to throw them out. I had redirected them back to sender, but the Commonwealth Government became insistent, sending his health care card, and an ambulance bill etc. One day I found some people trying to use old keys to come into my unit. I had changed the locks. I asked for the keys and they asked for the mail. I explained I didn't have the mail anymore and suggested he and his girlfriend could call their bank, stock market, and so on. They said they couldn't give me the keys as they weren't the owner. They were foul mouthed and very threatening. I never opened the security door despite their demands. The next day, I was expecting a delivery and got a knock very early. It was two police who were responding to complaints of a domestic dispute. I live alone. They had to search my place to make sure no one was tied up. The complainant was the former tenant.
I also have had to report issues to you before. In 2001, my unit in Berala was broken into during my sleep. When police came to investigate they searched my bedroom which is no where near the kitchen which was broken into. They asked about my porn and wanted to take my credit card but never dusted for prints. I subsequently found the thief, a student of mine who was subsequently jailed for break and enters while armed. I understand he was tasked to target me by a colleague of mine, but we will never know because the police didn't do their job.
Back around 1986, I was with a friend at Chatswood railway station awaiting a train to go home. I was at the top of the steps, when two police told me to wait on the platform. I explained I was waiting for the train, but my friend was going home to his place. One officer asked if I wanted to hold my friend's hand. I told him to fuck off. My friend bolted. One officer unbolted his sidearm and, with his hand resting on the pommel, eyeballed me. They ordered me onto the platform. They examined my ID. They said I was lucky, that others might have taken me to a back alley and beaten me up for swearing at them. Then they explained that the previous night there had been a fatal stabbing at the top of the station and so it was safer for pedestrians on the platform. I get it that there is a service that police provide.
But intelligence gathering is an important part of the police service and currently there is apparent failure with that. So that the police cannot distinguish between a complaint they should ignore and one with merit.
For example when I complained of workplace harassment following the death of Hamidur Rahman the NSW Dept of duration claimed I had never mentioned it before. When I resigned as a teacher and wrote I had been abused there was no follow up.
I was engaged with blogging when I commented on an underbelly assassins news article. I stupidly said it was good he was in prison, and I hoped he felt pain for his actions. In the thread, a reply came from a person with bad spelling mounting a clumsy defence. Many ALP supporters were engaged with games with me at the time so I dismissed it as someone trying to creep me out. Then I got a postcard addressed from their prison. The only thing spelt correctly on it was my address, leading me to suspect that either the bad spelling was faked for my benefit, or that some idiot helped. It had a stamp on it. The stamp was for the old Australian tv series Homicide. Thing is, those Italians have an honour code and if I spoke out about it I exposed myself to their fellow idiots. So I called his prison and asked them if it was possible if he had posted the card. I was told he could have posted on the 'net and posted the card. If they asked him it would confirm it to him my address is real if he sent it, so I declined their offer. I showed it to my Principal, and a few years later I showed it to a detective sergeant at Fairfield. He kept it without giving me a copy. What are the odds there is no record of it? Because NSW Police have a policy of hiding intelligence.
I hadn't known when Hamidur died of my role in protecting him. Apparently the Department of Education knew and called me to tell me they intended to ignore me. They told me it was because of Hamidur.
I was allowed to write about it and so I did .. by collecting news articles on the issue. And blogging about it. A former school friend of mine with connections to the then NSW Premier's office (ALP), my friend is a lawyer who claimed he had drafted the 2004 NSW Teacher's Code of Conduct, apparently to target me. I believe it was an abuse of power when the the Dept of Education placed a Director of Schools to target me with the 2004 NSW Code of Conduct for teachers. It resulted in my deleting my blogs, millions of words on diverse mundane matters. I had hoped at the time the harassment would end, but it didn't.
I learned a great deal by trying to contact justice bodies about abrogation of responsibility. The ICAC claimed they couldn't secure a prosecution against anyone. The ombudsman's office claimed it wasn't legal for them to investigate. Legal Aid claimed I wasn't Aboriginal. The coroner's office claimed they weren't invited. Over time, the abrogation continued, but the excuses changed. The ICAC weren't sure anything wrong has happened. The police claim they know nothing.
I asked the media for help. Today Tonight said they would run a story if I resigned, then changed their mind after I told Tripodi's office of my claims. The federal government claimed I had never entered Australia legally and they had never heard of my parents. Andrew Bolt said he didn't wish to involve himself with my court case and didn't like my poetry. Centerlink said I wasn't Australian.
Once, my car was stolen. I went to report it the police. I was told there was an outstanding warrant for my arrest. I hadn't voted. I contacted the electoral office and declared my citizenship. That was 1995, but when I went to verify my citizenship in 2007, the evidence had been destroyed along with other records of those who were fined for not voting.
I am sure this game is why a pedophile investigation was bungled in the '90s. This is why Hamidur Rahman, a year 8 school child can die from neglect and the coroner can declare it an accident while a witness is abused by the Department of Education. And the police know nothing.
I have been told I need to blame Barry O'Farrell for this incompetence. I don't. I have been told the Liberal Party have sold me down the river. Yet Zaya Toma and Andrew Rohan (and many others) have listened to me despite not being my representative members. I don't blame the police for following orders and policy. I am blaming the leader of the police who is so inept they could be corrupt.
I don't know who John Aster is. It might not even be his name. He is listed on a vigilante pedophile site in the UK. He has apparently been contracted by the ADL to smear Steve N Jan and myself. He runs an attack group called AXJ.

As one person said
However it takes someone with a net group like John A's AXJ or whatever it is. This group supposedly set up to attack internet bullies and others is a refined tool. If he sends out a message "report this persons comment on such and such a page he probably gets several hundred people doing what he says.. All self righteous twats thinking they have done their bit to get rid of another cyber villain. As most of his organisation seems to live outside Facebook they will never see the planning and coordination of the attack, all FB see is a massive number of reports and so they react. How could we possibly round up 100+ reporting people to attack one comment on one page without leaving evidence here in Facebook? Answer is we can't, we would need a preexisting group that had been organised for the purpose.

So maybe. JA makes the fake (or gets JR to do it) then plants some appropriately racist or bullying comments on certain pages under that profile. He then gets his little blind followers to report en masse.
and of course they cannot find the posts he refers to (as the fake has disappeared) so they are directed to another comment belonging to the real person. Its a simple scam but requires a lot of willing and gullible "foot soldiers"
and as we have seen many willing gullible people out there willing to do their bit to save the world from "something" someone else has told them is wrong.
Aster posted his address on the Bolt Report Supporter's Group. It can be seen at

JA has been described as a "professional antagonist" and I believe XXXXX is right! Always thought JA was brought in for "expertise"Damned hard to try and stay a step ahead of this group! In many ways we are quite defenceless.But at least police now have it on record we have strong concerns there may be a "set up" on us.LOL we have even contacted Interpol over JA as I found some info on him and a reporter!
Following is a discourse with GreenAcre PS who never replied.
I don't know Tracey and FB being what it is I am not certain that the abuse I am getting is your year 6 teacher staff member. My abusers have used her name, but they have used other names as well. There is a FB page by the account holder that seems to address class teaching issues that are specific to Tracey.

The FB page is called Mrs Sedo .. Mrs sedo | Facebook

A related FB page was called Truthbeknownit and Tracey was the sole admin Most politicians still don't understand Facebook | Facebook

Blogger ..

My reason for bringing this to your attention is because of things she has posted to me on FB and Twitter. I have included two pictures snapped of the items.

missdellbellbogan has made a comment on All by myself:
seriously man - you need to pick up the phone and dial the help line. This is so saaaaaddd and bad! You are very desperate in this clip yet in your others you are so egotistical. Get off the dole, put the computer away, stop feeling sorry for youself and thinking the world owes you something. Get a a job and geta life and you won't be by yourself. Seriously your other vid says you were running for parliament - labour might have you. Communities need strong leaders not self-absorbed ones.

I administer a FB political discussion page called the Bolt Report Supporter's Group (THE BOLT REPORT SUPPORTERS GROUP) I recognise that robust criticism can sometime attract itself to such debate areas but I feel that some of Tracey's comments are over the top. And it is apparent she has included her students on her FB journey. I would point out under the 2004 NSW Teacher's Code of Conduct this is a breach of Tracey's duty of care and I suggest, if it be the case she is in fact the owner of these (or some of these) accounts then she be disciplined appropriately.

As for myself, I have done no wrong. I am the victim of abuse by some desperate to cover up their involvement in the death of Hamidur Rahman at Hurlstone AHS in 2002. I have appropriately reported on these issues and although there is no impediment to my teaching no one will hire me. I have, as I am allowed, run for parliament twice on the issue. I have reported the issue to the police and to the coroner's office. The coroner has decided the death was an accident without my testimony. It is made worse as I earlier had pointed out a bungled pedophile investigation which would embarrass senior ALP figures.

I seem to have attracted Tracey's attention because I defended, appropriately, a member of the debate group who was being abused. Tracey seems to be a member of an extreme right wing group calling itself the Australian Tea Party and also the Australian Defence League (ADL). They are related to the EDL ( whom Breivik( was known to want to be a member of.

I am happy to discuss the issue if you have questions
Sorry, just to make clear, I have already contacted the police and they assure me they will do nothing. Another ADL member, Ashley, seems to be working with her .. here are a few posts from this evening ..

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Song requests:

Say David, whilst some of us dislike you for some of the things you write, we are not so blind that we cannot see.

We know talent when it reveals itself.

On that note, could you please please please sing my favourite two songs and post what will surely be a stunning and emotive rendition on your Youtube channel?

-Cheap Trick- The Flame
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Thanks a heap and God bless.

ashleymalamute has posted a comment on your channel:
Say David, whilst some of us dislike you for some of the things you write, we are not so blind that we cannot see.
We know talent when it reveals itself.
On that note, could you please please please sing my favourite songs and post what will be a stunning and emotive rendition on your Youtube channel?
-Cheap Trick- The Flame
-Roy Orbison-I Drove All Night.

Thanks a heap and God bless.

Further, it seems Tracey is able to spoof telephone numbers so that they can appear on Call number display as any number. I understand this can be done using VOIP and it means that any number incoming to my phone, even those marked with a number, may not be from the person I think is calling.

This was sent to Canley Vale HS and they haven't replied ..
I have reported this to the police and they assure me they will do nothing, but I feel you should know about it.

I resigned from teaching so as to be able to speak publicly about my knowledge of the events which lead to the death of Hamidur Rahman at Hurlstone AHS. I was unaware of the role Helen Best and Sean Donahue had played in the abuse I was enduring.

I understand it was Mr Donahue who told a student in year 9 that I had committed suicide and would not be returning to the school. I do not know what stories Helen told her former student Patrick xxx xxx but he seemed to feel there was an honour issue that needed to addressing.

I had been unable to identify the person who posted the following. It came after meeting Helen on a few occasions. I haven't got all the material here, but I now believe it wasn't Helen but Sean. It has his 'voice' and not hers. It appears on my youtube account ddball1. I can find more, but don't see the need for looking. Normally I would delete that kind of material, but I think by leaving it there I will in the future be able to check IP addresses and match the poster if that becomes necessary. Personally I would like to see it in the past.

This was posted on a challenge I made to Gillard on Sunrise in '07

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