Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Policies For the 2010 Federal Election

Broadly, I will follow the Liberal and National party policies.

My mission is to defend the hopes and aspirations of small business owners and to encourage work place environments where employees work in co-operation with their employers and not in confrontation. There are many employers who desire to share their knowledge and expertise for the purpose of increasing productivity. I will work to have less debt, and so lower interest rates. My policy will be to lower tax in the long term, making it easier to do business. I will work for cuts where there is over servicing, and to eliminate service which is discriminatory, or counter productive.

The ridiculous levels of bureaucracy need to be stripped from Hospitals. The cover ups must end. Doctors must be free to act on their experience and transparency of process needs to be in place. Doctors should not be at legal risk from litigious clients, but hospitals need to be able to explain themselves and their practice.

Health care requires health funds, and private care is essential to keep the public system healthy.

The BER should be halted and better plans developed to allow the most from the spending. It is ok for Principals to make a mistake in trying to get the best for their institution. Guidelines should be employed which limit the need for over spending actions.

The Computers in school program should be halted so that a better program may be realized. At the moment the program is not value for money and students are missing out as a result.

The School Watch site should be modified to allow private schools and public schools to show their best sides, and to allow parents better information about their school's results. Also, auditors need to be in place to assess teacher performance and address staffing issues at a Principal level. so that there is transparency for decision making regarding teacher performance.

Immigration and Population
My aim is for Australia to exceed 420 million peoples, and I hope most of them are migrants. To achieve this end, and to make sure Australians continue to enjoy the prosperity they have always had in the past, I propose we begin work on the Bradfield Scheme. Redirtecting fresh water in the top end to middle Australia we can flood the land below the water level, possibly changing the climate. The result should be that Australia can become a fruit bowl and bread basket for the world, as former dessert becomes useful.

I will work to maintain transparency in process, and openness in government. Back door deals must not be the first resort in all instances. Issues like Justice for Hamidur Rahman need to be dealt with appropriately with the ability of the public to inspect decision making of such public interest issues.

Environment, and Energy
I will work for the creation of Dams to provide water for cities and country folk. I support the continuation of coal electricity production, and advocate the use of nuclear power generation too.
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