Saturday, July 24, 2010

Campaign Launch David Daniel Ball for Blaxland

There are some 85000 voters in Blaxland. The incumbent, ALP's Jason Clare holds it by about 37% from the 2007 election, when he first ran for the federal seat.

I am a Liberal party member, but I am running as an independent. My chief reason for running is to get justice for the parents of Hamidur Rahman who died at a school outing in 2002. The Coroner held the parents partly to blame for the accident. The coroner was not aware of my testimony exonerating the parents of guilt. This issue could have been handled by any of many appropriate bodies, all of which have failed to address the issues surrounding the death of that child. I acknowledge that schools have changed the way they process information about students with allergies, but that is not enough. The coroner could look at my testimony but so far they have not felt compelled to do so, although their ruling is that the case is open. I have had political interference in reporting this issue, and so I choose politics as a last resort to bringing the issue into the open.
I also have policies that are relevant to the peoples of Blaxland, the electorate which includes my home town of Carramar and extends through Villawood and Bankstown.
  • On Border protection I don't believe it is compassionate to drown desperate people, or subject them to pirates. So, I will work to increase the intake of and improve the experience of refugees settling in Australia.
  • On Migration, I note that both the Liberal Party and the ALP agree with me, but none of us have set a time limit on this, I want Australia's population to exceed 420 million people. I want that to be a sustainable population which live in the comfort with the prosperity all Australians have today, or better. Gillard has said she wants migrants to reflect the mix of peoples we have in Australia today. I agree, in that I note that everyone in Australia today is a migrant or descended from migrants.
  • On water and the environment, I want Australia to start the Bradfield scheme to open the vast interior of Australia. We will need to have fresh water for the new migrants. I also think the Franklin Dam should be built. Nuclear Power stations is the way to an environmentally sound future, they are safe and cheaper than wind, waves or solar. I don't believe carbon is heating the Earth, but if it is, Nuclear Power is a responsible way of limiting carbon. In the short term, we can burn coal, and we may need to build some coal power stations soon.
  • On health I believe it is important to cut the bureaucracy choking the hospitals. Money needs to go on buildings, beds, nurses and doctors.
  • On education I would halt the rush spending and allow the money to be spent more appropriately. I think teachers can be made more accountable, but their conditions can be improved too. Principals should be allowed to have more of a say as to how the money should be spent. Privacy issues need to be addressed with computers. The school website needs to be improved, and made more school friendly and informative for parents.
  • I note a Greens party person has released a policy on public transport, which is a state issue, but I think the federal motor ways need to be made safer and better for pedestrians and motorists. Dual carriage ways need to be in black spots.
  • I think our military needs to be supported if they are engaged in work. I won't have troops in Afghanistan if we won't support them with what they need to do their job.
I can make many promises and tell you about my ambitions and hopes and dreams, but I don't want you to vote for me because of my promises. I don't want you to vote for me because I am a church going Christian or because my opponent is or isn't. I don't want you to vote for me because you think I am nice. I want you to vote for me because you know that I will stand up for you on important issues. I have sacrificed much to be here today asking you to vote for me, so that I can get the issue of Hamidur Rahman's injustice attended to. I have sacrificed a secure public service job. I have given away my life savings. I have endured threats and smears. And I do not ask for reward for myself. But I ask for your vote.
This has been authorized by David Daniel Ball 14/168 Sandal Crescent Carramar NSW 2163


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the upcoming federal election DD.

Read your posts @ Piers blog.

Ruby of Toowoomba said...

I wish you luck in the poisonous atmosphere of politics Mr Ball.
We need people who are Independents aND LESS OF PARTY LINE POLITICS. Also, I think you did not mean 420 million people for Australia.

I also read your posts at Pier's blog

The Weasel said...

Thank you anon and Ruby.

Ruby, I am serious in wanting a big population .. but making sure the infrastructure is adequate to support it too. It is going to take a whole lot of spending money, but it is worth it.

Sol said...

I live in Carramar, and I will vote 1 for you and 2 for the Greens, but I don't agree with your big population policy, Australia is not the United States, and even the United States' population is just over 300 million. The Australian soil is a lot less suitable for farming, Australia is a dry continent, much of the land is not habitable. Infrastructure can be built, but water cannot.
The sad reality of Australian politics is you won't win the seat running as an independent, unless you join the Greens and become a candidate for the Senate.

The Weasel said...

Thank you Sol. I am not running to win, I am running to get the story of Hamidur Rahman told, and politics is the only way of doing it. That being said, I might win, and have an agenda if I do. I don't think my Big Australia concept will matter in the next term of government .. it is a statement for later times. I really think the Bradfield scheme should be built, and will be built eventually.
The soil issues are real if we do nothing, but I feel those issues can be overcome.

Dallas Beaufort said...

The walk and talk will do you good David, As I succeeded on my walk in a local government election with similar concerns, opening the gate, walking up the steps and leaving my brochure and picture card in or under the door after knocking on 5,500 homes just got over the line with the sitting liberal and 2 labor candidates (one a dummy) split as the residents appreciate your effort, Go for it David, Best wishes Dallas Beaufort