Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An Incomplete list of Rudd's broken promises

The list of failures, blunders, budget blowouts, lies and back flips grows:
1. 2020 - 1,000 B&B; minds, $2+m = 9 useable ideas. - FAILED
2. Save the whales (using the navy to confront Japanese) - dangerous stunt. - FAILED
3. Inflation Genie - Genie = Supernatural Pre-Islamic myth
4. Taxes up (Gas, Diesel, Transport, Alcopops) – inflationary
5. Fuelwatch - cost $21 million –stunt -lenses fell out. - FAILED
6. Grocery Watch, err, Choice – June, 2009 abandoned its $13 million election promise to force grocery prices down.
7. Arresting Iranian leaders - Stunt FAILED
8. Bank Guarantee - still over 200,000 bank accounts frozen from September 2008 - blunder locking up $25 billion of savings for possibly 4 years. FAILED
9. Education Revolution - still revolving
10. National Broadband Network (from $4b, to $7b to $43 billion) - inexplicable
11. Cash Splash 1 - borrowed
12. Cash Splash 2 – also borrowed = $42 billion
13. Work Choices /Fair work – Will cost jobs
Awards Backflips – special dispensation for Tourism/Food industry.
Horticultural Industry warning new awards will put farmers out of business, eg, casual pickers weekend rates. - No response from Gillard yet. 19 August 2009.
14. Immigration/Refugees/Asylum Seekers = Open door - 31 boats to date
15. Defence - cut expenditure & increase weaponry?
16. Homeland Security Department – “a non-core promise” broken Nov 28, 2007
17. Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change/Carbon Reduction - Scam
18. Budget Surpluses - Ancient history.
19. Economic conservatism - new words, still not in ALP dictionary.
20. The buck stops with me!
21. Electric cars /Hybrid Cars - $6.2 billion – Toyota for one bemused & grateful.
22. Job creation & security from IR reforms - for Trade Union leaders.
23. Securing water on the Murray/Darling - it’s secured alright – well out of sight.
24. IVF Program – cuts - the caring ALP.
25. Medicare/Private Health – rebate not to be touched - key election promise - outright lie
26. Dental Scheme – gone – the caring ALP
27. Cataract Surgery – costs doubled – the caring ALP
28. Superannuation – the government needs it more than you.
29. Home Savers Grant - a fizzer, not enough people saving
30. First home Owners grant – increased, not aimed to generate building, inflating house prices
31. One Stop Super Childcare Centres – maybe in 2095
32. GP Super Clinics - $275 million borrowed
– 1 open Palmerston NT, ALP stronghold – struggling to provide even most basic service, . 3 approved SA – Noarlunga ALP stronghold, Playford North, ALP stronghold, Modbury , ALP stronghold.
33. No compulsory University Union Fees – an outright lie voted down
34. Coastguard – huh!
35. Maternity Leave - out in the never never
36. Worker Share Options, June 2009 – on, off, on, off, on like a light switch - blunder
37. Carbon emissions reduction - LPG conversion subsidies being phased out l – June 2009
38. Carbon Emissions reduction Part 2 - Household Solar Rebate axed 9/6
30. Schools Stimulus/? Infrastructure Program – absolute chaos. – Subject to AG inquiry.
40. Flood Relief NSW North Coast June 2009 – serves them right for living there. Qld got it so all OK
41. Ruddbank - fizzer.
42. ABCCC – back flip with twist
43. Federal takeover of hospitals by mid 2009 if no improvement. – To dream the impossible dream
44. Indigenous conditions – worse
45. Reduce consultancies by $112 million = increase to $800 million (6354 consultancies)
46. Govt will pay small business invoices on time = takes a lot longer
47. No nuclear Waste Dump NT – election promise – broken June 2008
48. $15 million to rural research & development corporations – election promise – broken May 2008.
49. A – E reporting on childcare standards & universal pre-school for 4 year olds – election promise – broken June 2009
50. Increased Skilled Immigration in economic downturn – leads to lack of work for young people. (GFC forces older workers to work longer plus additional jobs going to immigrants rather than our youth) – blunder, blunder, blunder.
51. ALP Uranium Policy/stance – in tatters. Garrett approves uranium mine.
52. Open and accountable government – no results yet 5 dead SIEV boat. NO Response to 53+ missing presumed dead on SIVE the Government knew about.
53. Diplomacy – Japan – biggest customer – snubbed first jaunt. India – Uranium contract cancelled at first opportunity. USA – conversations (real/imaginary) released to media. China, May 2009 – “difficult to deal with” Australia led Asia Pacific Body – thud.
54. NBN - July 2009, Senate Committee told by finance analysts believe plans for the national broadband network are in shambles. – blundering money wasting. August 0 experts advise costs could be as high as $20,000 per connection making $43 billion a major understatement,
55. Selling scarce arable land to foreign mining interests.
56. Boost funding for aboriginal Legal Aid – lie – actuality = cuts to funding in first budget.
57. Scale back Intervention – ignored review recommendations.
58. Revitalise aboriginal languages – $9 million for 200 languages of which how many have been translated to written language?
59. Homes /renovationsfor indigenous – not one shovel lifted to date – scheme mishandled to the point that one State govt could fall. August 09– NT Govt just scrapes in. Controversy still rife. Still nothing done.
60. Digital TV –Conroy, 2008, slash $22m from costs of changeover , figures make no sense – original estimate $16m now to cost $66m (advertising costs ?)
61. NBN plan – lack of organisation leads to inability to generate meetings with business in Tas. Already appearing to fall over.
62. Cheaper Better Childcare – Govt regulations will see Childcare costs going up by about $1500pa on July 1, 2010
63. NBN – Experts are now saying it will cost in the region of $20,00 PER CONNECTION. $43 Billion could be quite an underestimate on those figures.
64. SORRY!
Feb 8, 08. K Rudd
“We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.”
Aug 22, 09 The Australian
“WELFARE workers have swooped on the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge in northwest NSW, removing more than 40 Aboriginal children from decrepit homes in shanty towns........
Aboriginal women, stunned by the removals, say it amounts to a “modern-day Stolen Generation”, but the most recent statistics on child removals show Aboriginal children are being taken from their parents in numbers much greater than the Stolen Generations.”
65. During the 2007 federal election Labor promised it would ‘’encourage sourcing of forests from sustainable forest practices and seek to ban the sale of illegally logged timber imports’’. – broken promise Aug 2009.
66. Oops missed one from March 2008. “Labor promised bi-partisan support to pass legislation that would enable the removal of criminal convictions from fishermen caught fishing by accident in Great Barrier Reef ‘green zones’ prior to December 14, 2006.” “Minister Garrett’s statement, that the criminal convictions will stand, shows the true value of their phony pre-election promises of justice for these fishermen,” Senator Boswell said
67. January 2009. CONTROVERSIAL prison operator G4S will have its contract to run Australia’s immigration detention centres extended until at least July 31 despite Labor’s pre-election promise that the public sector would manage the centres.
68. Skills Program , Sept 2009, The Australian – “ Kevin Rudd’s $2bn skills plan in disarray”
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