Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Qld Hospitals Woeful

In a speech today in the Senate, Senator Boyce slammed the inefficient and incompetent Qld Government over their handling of Qld hospitals.
Senator for Queensland, Senator Sue Boyce has slammed the inefficient and woeful state of Queensland’s hospitals.
In a speech to the Senate this afternoon, Senator Boyce spoke of the long list of complaints by the AMA, specialist organisations and patients who have experienced the horrid state of affairs in Queensland hospitals.
“How many times does Mr Rudd have to be told the Queensland hospital system is a disastrous mess”, Senator Boyce said.
“In October 2007 Mr Rudd said if he won the election the buck for fixing Queensland’s hospital system would stop with him, well the buck has stopped.
“Yesterday Chris Davis from the AMAQ said Queensland Health was a very bloated, very rigid and very politicised bureaucracy.
“Most of Queensland hospitals are under pressure despite the record health budget and despite Premier Beattie's promise before the last election to fix it.
“Today, the Business Council of Australia said there was no leadership in the current health system, because the State and the Commonwealth weren't working together.
“The sad state of affairs in Queensland hospitals is very real, because they are dealing with the lives of patients.
“On talkback radio this morning, a man in Rockhampton told of having to sell his ute to get a private MRI to see whether his brain tumor is benign or aggressive.
“If he waited for Queensland Health he could be waiting for more than two years, and that is just for the diagnosis.
“If the Prime Minister is serious about the buck stopping with him, he would immediately take over the hospitals in Queensland, and stop the incompetent Queensland Government destroying the lives of more Queenslanders.
“If the people of Queensland are serious about changing the situation in Queensland Health, then I urge them to get rid of the incompetent government that let it happen”, Senator Boyce urged.
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