Saturday, March 21, 2009

ALP Dirty Tricks Surfacing Early in Queensland Election

The blame is universally against the LNP, but it is absurd. It looks like the ALP have attempted a dirty tricks campaign to cast dirt on a LNP candidate that threatens an ALP seat in which the incumbent changed to Green. The LNP are accused of printing and distributing fake how to vote cards with their own names on them.
Fake voting cards surface at Queensland election booths
THE Liberal National Party (LNP) has been accused of dirty tactics in the hotly-contested seat of Indooroopilly after fake Labor how-to-vote cards were handed out.

While the cards have no Labor logo, they are printed in the Labor colours of red and white and encourage voters not to preference Labor defector and Greens MP Ronan Lee.

The cards have been handed out at several polling booths across the electorate.

Mr Lee, who defected from Labor to the Greens late in 2008, has been the sitting member in Indooroopilly since 2001.

Since his defection, the Greens and Labor have agreed to exchange preferences in Indooroopilly in an attempt to stop LNP candidate Scott Emerson from claiming the seat.

"Ronan let us down. Don't vote for Ronan the turncoat, don't even give him a preference, just vote one," the how-to-vote card reads.

At the bottom of the card, it says it is authorised by K Butchert, (Kristy Butchert), a political conservative and friend to several LNP party members.
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