Thursday, February 12, 2009

What do you think about this ? Is this Presidential ? or something else?

by Greta Van Susteren
I think this is rotten and is not “Presidential” - a front row seat????

A radio announcer (Ed Schultz) who viciously and constantly trashed Senator McCain during the campaign (called him a warmonger) and trashed Senator Clinton and former President Bill Clinton when BOTH McCain and Clinton were rivals to then Senator Obama for the White House was REWARDED the other night with a seat (and a front row seat) at President Obama’s news conference. That is a big reward. Is this really “change?” Does this “change” the tone of Washington when people who viciously trash for you get rewarded? Do rewards for people who are nasty really bringing people together? Schultz was not about policy or ideology – he was gratuitous and nasty…and now he gets the big reward. Go figure..(and by the way, don’t defend this by saying other Presidents did it…we are looking for the “change we can believe in!”)
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