Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vietlish Media - The Adventure of Mr & Ms Apple

Vietlish TV Episode 2 The Adventure of Mr. & Mrs. Apple

In the festivity of the Vietnamese New Year, Team Vietlish celebrates the Year of the Water Buffalo having completed Episode 2 The Adventure of Mr. & Ms. Apple. Presenters Joseph Dinh & Maria Tran (Mr. & Mrs. Apple of 2009) are two newly trained Vietnamese messenger-gods who have embarked on a journey to find their predecessors from the previous year to get their report signed off. Each year Apple gods have to report back to Heaven before the Lunar New Year eve to report on the years events. However, their amateur teleportation skills, paired with their bad directions results in catesptrophic mayhem, disrupting normal earthly activities around Cabramatta & Bankstown (Sydney, Australia)

Joseph Dinh (2009 Vietnamese Australian of the Year) said: We spent days sweating in our costumes, shamelessly walking around the streets of Cabramatta in our costumes, being honked by cars to film this short clip. But the reception we got from the audience at our first screening was worth every effort. Hence we decided to put it online as our second episode.

Being produced by Vietlish Entertainment and Gajic & Co. Lawyers Cabramatta, episode 2 was screened in the main stage for the introduction of the 2009 Vietnamese Tet Festival entertainment which Maria Tran & Joseph Hieu were MC Hosts, sharing the stage with international Vietnamese superstar Don Ho.

Tao means kitchen messenger gods, having been literally translated by Vietlish as the Apple fruit creating further humour in the main characters.

Award winning film-maker Maria Tran says: This is where horrendous acting and dodgey storylines creates and explosion of off screen dramas and fun! A refreshingly saavy way to bridge the generational gap.

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