Sunday, March 09, 2008

Media Feeding Frenzy

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Nine thousand votes over twelve electorates decided that the ALP would win the last election. Although there are no significant elections slated for 2008, the parties have to position themselves now. That means the media has to weigh in too, otherwise past failures may be exposed.

So rather than admit that endorsing Rudd over the conservatives was a mistake, it is easier to attack the conservatives on past misconceptions.

To quote Bolt on Nelson, who had said something Bolt agreed with,
"A bit unctious, really. Fewer sentimental tears and more more fire and ire would suit far Nelson better, before he gets permanently typecast as the Uriah Heep of Australian politics."

Mr Abbot replies in unison with Dr Nelson, and Bolt remarks "This is much better"
Dr Nelson's popularity is not an issue, and it is an issue. Rudd's popularity is directly a result of media support, as is Dr Nelson's. In time to come, analysis of positions will show Dr Nelson has maintained sound policy, while Rudd has flip flopped. But the public examination may never come.
It is natural for party individuals within the broad church of conservative politics to question the leadership. The media are inflating the conservative position, and ignoring the ALP's concerns. Such barracking should worry those who believe in a strong, democratic Australia.

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