Thursday, March 20, 2008

How They Hate USA

No Regrets
US President Bush is aware of the cost that Iraq has demanded of the US. The toll in cash and in lives. He was alone in the world when he decided on the troop surge that was really a last hope. It turned out it was the right, and wise thing to do. But those haters who wanted the US to fail in Iraq can still sense that there is a possibility that their dreams can be made real. Perhaps by voting in Obama or Clinton.
Death march of Activists
When the US President was asked about surrender recently, he indicated the cost, and pointed out that to withdraw now would be a waste, but success would mean the cost had paid for something worthwhile. Heaven knows, the media really don't want another liberal democracy in the Middle East.

So the President's words are twisted to say something else. The media would have it that the President didn't care about life.
Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden seems to want to forget about Iraq. Maybe he has given up too. Bin Laden has decided to get mean on cartoonists in Denmark. Did he forget the fifth anniversary?
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