Monday, September 14, 2015

We support Tony Abbott as PM

I'm sorry. I tried .. there are too many fools in the Liberal Party. I supported MT last time and he betrayed me over Global Warming. I'll be loyal to the Lib leader this time, but he has no respect from me.
Now that the major disruptive influence dogging the conservatives has the leadership, everything will be plain sailing, right?
Malcolm Turnbull seems to have jumped a shark, relying on promises of support in private which may not be true in public. It is possible he has been set up by those wishing to end his undermining ways.

Those supporting Malcolm Turnbull have claimed erroneously that Mr Abbott campaigned against Turnbull before a by election in '09. That is not true. What had happened was Mr Hockey campaigned and Turnbull spilled. But Mr Hockey embraced Global Warming and Mr Abbott stood against Global Warming, calling it crap. Mr Abbott had not campaigned and had not stood up until Mr Hockey wavered.

Mr Abbott's leadership is effective and strong. Despite much criticism he has ended the 'carbon tax' and stopped the boats. Mr Abbott's immigration policy has saved money, increased compassionate migration and ended people smuggling and drowning of poor desperate people. More people are working. The downsides are related to senate opposition. An inability to cut spending to a responsible, sustainable, level only because of the intransigence of Green/ALP opposition combined with independents whose voting pattern matches ALP candidates.

Turnbull failed to contact the National Party, probably because he hasn't their support. It is a poor leadership decision regarding coalition colleagues.

Mr Turnbull has been behind undermining the government for a long time and has no role to play in cabinet, and should not be voted in as PM by the Liberals.

"Hi, my name is Malcolm Turnbull and I was born to rule. Here are the first items on my agenda.
1. Disband the Royal Commission into unions corruptions.
2. Reinstate ABC's Mark Scott. Thanks heaps mate.
3. Open border for FIFO country shoppers with new airport to be built on Christmas Islands.
Please feel free to add to this. I will consider all suggestions, as long as they suit my agenda." HT

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