Friday, November 29, 2013


Filing Cabinets
$329 office works 4 drawer
$378 with lock
Note, I bought one new for $100, that is not how much it costs now.

Bed and Base
Flex gel double bed mattress from 40 winks $4969

wood base with 4 drawers .. $1718
They include a delivery fee of $65 for a total of $6752

$888 Bing Lee LG Blue ray set .. equivalent to mine
I enquired about getting emplacement speakers, but they said 'no'

Bedside desk, chair and cabinet made with cow leather .. I will source cheer alternates .. still looking
Go Modern furniture Cabramatta
Chair $120,
desk $250,
Return $200

Office Desk .. similar no longer made executive suite is about $1700 .. smaller suites are insufficient for equipment. 
Also Go Modern, much weaker replacement, $450

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