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Who represents the struggler? Who would give the average person a better deal? Who cares enough to exercise the kind of judgement that benefits the most? What kind of character are they? Obama, a wealthy leftist who identifies with thugs and pardons terrorists for 'peace' wants to spend more money without hiring one doctor to 'secure' the health of ten million desperately poor people. Abbott , a conservative who identifies with families and workers. Who supports people in their hour of need. Who is gracious without being obsequious, kind and generous without being a pushover. That same Mr Abbott is paid too much according to those upset with his expenses claims. Meanwhile Obama cools his heels with a game of Golf while strugglers get nothing.
Obama has failed to negotiate or conciliate with the conservatives on any issue. His community organising seems rusty. Obama leans towards socialism. Abbott leans towards capitalism.
One gets it the press doesn't like Abbott, but even so, it is wrong of the press to lie about Abbott's relationship with Putin. Why should left wing authors get paid government grants denied conservatives?If one believes in balance, the Melbourne Writer's festival is pretty bad. Kuwait is watching you. Egypt is watching her navel. Journalists struggle to explain why Abbott is excelling.
1201 – Robert de Sorbon, French theologian, founder of the Collège de Sorbonne (d. 1274)
1581 – Claude Gaspard Bachet de Méziriac, French mathematician, poet, and scholar (d. 1638)
1704 – Johann Andreas Segner, German mathematician, physicist, and physician (d. 1777)
1796 – Joseph Bonomi the Younger, English egyptologist and sculptor (d. 1878)
1873 – Karl Schwarzschild, German physicist and astronomer (d. 1916)
1893 – Mário de Andrade, Brazilian author, poet, and photographer (d. 1945)
1900 – Joseph Friedman, American inventor, invented the bendy straw (d. 1982)
1940 – John Lennon, English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer (The BeatlesThe QuarrymenPlastic Ono Band, and The Dirty Mac) (d. 1980)
1966 – David Cameron, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1975 – Sean Lennon, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth TigerPlastic Ono Band, and Cibo Matto)
1994 – Jodelle Ferland, Canadian actress
768 – Carloman I and Charlemagne are crowned Kings of The Franks.
1446 – The hangul alphabet is published in Korea.
1582 – Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar, this day does not exist in this year in ItalyPoland,Portugal and Spain.
1604 – Supernova 1604, the most recent supernova to be observed in the Milky Way.
1635 – Founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a religious dissident after he speaks out against punishments for religious offenses and giving away Native American land.
1760 – Seven Years' WarRussian forces occupy Berlin.
1831 – Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first head of state of independent Greece is assassinated.
1845 – The eminent and controversial AnglicanJohn Henry Newman, is received into the Roman Catholic Church.
1854 – Crimean War: The siege of Sebastopol begins.
1911 – An accidental bomb explosion in HankouWuhanChina leads to the ultimate fall of the Qing Empire
1919 – Black Sox scandal: The Cincinnati Reds win the World Series.
1936 – Generators at Boulder Dam (later renamed to Hoover Dam) begin to generate electricity from the Colorado River and transmit it 266 miles to Los Angeles, California.
1940 – World War IIBattle of Britain – During a night-time air raid by the German LuftwaffeSt. Paul's Cathedral in the City of LondonEngland is hit by a bomb.
1942 – Statute of Westminster 1931 formalises Australian autonomy.
1967 – A day after being captured, Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara is executed for attempting to incite a revolution in Bolivia.
1983 – Rangoon bombing: attempted assassination of South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan during an official visit to RangoonBurma. Chun survives but the blast kills 17 of his entourage, including four cabinet ministers, and injures 17 others. Four Burmese officials also die in the blast
2012 – Members of the Pakistani Taliban made a Failed attempt to assassinate Malala Yousafzai on her way home from school.
1047 – Pope Clement II (b. 1005)
1974 – Oskar Schindler, Austro-Hungarian businessman (b. 1908)
1978 – Jacques Brel, Belgian singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1929)

Expenses “scandal”: you can watch but not run

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (11:25am)

It seems claiming expenses to watch sport is fine, but claiming expenses to do sport is not, even though both have a political purpose:
A Fairfax Media analysis shows Mr Abbott claimed more than $23,000 on trips associated with the 2012 Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge, the 2011 Bathurst V8 Supercar Race, the 2010 Melbourne Cup, the 2010 Boxing Day Test match at the MCG and the 2011 Birdsville Races.
Asked about these claims, Mr Abbott’s office responded with a list of Labor politicians using Commonwealth cars and planes to attend sporting events.
These included Julia Gillard and Simon Crean attending the AFL grand final in 2011; Stephen Conroy going to the Australian Open tennis in 2012; and Wayne Swan travelling by VIP aircraft to the NRL and AFL finals while acting prime minister in 2010.
Labor should know better than to liken Tony Abbott expenses claims to Peter Slipper’s: 
Labor leadership contender Anthony Albanese said Mr Slipper has been treated harshly over travel expense claims when compared to senior members of the Abbott government.
“People must have noticed the way in which the coalition went after Peter Slipper, who’s now before the courts over a claim that’s much less than the money that has had to be paid back (by Coalition MPs).”
Richard Ackland spells out the obvious:

Slipper has been charged with three counts under the ‘’general dishonesty’’ provisions of the Criminal Code Act....
The AFP’s statement of facts, which went to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, spells out the allegations against the former speaker in detail.

The first vineyard excursion was ... from Parliament House to wineries in Murrumbateman. First stop was Doonkuna Winery for about 17 minutes, then to Clonakilla (12 minutes), Yass Valley Wines (19 minutes), Shaw Estate (16 minutes), then to Poachers Pantry (a felicitous choice) before arriving at Gallagher Wines for 27 minutes.
The trip had taken four and a half hours by the time the party arrived back in Canberra. At $75 an hour for the hire car, the total bill came to a little more than $337.
The federal police claim that Slipper then asked the driver: ‘’Could we process this manually and break up the payment, putting it down as suburb to suburb, so it’s processed easier?’’…
Even though the car had eftpos facilities, four Cabcharge vouchers were manually processed.... They were broken up as $87 from Parliament House to suburbs; $80 from suburbs to Parliament House; $75 from suburbs to suburbs; and $95 from suburbs to suburbs.
The Commonwealth says that breaking up the total travel cost in that way, using the manual system of payment processing and describing the trips as to and from suburban destinations, shows Slipper was trying to hide his misuse of his cabcharge.
He must therefore, it says, have had the requisite knowledge or belief of his alleged wrongdoing.
You can only claim expenses if you watch, don’t do:

WAYNE Swan charged taxpayers more than $12,000 to fly him and his daughter to the AFL Grand final by VIP jet when he was acting prime minister in 2010.
The following day the then treasurer and his advisers took a taxpayer-funded RAAF flight from Brisbane to Sydney to watch the NRL Grand Final.
Among the hysteria, a note of common sense:

Labor leadership candidate Anthony Albanese on Wednesday defended Mr Abbott over his use of entitlements, telling ABC radio it was ‘’probably fair enough’’ for him to claim taxpayer-funded travel and travelling allowance to compete in an Ironman event at Port Macquarie because he had reportedly been invited by the breast cancer charity the McGrath Foundation and had also visited a hospital while he was in the area.
‘’If that’s the case, commonsense should apply and as leader of the opposition (at the time), it’s probably fair enough,’’ Mr Albanese said on Wednesday.
A caller to 2GB told us last night Abbott had the night before the Ironman event gone to the annual dinner of the local hospital, as he has since he was Health Minister. 
In 2009 Abbott made clear he was in the Port Macquarie Ironman both for political reasons and for charity:

Sporting McGrath Foundation kit for the race, the 52-year-old says it took stamina, grit and willpower to finish the race…
At around 9:00pm last night, a very relieved and suitably proud Tony Abbott was greeted by a throng of reporters and cameramen.
“John Howard was described as a man of steel by George Bush, why shouldn’t I be an ironman in my own way,” he said…
“There are few things more exhilarating than the kind of crowd support you get at an event like this. If an election was held tomorrow in Port Macquarie, I think I’d win,” he said.
The next year, the same deal:

Mr Abbott, a super-fit 52, will compete in an ironman triathlon at Port Macquarie on Saturday… Mr Abbott was in Port Macquarie yesterday to visit a hospital but still slipped in a spot of surfing.

(Thanks to reader Common sense.) 


Should we pay Dreyfus’s family to go skiing?

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (10:11am)

Former Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says he will repay $466 he claimed for a skiing trip - but what about the rest he charged to bring along his family?

FORMER attorney-general Mark Dreyfus says he will repay $466 he charged taxpayers for a two-night skiing trip, amid growing pressure on Tony Abbott over his entitlements claims.
The Labor MP, who earlier today called for an investigation into Coalition expenses, confirmed to The Australian he claimed travel allowance for staying two nights in Canberra in August 2011, when he was in fact at Perisher Valley.
I am sorry for the mistake and I will be repaying $466,” he said.
But reader Mark has checked Dreyfus’s expenses and thinks he owes us a lot more:
Dreyfus says that he should not have claimed for the Friday and Saturday, as he went to Perisher for the weekend to ski.
Friday was 19/8/11 and Saturday was 20/8/11.
He says that he should not have claimed for the travel allowance. The allowance was $233pn. Therefore, $466.
However, he’s said nothing yet about the hire car from 18/8/11 (Thursday) to 21/8/11 (Sunday), at a cost of $408.89.
Likewise, his wife travelling from Melbourne to Canberra on 18/8/11, only to then return to Melbourne on 21/8/11, at a cost of $635.11.
There was also a 2nd traveller for that same period of 18/8/11 to 21/8/11, also for $635.11.
Likewise, a 3rd traveller, for the same time period, also at $635.11.
Then there were family car costs in Melbourne on 18/8/11 ($92) and again, in Melbourne on 21/8/11 ($102.70).
Given that he’s now clearly stated that he should not have claimed the travel allowance as he had gone skiing that weekend, it also calls into question each of the other expenditures, therefore suggesting that the following may need to be repaid:
- Travel allowance ($466);
- Hire car ($408)
- Travel for 3x family members ($1905)
- Family car costs ($195)
That’s about $2,974 and comes on top of what he seems to have similarly done back in February 2011.


Fairfax’s joke headline about Putin’s “cold shoulder” of Abbott

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (9:31am)

How could Fairfax run that headline over the video which puts the lie to it? 


Handing $259,000 to the Melbourne (Left wing) Writers Festival

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (9:19am)

Professor Bunyip on state funding for a celebration of the Left - and the Left alone:

Well here is just one more entry in the list of aid and comforts bestowed upon the enemy:

Melbourne Writers Festival, MELBOURNE $259,000
Melbourne Writers Festival is Melbourne’s annual two-week event for writers, readers and thinkers. The Festival engages over 350 international, national and local writers at over 300 events each year.
And here is the MWF’s 2013 guest list:

Gay Alcorn, Cathy Alexander, Dennis Altman, Wendy Bacon, The Bedroom Philosopher, Eric Beecher, Larissa Behrendt, Sophie Black, Julian Burnside, Jennifer Byrne, Fiona Capp, Jane Caro, Michael Cathcart, Alison Croggon, Mary Crooks, Sushi Das, Catherine Deveny, Anne Deveson, Charles Firth, Morag Fraser, Anna Goldsworthy, Jonathan Green, Libbi Gorr, Wendy Harmer, Joan Kirner, Ramona Koval, Mark Latham, Benjamin Law, Antony Loewenstein, Amanda Lohrey, Miriam Lyons, Father Bob Maguire, Anne Manne, David McKnight, Peter McPhee, George Megalogenis, Tony Moore, Terry Moran, Denis Muller, Ben Pobje, Henry Reynolds, Peter Rose, Julianne Schultz, Margaret Simons, Peter Singer, Tim Soutphommasane, Jeff Sparrow, Fiona Stanley, Anne Summers, Magda Szubanski, Arnold Zable.
Go through the list. Every single one of those names is a lefty, most moving from one publicly funded trough to the next and calling that a career.


Beware Kuwait’s gaydar

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (8:58am)

Large parts of the worlds are ruled by people with strange ideas. For instance:

Kuwait will conduct medical screening tests to “detect” homosexuals who attempt to get into the Gulf kingdom, according to a senior official.
Yousouf Mindkar, director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, said that the routine clinical screening of expatriates coming into the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) will include tests to identify LGBT people who will then be banned from entering the country.
(Thanks to reader supererkid.) 


Is Egypt descending to a civil war?

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (8:52am)

This sounds like trouble that can only get worse:

Six Egyptian soldiers were killed by suspected militants near the Suez canal and a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at a state satellite station in Cairo on Monday, suggesting the Islamist insurgency is picking up pace.
Three months after the ousting of Mohamed Morsi as president, thousands of his supporters defied a military crackdown to stage protests across the country on Sunday.
Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed in clashes with Morsi’s opponents, both civilian and military. The death toll from the violence was 53, state media said, with 271 wounded…
Sinai-based militants have also stepped up their attacks on the security forces. Medical sources said three people were killed and 48 injured in a blast near a state security building in south Sinai on Monday morning, in what witnesses claim was a car bombing. 


Journalists struggling to explain the diplomat Tony Abbott

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (8:16am)

Journalists of the Left, particularly from Fairfax and the ABC, have a new narrative - that Tony Abbott as Prime Minister is backing off the positions taken by Toby Abbott as Opposition Leader.
The meme is perhaps best captured by a headline last week in the far-Left Guardian:

Tony Abbott makes the switch from wrecker at home to builder abroad
Architect of Australia’s hardline strategy on asylum seekers apologises to Indonesia in a bid to fix bridges he helped crack
Today a similar one from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Contrite Abbott backtracks on boats
The intention is clearly to represent Abbott as a snake who’d do anything to grab power, even if it wrecks our relationships with our neighbors. And if he now turns out to be a moderate and a diplomat, rather than the blundering idiot you were told to expect, well, that’s not because journalists misrepresented him but because he’s sneakily changed.
Now to the facts.
From the SMH article today, the case against Abbott:

Tony Abbott has apologised to an Asian leader for the second time in a week over his robust political campaigning before he was elected, offering an ‘’act of contrition’’ for Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak…
When in opposition, the Coalition heavily criticised the Gillard government’s proposed ‘’Malaysia Solution’’ for asylum seekers, immigration spokesman Scott Morrison arguing in 2011 that Malaysia could not guarantee the human rights of people sent to that country under the program…
On Monday, Mr Abbott said: ‘’Our criticism was never of Malaysia, it was of the former government. I guess you might say that, in my own way, I offered an apology because I appreciate this was a difficult situation for Malaysia and it was only in that difficult situation because, in its own way, it had tried to help out a friend,’’ Mr Abbott said.
In fact Mr Abbott had criticised Malaysia’s treatment of refugees and been intensely critical of the people transfer which would have seen 4000 bona fide refugees taken from camps in Malaysia and settled in Australia in exchange for up to 800 non-processed boat arrivals…
Mr Abbott also apologised to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last week for the fact that Australian politicians should have ‘’said less and done more’’ about asylum seekers passing through Indonesia to Australia.
And from an earlier SMH article:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has conspicuously softened his tone towards Indonesia after talks with the nation’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, possibly paving the way to ditch his controversial boats turn-back policy.
But did Abbott really “backtrack on boats” yesterday”
Yes, Abbott diplomatically soothed Malaysia’s hurt feelings. But did he actually repent the Coalition’s arguments? Are those arguments actually invalid? Did not the High Court share some of those concerns in ruling against the Malaysian people swap? It seems to me Abbott has not said sorry at all for the position he took, but is keen to be on good terms with Malaysia.  This is called diplomacy.
To make this seem part of a patten, the SMH suggests Abbott had also apologised to Indonesia for not having “said less and done more”, trying, as the Guardian claimed, to “fix bridges he helped crack”:
In fact, his comments - read in context - are clearly more an apology for Labor’s blundering on people smuggling and live-cattle exports than for his:
There have been times, I’m sorry to say, when Australia must have tried your patience: when we ‘put the sugar on the table’ for people smugglers; or cancelled the live cattle trade in panic at a TV programme.
“There have been times when all sides of Australian politics should have said less and done more. I am confident that these will soon seem like out-of-character aberrations and that the relationship will once more be one of no surprises, based on mutual trust, dependability and absolute respect for each other’s sovereignty under the Lombok treaty.”
As as for backing off his “turn back the boats” pledge, forget it:
“Surprisingly, the newly elected Abbott was not just sure footed, but flexible,” gasped a Fairfax correspondent. Surprisingly? Now such journalists are covering their backsides by claiming, no, they weren’t wrong to sell you the lie of Abbott being some clumping jock who couldn’t tell a fork from a dumbbell. It’s just that he’s grown up or “backed down”. He’s “softened his rhetoric” or crawled to Yudhoyono. The Sydney Morning Herald even wondered if Abbott was “paving the way to ditch his controversial boats turn-back policy”.
What rubbish. Abbott hasn’t backed off at all, as he told journalists demanding to know what he gave up to have Indonesians acting so nice.
“My object here is to stop the boats. And in order to ensure that the boats are stopped I want to have the best possible relationship with Indonesia.
“In the end that’s all that really counts: have we stopped the boats?”
Here is the real explanation for Abbott’s “surprising” success. Pssst: he was never the blunderbuss so many journalists falsely suggested, and has in fact shown diplomatic finesse.


A potent way to take away your appetite

Andrew Bolt October 09 2013 (7:53am)

From the most unusual restaurant review I’ve ever read:

Both donkey and horse penis were presented in bacon-like strips, but the neutrally flavoured donkey was dark, while the intense, meaty horse was easily the most distinctive ingredient of the meal.
In contrast, the testicles had lighter textures, varying from flaky to somewhere between tofu and pate, and often delicate tastes.
The deer penis is slightly frayed and another rubbery offering, while the wild Russian dog has a spicy, almost zesty flavour, despite looking like slices of undercooked pig-skin.


Trying too hard to see Abbott the bungler

Andrew Bolt October 08 2013 (8:07pm)

Three of these stories cannot be right:



Mark, about your ABC

Andrew Bolt October 08 2013 (5:08pm)

ABC managing director Mark Scott is in denial about the Leftist group think of the ABC.
Mark, read this about ABC 24 this morning. Shameless. 


Bad news for Mark Dreyfus: he gets the investigation into expenses he wanted

Andrew Bolt October 08 2013 (4:02pm)

Politics - deceits and stuff ups
Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus demands an investigation into how politicians claim expenses:

Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus was more critical of the Coalition’s link to expense claims.
‘’Clearly there is a definite scope for some serious investigation,’’ he told ABC Radio.
Mark Dreyfus gets that investigation into expenses he demanded:

FORMER attorney-general Mark Dreyfus says he will repay $466 he charged taxpayers for a two-night skiing trip, amid growing pressure on Tony Abbott over his entitlements claims.
The Labor MP confirmed to The Australian he claimed travel allowance for staying two nights in Canberra in August 2011, when he was in fact at Perisher Valley.
“I am sorry for the mistake and I will be repaying $466,” he said.
Mr Dreyfus said he had only learned of the error when it was brought to his attention by The Australian today.
How we laughed. 


4 her

Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read (born 17 November 1954 - 9 October 2013)
Did he only kill bad guys? - ed
The development comes in the wake of outrage over the fact that several groups of World War II veterans had to resort to breaking down barriers to gain access to the monument built in their honor.
A pro immigration reform rally was underway Tuesday on the National Mall despite the fact that national memorials have been closed during the government shutdown.

Barrycades, #SpiteHouse cones are no match for patriots at Great Smoky Mountains National Park [pics]==>










San Francisco




Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the White House, President Obama revealed he called House Speaker John Boehner and said he is willing to negotiate as soon as Republicans end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.
"If Congress refuses to raise what is called the debt ceiling, America would not be able to meet its financial obligations for the first time in 225 years," Obama said. "Raising our debt ceiling does not add to debt."
Obama took the opportunity in front of the press to berate Republicans and implied Tea Party Republicans want to default on debt. Obama also compared tax reform and compromise on a debt ceiling hike to Xboxes.
"They have decided to run out the clock resulting in a government shutdown," Obama said. "That is not how our government is supposed to run."
House Republicans have passed more than a dozen bills funding different aspects of the government, and all of them have been rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate.
"Let's end this shutdown right now, let's put people back to work," Obama said. "A vote could take place today and then serious negotiations can proceed around every item in the budget."

When is it routine? Obama has never negotiated with Conservatives. - ed
"Gratitude is a portal for which love and life can enter. Be grateful for the day!" #gratitude #love - Paula White






Why does the Vatican pull its funding from Palestinian Authority textbooks? Find out in this important expose on Palestinian incitement against Jewish civilians.

Belgian physicist Francois Englert, left, and British physicist Peter Higgs, right, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Meyrin near Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. (photo credit: AP Photo/Keystone/Martial Trezzini)

François Englert, 80, a Belgian Holocaust survivor, wins prestigious prize with Peter Higgs


This is a "Pomsky" - A cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky. They stay about this size their entire life.

4 her



It is hard to keep the scorecard straight.

On the one hand, we are witness to what appears to be an unprecedented Egyptian operation against smuggling activity between Egyptian Sinai and the Gaza Strip as well as terror groups inside Sinai. On the other hand we face an ever more complicated challenge to find a way to ensure that the situation doesn't ultimately result in an effective end to the crucial Israel-Egypt peace treaty Sinai force limits.

On the one hand, Israel has made significant progress in efforts to improve practical Israeli-Palestinian relations, with huge increases in the numbers of Palestinians able to work inside Israel, renewal of cooperation in various agricultural programs as well as an ongoing series of renewed inter-ministerial meetings. On the other hand Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership and media in general continue with their inciting anti-Israel propaganda and hardline positions – while the remarks of some key Israeli players (Livni and others) provides worrisome evidence that ideology and politics can take precedence over reality .

Today the gulf states share Israel's concerns over a nuclear Iran but what appears to be a potentially poisonous combination of ideological orientation and domestic economics and politics seems to drive the Obama Administration to seek any and every way to a path that avoids a showdown with Teheran.

And what of Syria? If – and it is a big if – the Assad regime provides chemical weapons figures that are similar to the estimates the US and Russia share (assuming Mr. Kerry didn't agree to slash the figures) this may set a meaningful benchmark for the operation (are biological weapons in the arrangement?). Compliance, unfortunately, is hardly a foregone conclusion with a very real possibility that Russia "compensates" Syria for foregoing its chemical weapons (at least in theory) with S-300 systems shielding both Syria and Hezbullah.


Steve Ganot and Ruthie Blum go head to head on Oslo. Steve maintains that the goal of Zionism has not changed: a Jewish, democratic state at peace with its neighbors •Ruthie says the goal should not be peace, but victory.
Ruthie is so right.


So as it turns out, growing and smoking cannabis is completely legal in North Korea.Encouraged, even. Here's the story of how I found out... and then ended up indulging in the 'special plant' with an officer from North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The discovery came during my recent tour of Rason in North Korea, at the time of the 2013 Korean Crisis. The DPRK was - potentially - poised on the brink of nuclear war with the South, with Japan, the US, et al., and I was hanging out in a small port town somewhere near the Russian border.
Smoking Weed in North Korea | Illegal Drugs in the DPRK
As is generally the case with tours to North Korea, I had visited as a part of a group. However, this was no ordinary group. Some of my contacts in the tourism industry - regular visitors to the DPRK - were putting on a 'staff outing' of sorts... and I'd been invited along for the ride.
In true Korean style, their counterpoints in the DPRK felt obliged to match this show of seniority (as they perceived it) by sending one of their own high-ranking officials to lead our group: a 'Mr Kim,' from North Korea's own Ministry of Foreign Affairs [1].
The details of the tour - as well as my own reflections on visiting the country at a time of seemingly imminent war - are the subject of my post on the 2013 Korean Crisis. What follows here, are the parts I left out.


There, I said it. And so did Elder.
His latest piece, on the dichotomy between Israel and Syria vis-à-vis the Golan, is riddled with errors, that any 8 year old with Wikipedia can find.
…the strategic high ground Israel twice has taken from Syria — first, in the lightning-quick Six-Day War of 1967, then again, at great cost, after Syria’s surprise offensive in the October War six years later.
As I have shown before, the battle for the Golan 40 years ago is often shrouded in the “Israel lost” narrative. Truth is, that the Syrian offensive was stopped dead after 36 hours, and by the 4th day, Israeli armour was advancing inside Syria. That Vick says that Syria has somehow recaptured the entire Golan before Israel “took” it, is out of touch with reality. While Syria did capture key points, it didn’t come near as capturing the entire area.
1973_Yom_Kippur_War_-_Golan_heights_theater (1)
He goes on to explain about the Golan demography, and fails.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar on the important topic of the true nature of the Middle East. What is it that Westerners do not understand about this volatile region? Why does it seem like there is perpetual conflict with no end in sight? Kedar, a Professor of Arabic Literature at Israelapos;s Bar-Ilan University, focuses on three areas of explanation: Tribalism, Ethnicities, and Religions. The event was held at Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City.
Prof. Robert Wistrich, Head of the Vidal Sassoon Center, Hebrew University 
An Evening in Honour of Mr. Mike Whine, MBE,
Held at the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry:
An IDF illustration showing the dangers that Hezbollah poses for Israel, after it has presumably been disarmed via Resolution 1701

What’s the likely outcome of the US-Russia accord on Syria’s chemical arsenal? Look no further than what happened to UN Resolution 1701 of seven years ago. That resolution, which ended the Second Lebanon War and which purportedly eliminated Hezbollah’s missile armories, is a mirror image of the non-disarmament-to-come.
It is also Tzipi Livni’s self-proclaimed crowning achievement during her stint as then-PM Ehud Olmert’s foreign minister. To any visitor from Mars who may be uninformed, self-same Livni is currently in charge of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.
Resolution 1701 is a sad object lesson about the immoral malfunction of high-minded international agreements to destroy dangerous weapons stockpiles. The Syrian counterpart may not evolve in identical patterns but its inevitable bottom line will be no different than that of the dismal gag that Resolution 1701 turned out to be.
Worst of all, no one seems to dwell on that out-of-mind resolution, no one remembers. The widespread affectation is that everything is peaches and cream, as if the international intervention worked wonders.  It’s as if wholesale deception has never been perpetrated.  It’s as if no one recognizes that nothing whatsoever went to plan.
The pretense is just too sweet and alluring an option to pass up. Truth is too painful, persistent and unpleasant a bother with which to cope.


I'm GOP/Tea Party Conservative .. ed

Sundaysunset.images recently spent time on the beautiful Southern Coast of Western Australia, photographing the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and rocky cliff tops. Here are some of the highlights... 

'The stunning crystal clear blue waters of Lucky Bay'



The rumors have been circulating inside and outside Gaza for a long time. Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas’ political bureau, is supposedly in hot water in his new abode in Qatar and is looking for another place to live. Al-Monitor correspondent Adnan Abu Amer talked with the spokesman of the movement’s political bureau, Izzat al-Rishq, who denied the rumor and claimed that this is only propaganda aimed to harm Hamas. 

Read more:


They ignore the words of the Ayatollah Khamenei, who defined statesmanship as fraud and deceit hidden in smiles, and then sent Rouhani off to negotiate with the West. There are people who actually think that the Iranians, who spent so much on their nuclear bomb project, will actually give it up and abandon their dream of controlling the Arab oil fields, the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, then on from there.

The Middle Eastern Bazaar

Russia's Putin calculates his every move, and only goes to war to win. Considering the might of the West balanced against his own weakness, he apparently saw that the smart thing, should the U.S. decide to attack Syria, would be to stand on the sidelines and let Assad, his ally, tough it out alone. Concerned, even momentarily, that the U.S. might actually carry out its threat and attack the Syrian regime as it promised when the use of chemical weapons was called a "red line," Putin was quick to save the U.S. from itself. While Obama yelled "hold me back," however, in reality he did nothing and was planning to do nothing: the U.S. looked afraid.
Despite Syria having begun to reveal the locations of its chemical weapons storehouses, Putin is still squirming. He has no way of being certain that all the locations will be revealed – nor does anyone else. He refuses to let the chemicals enter Russia for destruction. No one knows where they will be destroyed or who will accept responsibility.
Now, while Putin is demanding that Israel also destroy the weapons of mass destruction he pretends it possesses, he also fancifully claims that Syria has chemical weapons "only" as a strategic balance to the "Israeli threat." Putin has said that, given Israel's technological superiority, it has nothing to fear from Syria -- another manipulative lie, this time for the ears of the Arab and Muslim world, which, as usual, hears only what it wants to. Putin knows full well that if Israel so desired, it could attack and defeat Syria or any other Arab country without once taking recourse to non-conventional weapons, especially now that these countries have been weakened by the Arab Spring.
Putin, having negotiated with the U.S. and discovered how easily it could be swayed -- is now, like a rug merchant in an Arab bazaar, trying to renegotiate the original arrangement to extort more. Having identified America's weaknesses, Putin is now doing his best to exploit it to the maximum, making the U.S. the biggest loser: Given its current situation in the UN and Congress, even if the U.S. wanted to attack Syria, it could not carry out its threat: The U.S now cannot attack without support from the UN Security Council, and, possibly to its relief, it is not going to get it.
The Arab and Muslim world is hard, implacable and unrelenting: here, in the Middle East, might is measured in terms of results on the ground, not in rhetoric. Since the Kerry-Lavrov agreement was reached, the status of the United States has plummeted and burned, despite the American campaign to market Obama as the super-strategist who achieved a diplomatic success while carrying a big stick. The truth is that the U.S. made empty threats that were never carried out. Worse, everyone knows he could not have carried them out: both domestically and abroad, he looks weak.

“According to a new Pew Research Center survey of the American Jewish community, more and more American Jews have reached the conclusion that there is no reason to be Jewish.” Our World: Why bother being Jewish?
By CAROLINE B. GLICK 10/07/2013
I have Jewish ancestry through my father. Many years ago, ignorant of my ancestry, I embraced Christianity and remain there. But I welcome my family who are Jewish as Jewish. And I welcome those who are not directly related recently, but who are Jewish as they are.
It is not lost on me that God trained his people and that mark remains today. I have read an amazing account describing why in Japan, Shintoism seems directly related/descended from Hebrew migrants from the Silk road. It is true there is resilience in Judaic peoples from their struggles. There is also great art and technical expertise throughout the ages, with many flowerings. But one observation I make as a school teacher. Students who do best are not those who become reclusive and focused to one thing at the expense of all else. The best students tend to be good at everything, giving, working, helping, creating. They are prized in their community because of it. Which is why I suggest those who do not know the Jewish faith of their ancestors, explore it. - ed

Type a friend's name......
Type a friend's name......



Who are you with?...

On January 4, 2013, Mahmoud Abbas, spoke via video link on a wide screen to the masses in Gaza, who gathered to celebrate the founding of Fatah (Arabic word for “conquest”),  otherwise known as the Palestine Liberation Organization.
In his New Year’s speech, Abbas spoke glowingly of the legacy of the Godfather of the PLO, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Muhammad Amin Al-Husseini, who during the 1920′s and 1930’s instigated pogroms against the Jews of Palestine and who during his residence in Nazi Germany actively plotted a Final Solution to be carried out once his German allies would win the war.

Abbas vs Hamas ... Brigade 9 and special operation units conducted operations in villages, in Jenin refugee camp, and in some of the city of Jenin’s neighborhoods in the search for fugitives

cuff links

tter. They will inflict pain on others out of a lack of compassion and a firm self centered view of the world, and that is normal. They grow up and learn.

The elected officials of our United States government are acting like children. They need to grow up. They need to look beyond their own selfish little worlds.

Read on...>


4 her

Super easy vegan recipe for fall - Maple Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash with a touch of spice. So healthy, seriously addicting!

Recipe here:


Anagog, an Israeli location-based technology company, unveiled on Monday an automatic algorithm that can analyze and identify where and when a parking space will be available.
Unlike other services, Anagog company says the technology's automatic nature will update the user instead of the user having to update the system.
The launch for the innovative system included an announcement of cooperation with PARX, the owner of Easy Park, which will allow Easy Park users in 130 countries to receive updates except for reminders to pay parking fees.
The company calls it “the first living parking map of an urban center,” and says that its data has just been built into the Easy Park app.
The technology can interface with navigation systems, cellular service and map providers, car makers, municipalities, transportation offices and more.
“We all saw what crowdsourcing did for traffic and navigation, and we are excited to see this concept brought to the world of parking,” said Parx’s CEO, Ofer Tziperman, referring to another Israeli startup, Waze, a navigation system which was recently bought by Google for about $1.3 billion. 
Anagog has a variety of apps such as FindMyCar, 2Park, OTO, StopPark, and ParkDroid, which help people find their car again after parking. The data accumulated by those types of apps feeds into the open parking spot database, as does data from EasyPark and other partners. Altogether, Anagog says it has about 500,000 users, which enables it to do this:



Multimillionaire one-percenter Barack Obama is a big fan of special rules for Washington insiders like himself, so it’s not really a surprise that one of his favorite golf courses at Andrew’s Air Force base remains open while public monuments like the National Memorial for World War II veterans are blocked off with “Barrycades” during the 13% government shutdown.
The Andrews Air Force base golf course is sustained by fees, like many of the national parksaround the country. The chief of public affairs at the 11th wing claimed that this was the reason that the golf course remains open for
golf pros political indignitaries like President Obama.


Very illuminating.

The difference between the ancient Jewish and Greek minds...

"There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out." - Homer (900 BC-800 BC)

"And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." - Isaiah 11:6

4 her



I used to think there was a band named Geriatric and the Pacemakers - ed

Alien Lane

Some accidental light painting was just what was needed as it turns out. Definitely a favorite of my night out north of Bodega with Mike Oria, who lit up this scene while fixing his gear. It was okay, I was only taking a test shot. Turns out the test shot was THE shot. I like these kinds of accidents.
— at shell beach.
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Recent cases of anti-Israel bias have crossed the line. Demonization of Israel is recognized as a form of anti-Semitism in both the U.S. State Department and European Union Working Definitions of Anti-Semitism.
It's time for the media to adopt these recognized and considered definitions of anti-Semitism. Join the 10,000 who have already signed our petition demanding that the media do so. 

Virtual Tour of the Israeli Town of Psagot!
Israel just witnessed a MIRACLE! This past Saturday night a 9 year old girl was shot 3 times by a terrorist, at point blank range, on her porch, and is alive and well today! She is from the Israeli town of Psagot.
Take one minute to see this beautiful community in the hills of the Binyamin (Benjamin) area.
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jewish cup song
This Just In!!
NEW MACCABEATS SONG- the Shabbat song D'ror Yikra, to the famous Cup Song!
This is hands down one of their BEST ONES YET!
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Google’s Street Israel debut
Click here to watch: Google’s Street Israel debut
Cool! See the streets of Isreal from google street! Then book a ticket and come see those streets in person.
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Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 4.14.03 PM
Click here to watch: NEVER AGAIN!
Must-Watch- This might be the most powerful clip you ever see.
International law is on Israel's side. Watch the video to understand why!
This must be one of the best video presentations that clearly explains international law and the legal case for Israel and Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria. Definitely watch this to have a better understanding of international law so you can talk about Israel's situation intelligently with others.
Jamie - Bar
Don't miss this best seller! 
Click here to purchase this special holiday gift.
What a unique honey dish! People will want to ooh and aah over it whenever they see it! The pomegranate form (a classic Jewish decorative motif) has been decorated with 24K gold plating in places, as well as numerous highlights of iridescent enamel and Amber crystals.
donate_now_narrow, run by 12Tribe Films, is developing the next generation of Israel activists using online video and social networking.
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• Palestinian journalists disappear as Abbas meets Israeli MKs.
• Iran refuses to uncensor Facebook or Twitter.
• Assad stations jets in Iran for safekeeping. Will he ever get them back?

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"I am all in."
I said those words at a recent conference to motivate conservatives to join together - not just in politics and policy, but in changing our country by impacting the culture.
"I am all in" when it comes to impacting change in the major issues of the day through Patriot Voices.  And "I am all in" to set our country's cultural future on the right path through my work as CEO at EchoLight Studios. 
But I need your commitment to help, too.
EchoLight's next picture, The Christmas Candle, is the only Christmas movie slated for release this fall, and it actually talks about the real, true Christmas story.  Watch a trailer HERE
Based on Max Lucado's book by the same name, The Christmas Candlefeatures Britain's Susan Boyle, who wowed audiences all over the world in 2009 with her surprise performance on Britain's Got Talent, and Samantha Barks, who played Eponine in the motion picture Les Miserables.
As a part of Patriot Voices, I invite you to join me in an exciting opportunity to help spread the word about this amazing film, while at the same time helping Patriot Voices grow our membership by connecting with prospective members in hundreds of communities across the country.
We are looking for Theater Captains to organize screenings of The Christmas Candle in theaters across the country.  If you step up to serve as a Theater Captain in your hometown, we will provide you everything you need to make the screening happen.  All we need from you is the belief that we must have an impact in both policy and culture if we are really going to change what's happening in this country.
During my travels one question I've heard many times is what can folks do to make a direct impact on the future of this country.  This is one way you can do this. 
We've seen this before where faith-based film companies partner with like-minded citizen groups like Patriot Voices to get the word out about an upcoming film.  Remember The Passion of the Christ? Many theaters were filled because grassroots groups took it upon themselves to sell tickets for the movie.  We are doing something similar here. 
Will you join me in showing Hollywood our voice matters?  Our team has done a great job turning out votes on Election Day, and we are now going to use this same network to make an impact on the culture by turning out people in the community to see this terrific Christmas movie. 
People have asked me how is it that I can go from politics to working in the movie business.  I simply say: if liberal Hollywood actors and producers can get involved in politics then conservative politicians can get involved in Hollywood.
Let's stand together to influence our culture and share the story of Christmas with our friends, family and communities this upcoming Christmas season.
Rick Santorum
PS:  Today at noon ET, I'll join Patriot Voices radio to share more about becoming a Theater Captain for The Christmas Candle and also my upcoming speech at Values Voter Summit this Friday afternoon in Washington, DC.

mm banner28413-0
Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography
Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for October 8th. Enjoy!

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Obamacare epiphanies, part VII: Hey, somebody’s got to pay for somebody else’s ‘free’ stuff

This “Obamacare awakening” in a nutshell, coming soon to millions more (h/t Instapundit)...

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Nice to see him again. Looking forward to more civil discourse.


October 9Hangul Day in South Korea (1446); Leif Erikson Day in the United States
Washington Monument





Holidays and observances[edit]


“I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior. I have revealed and saved and proclaimed— I, and not some foreign god among you. You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “that I am God.” Isaiah 43:11-12 NIV
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon


"Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught."
Luke 5:4
We learn from this narrative, the necessity of human agency. The draught of fishes was miraculous, yet neither the fisherman nor his boat, nor his fishing tackle were ignored; but all were used to take the fishes. So in the saving of souls, God worketh by means; and while the present economy of grace shall stand, God will be pleased by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. When God worketh without instruments, doubtless he is glorified; but he hath himself selected the plan of instrumentality as being that by which he is most magnified in the earth. Means of themselves are utterly unavailing. "Master, we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing." What was the reason of this? Were they not fishermen plying their special calling? Verily, they were no raw hands; they understood the work. Had they gone about the toil unskilfully? No. Had they lacked industry? No, they had toiled. Had they lacked perseverance? No, they had toiled all the night. Was there a deficiency of fish in the sea? Certainly not, for as soon as the Master came, they swam to the net in shoals. What, then, is the reason? Is it because there is no power in the means of themselves apart from the presence of Jesus? "Without him we can do nothing." But with Christ we can do all things. Christ's presence confers success. Jesus sat in Peter's boat, and his will, by a mysterious influence, drew the fish to the net. When Jesus is lifted up in his Church, his presence is the Church's power--the shout of a king is in the midst of her. "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me." Let us go out this morning on our work of soul fishing, looking up in faith, and around us in solemn anxiety. Let us toil till night comes, and we shall not labour in vain, for he who bids us let down the net, will fill it with fishes.


"Praying in the Holy Ghost."
Jude 20
Mark the grand characteristic of true prayer--"In the Holy Ghost." The seed of acceptable devotion must come from heaven's storehouse. Only the prayer which comes from God can go to God. We must shoot the Lord's arrows back to him. That desire which he writes upon our heart will move his heart and bring down a blessing, but the desires of the flesh have no power with him.
Praying in the Holy Ghost is praying in fervency. Cold prayers ask the Lord not to hear them. Those who do not plead with fervency, plead not at all. As well speak of lukewarm fire as of lukewarm prayer--it is essential that it be red hot. It is praying perseveringly. The true suppliant gathers force as he proceeds, and grows more fervent when God delays to answer. The longer the gate is closed, the more vehemently does he use the knocker, and the longer the angel lingers the more resolved is he that he will never let him go without the blessing. Beautiful in God's sight is tearful, agonizing, unconquerable importunity. It means praying humbly, for the Holy Spirit never puffs us up with pride. It is his office to convince of sin, and so to bow us down in contrition and brokenness of spirit. We shall never sing Gloria in excelsis except we pray to God De profundis: out of the depths must we cry, or we shall never behold glory in the highest. It is loving prayer. Prayer should be perfumed with love, saturated with love--love to our fellow saints, and love to Christ. Moreover, it must be a prayer full of faith. A man prevails only as he believes. The Holy Spirit is the author of faith, and strengthens it, so that we pray believing God's promise. O that this blessed combination of excellent graces, priceless and sweet as the spices of the merchant, might be fragrant within us because the Holy Ghost is in our hearts! Most blessed Comforter, exert thy mighty power within us, helping our infirmities in prayer.

Today's reading: Isaiah 30-31, Philippians 4 (NIV)

View today's reading on Bible Gateway

Today's Old Testament reading: Isaiah 30-31

Woe to the Obstinate Nation
1 “Woe to the obstinate children,”
declares the LORD,
“to those who carry out plans that are not mine,
forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit,
heaping sin upon sin;
2 who go down to Egypt
without consulting me;
who look for help to Pharaoh’s protection,
to Egypt’s shade for refuge.
3 But Pharaoh’s protection will be to your shame,
Egypt’s shade will bring you disgrace.
4 Though they have officials in Zoan
and their envoys have arrived in Hanes,
5 everyone will be put to shame
because of a people useless to them,
who bring neither help nor advantage,
but only shame and disgrace.”

Today's New Testament reading: Philippians 4

Closing Appeal for Steadfastness and Unity
1 Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!
2 I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord. 3 Yes, and I ask you, my true companion, help these women since they have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel, along with Clement and the rest of my co-workers, whose names are in the book of life.
Final Exhortations
4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus....


Don't-Mean-It Sins

If any member of the community sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the LORD's commands, when they realize their guilt and the sin they have committed becomes known, they must bring as their offering for the sin they committed a female goat without defect.
Leviticus 4:27-28
Everyone roared with laughter at Maggie's story about Brad's klutziness in fixing the car. Brad was mortified.
Thad had been paying bills online and then, without ever really planning to, he found himself deep in pornography. Melanie walked in and found him viewing images he had no business seeing.
Arthur and Gabriela thought they were just getting together with some friends from church, but then they found themselves caught up in an angry coup to get rid of the pastor. Six months later, the church was in shambles, and Arthur and Gabriela were wondering how they let themselves get involved in the mess.
Sometimes we sin without meaning to. We aim for righteousness, honor and wisdom, but we miss by a mile.Leviticus 4:2 introduces a Hebrew word for sin that means "to miss the mark." George R. Knight, professor of church history at Andrews University Theological Seminary (Berrien Springs, Michigan), explains, "You have missed, not because you are wicked, but because you are stupid, silly, careless, inattentive, perhaps lazy, or more probably because you do not possess the proper aim in life."
Add to that Hebrew word for sin the word "unintentionally," and it suggests someone wandering away like a silly sheep or someone who isn't thinking. We sometimes feel we ought to be given a break if we didn't really mean to sin. But the Bible doesn't cut us any slack. Whether we mean it or not, sin damages our relationship with God and with others. Anyone who is married knows that unintentional hurts, such as teasing about someone's weaknesses or being chronically late or missing a birthday, can do a lot of harm.
Leviticus 4 shows that God takes unintentional sins seriously. Forgiveness is available, but it doesn't come cheap. No quick, "Oops, sorry. Guess I wasn't thinking." Specific instructions were given in Leviticus 4 for how different groups were to deal with these kinds of sins. While the details differed a little from one group to another, the basic corrective steps were the same for each situation: bring an offering, then have it sacrificed to atone for the sin.
Today, we who confess Jesus Christ as Savior are grateful that we don't have to go through the laborious and gruesome atonement rituals of the Old Testament. Still, as we read through the requirements in Leviticus, we realize how the sacrificial system illustrates the seriousness of sin. These sin sacrifices did not overdramatize the sinner's situation; rather, they underdramatized it. The blood of animals could never pay for sin, whether unintentional or not. God mercifully accepted such sacrifices until his plan could be carried out to give his one and only Son, Jesus, as the complete sacrifice for sin.
Sin is terrible-even when it's unintentional. Praise God that Christ's death provides forgiveness for us and that his indwelling Spirit gives us the strength to aim straight at godliness.
Lee Eclov

Let's Talk

  • What unintentional sins have we committed that proved our aim was way off?
  • What happens when we do not take such sins as seriously as God does?
  • As we read Leviticus 4:27-35, let's imagine doing each corrective step. What would it feel like? How would we be affected?
NIVCouplesbibleToday's reading is from the
NIV Couple's Devotional Bible
by Zondervan

Designed to help you build your relationship on the one foundation you can count on: God’s Word!

NIV Devotions for Moms

A Plague of Play-Doh

This week's reading: Exodus 8
It holds the place mats in crooked positions on the kitchen table. Walking from the table to the sink, it crunches underfoot on the linoleum. As we make our way across the family room, crumbs of red, green and blue smush into the carpet. Play-Doh.
How many times have we laid down the rules about where the kids can play with Play-Doh? For that matter, how many hours have we spent sweeping and sponging its stubborn remains away?
A plague of Play-Doh! That's what it feels like! Oh, certainly it's not like the horrible plagues suffered in Egypt. But it's a plague just the same. As if God is somehow judging us with an onslaught of Play-Doh that won't go away no matter what we do! What sin have we left unconfessed? How have we angered the Almighty?
Hey, Mom, it's not a plague. It's a stage. And it comes with young children. God is not raining down judgment on moms. He loves us more than we can imagine ever being loved. And his love for us will last long past the last of the Play-Doh.
Additional Scripture Readings: Psalm 136; Jeremiah 31:3-4


Today's reading is from the
Mom's Devotional Bible
by Zondervan

Mom, you don't have to go it alone! The Mom's Devotional Bible is a trusted source of wisdom to help you along the path of mothering.

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