Friday, August 03, 2012


This is brilliant, but I'm in a different weight division. Last night, walking home from work, carrying three bags with a computer,kindle numerous books and what nots for teaching Math, and on the road I see a $2 coin. And a car some 50 metres away. The coin is not on the car's side of the road, and so I bend down to pick it up. That was a mistake.

My back pack weighs a lot. I stick a leg out to the side to lower my centre of balance and reach for the coin .. but my back pack slips over my shoulder to my head .. and I over balance. I could fall face first, but I am wearing glasses, so I lower myself to the ground .. careful not to damage anything in my bags.

On the ground, it is hard for me to get up. I can't roll, because of my bags, and I try to get on my knees to step up. Only I'm too heavy for that. I'm like a fish out of water. The car stops, and an elderly man, possibly mid 70's, gets out and tries to help me. He offers me a hand but he is on the side I have extended a leg and in trying to pull me up, he is pulling all my weight and it doesn't help.

Luckily a young vagrant is on hand to take the place of the elderly man, who then moves to the other side of me. I can then pull myself vertical and get off my knee and stand. I kept the $2, thanked God for the two for helping (and them too). And went home, grazed, ashamed and embarrassed.

That is why young people should do this exercise ..
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