Monday, June 04, 2012

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ferguson transit venus sketchRare Transit of Venus Puts Spotlight on Planetary Sun Crossings
Past planetary transits have offered a rare chance to size up the solar system.

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Venus Globe
Much of the world will be able to witness a rare skywatching event on June 5, as Venus crosses the face of the sun in a spectacle that will not be visible again for more than a century. But for anyone who is not able to see the so-called transit of Venus in person, there are other ways to catch the historic event. Our 12-inch scale model of Venus is based on radar data from the Magellan orbiter. Contains all the major landforms and is color-coded for elevation. Check it out!
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Eclipse Rocking Among the PalmsEclipse Rocking Among the Palms
This image of the annular solar eclipse among palm trees was taken by Diana Ward from Tucson, Ariz. on May 20, 2012.
happy companiesWhy Being Yourself at Work Pays Off
Have you ever been less than honest about your background at work? It may not be a good idea.
Want a Job? Check Your Facebook Profile
Supervolcanoes May Have Shorter Fuse Than Thought
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