Friday, May 25, 2012

US Campaign for Burma

Be a Light for Burma

Dear David Daniel,

This week thousands of people throughout Burma marched through the streets at night protesting the lack of electricity in the country. They held candles and chanted their demands. Police have started tocrack down against peaceful protestors, with riot-police assaulting demonstration leaders last night in Prome and arresting 4 confirmed participants. The protestors are upset that Burma's energy is getting exported to other countries instead of their homes, where they regularly experience blackouts. 

While the people of Burma test their rights, international attention and action is needed to support their brave efforts. The work of the U.S. Campaign for Burma continues to be a crucial factor in amplifying the needs of the people of Burma. 

Every June, we ask our grassroots members to take the time to host a fundraising event to help your community get engaged. Your donations energize USCB's work! Just think of how the thousands of events over the past 7 years have expanded American's understanding of the situation in Burma. This year we are asking to use your creativity to start a fundraising campaign that fits your strengths.

This year, your fundraising event will have double the impact, as every donation made to USCB will be matched by a generous donor!

Here are 3 easy steps to get you going:

1. Think about what kind of event you want to do. It doesn’t have to be particularly grand or unique—it just needs to work for you.
Some quick ideas:
- Instead of presents for your birthday, ask people to donate to U.S. Campaign for Burma
- Consider putting USCB down on your wedding registry. You don’t really need that kitchen blender do you? Tell you guests to support Burma.
- Bike journey
- Yard Sale
- Barbecue Contest
- See if your workplace supports their employees' volunteer work. Check with your employer’s personnel office to find out about their charitable giving program.

2. Click here to create a personalized fundraising page. It is a safe and user-friendly page that your family and friends can visit to make online donations towards your fundraising efforts for Burma. Take this opportunity to tell people about your passion and purpose, and encourage your friends and family to get on board. Don't forget to set your own fundraising goal!

3. Promote your campaign. Share it on your Facebook, twitter, blog and send out emails. If you need any help or suggestions email me at We can send you materials such as videos, flyers, donation slips, and sign-up sheets tha can help make your event a success. 
This June will also mark the year anniversary of the renewal of conflict in Kachin areas of Northern Burma. We don't see an end in sight anytime soon and are worried about how new investment from foreign companies will fuel the conflict. Yesterday, a youth organization representing the Ta'ang ethnic group in northern Burma released a new report "Catalyst for Conflict" that explains how investment projects has directly led to ongoing abuses in their areas. Now with U.S. companies going into Burma, our efforts to educate and mobilize the public will be strongly needed. 

Please support our efforts and donate today or sign up to host a fundraising event .

In Solidarity,

U.S. Campaign for Burma
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