Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monkey Face

"Funny Face' is a 1972 single written and recorded by Donna Fargo. "Funny Face" was Fargo's follow-up release on the country chart after "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA". Like its predecesor, "Funny Face" hit number one on the country chart and was a Gold Record. "Funny Face" remained at number one for three weeks and spent a total of fourteen weeks on the chart.[1] "Funny Face" would also cross over to the pop chart, peaking at number five.[2]
I remembered the song being Monkey Face, and I searched for it recently. So I thought I would record it as I remembered it, rather than as it was. A former student had a monkey face as a FB profile pic, but I was inspired to do this by a young woman who rejected me and blocked me from FB. I have to respect her wishes. I can and do petition God on the matter. He has said no too. But my heart is hedging, saying the 'no' God is telling me is 'not now' and possibly not 'not ever.' Whenever I see her she is in the centre of my field of vision, and when I see her friends I look to see if she is nearby. And I know it isn't really possible. But if God says yes, anything is possible.
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