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Headlines Wednesday 9th December 2009

As activists from groups as wide-ranging as Girl Scouts and the World Council on Churches converge on the Copenhagen climate conference, critics say it's turning into nothing but a 'circus' sideshow.

Copenhagen conference in 'disarray'
TALKS at the UN climate change conference have broken down over leaked documents.

Copenhagen 'could cost $400bn'
AUSTRALIANS could be hit with a $400 billion tax bill under new deal, Tony Abbott claims.

It seemed hotter when I was a kid, says climate sceptic

AN Australian scientist has told a Copenhagen audience that humans are not damaging the climate - and the weather seemed hotter to him as a child.

Abbott's Front Bench 'Act of Genius'
TONY Abbott says he will be "political roadkill" if the Coalition does not win next year's Federal election, but that if Labor is beaten his frontbench reshuffle yesterday will be remembered as an act of genius.

Obama Touts Own Policies, Pitches Jobs Plan
Obama, reminding voters he's already pioneered financial reform and 'sweeping' recovery initiatives, endorses package of new jobs-creation measures financed mostly by TARP

McChrystal Predicts 'Absolute' Success
Top commander in Afghanistan says that it will be made clear by 2011 that the Taliban can't win

GOP Calls for Reid Apology
Calls mount for Senate majority leader to apologize for comparing health reform foes to slavery supporters

Sydney can no longer claim Australia’s priciest digs - iron ore heiress Angela Bennett has sold her luxurious Perth mansion for a record $57.5m to a fellow mining magnate

Swim 'sex victim' comes forward
AN Olympian named himself and his brother as victims of alleged sexual abuse by a coach.

Boy's fingers crushed in mall escalator
A CHILD will need plastic surgery after suffering broken fingers and deep cuts in an escalator ordeal.

Keneally's P-plate politicians
IF they were on the state's roads, 16 of the 23 ministers in the new NSW Cabinet would be on their L and P-plates and considered too inexperienced.

UN chief slams 'horrendous' Iraq bombings
ATTACKS bearing "the touch of al Qaeda" have killed 127 in Baghdad, targetting key government buildings.

Mum 'loathed' murdered toddler
A WOMAN has been jailed for murdering her two-year-old son and dumping him in a duck pond
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Dick Cheney speaks out!
Why he says Obama's making dangerous decisions & leaving America's security exposed at home and around the globe!

Guest: Sen. Mitch McConnell
Create jobs and cut taxes - It's the GOP's latest unemployment solution, but can it really be done and will Obama and the Dems buy in?
Attention Shoppers!
"Have a Merry Christmas!" Which stores will say it and which have caved to the "happy holidays" PC police?
Guest: Rep. Steny Hoyer
He takes aim at the GOP - igniting a political firestorm! So what did he say and can he back it up?
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Should We Scorn Both Democrats and Republicans?
By Bill O'Reilly
According to a recent Fox News Poll, just 26 percent of the American people have a favorable view of Congress. That means both Democrats and Republicans have lost an amazing amount of credibility.

A new Rasmussen poll confirms the disenchantment. The question: If tea party protesters organized a new political party, who would you vote for? Democrats, 36 percent; Tea Party, 23 percent; Republicans, 18 percent; Not sure, 22 percent.

That tells us there is a hunger for a third political party and that the GOP remains in bad shape. Of course, many tea party people would vote Republican if a third party does not arise.

Sarah Palin would be a natural to head the Tea Party because she is a small government populist with a charismatic common touch. The pinheads on the far left mock Gov. Palin, but she does command attention and can only get stronger on the national stage. In fact, her approval rating is up seven points to 46 percent since she began her book tour, according to a CNN poll.

However, the Republican establishment is not embracing the governor because there are questions about her overall frame of reference, whether she has the experience and intellectual depth to handle the toughest job in the world.

President Obama lacked experience and that has hurt him, no question. If the president does not turn things around economically and overseas, he will be a one-term guy. But a third party deal could help Barack Obama big time. As the Rasmussen poll shows, if the Tea Party becomes a reality, it would take votes away from the Republicans.

There is no question that millions of Americans are fed up with both established parties and want something new, something vibrant, something that reflects their values and beliefs. To say that a Tea Party or Bull Moose Party or whatever should not be established because it would help a sitting liberal president is anti-Democratic. We need more choices in America because the same old, same old is not working.

So three cheers for three parties. Whatever the new party is called, it can't do any worse than the old parties, can it?
Tim Blair
They throw eggs at her and miss. They throw tomatoes at her and miss … but they do hit a cop in the face:
A man was arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing on Monday at the Mall of America.

Jeremy Olson, 33, allegedly threw two tomatoes from the second balcony, however did not come close to hitting Palin.

Bloomington Police report that Bloomington Commander Mark Stehlik was struck in the face with one of the tomatoes and may face charges for assaulting a police officer.
For a bunch of tossers, the left sure need throwing lessons.
Tim Blair
Greens senator Christine Milne encounters UN-style planning and efficiency:
In registration queue in Copenhagen.10,000 ahead of me and 7 registration staff.
Other attendees also report massive delays. It’s Copenwaitin’. They can’t organise a simple conference, yet they assume the ability to restructure the global economy. You’d hope Milne might learn something from this, but her brain is frozen:
Copenhagen is a city of bikes - you have to keep moving here or you freeze!
Local businesswomen have that problem solved.

UPDATE. The Great Santina reports from deep green North Fitzroy that someone has stencilled “Google Climategate” on the footpath outside her local commie-swamped market. “This is happening in the middle of the chardonnay socialist domain,” emails Santina. “We are making headway.” A leftoid friend’s North Fitzroy house was sprayed with anti-war slogans when the Gulf War was underway in 1990. She was fine with it. I wonder how residents will cope with anti-warm slogans.

UPDATE II. Got your Hide the Decline t-shirt? Now buy a Hide the Decline mug.
Tim Blair
AAP and the ABC mentioned that climate justice starver Michael Morphett had been hospitalised following 31 days of pointless non-eating, but they didn’t include this information, from the hungerthon collective’s Monday press release:
Michael is keen to make his stay in hospital a short one so that he can rejoin the fast as soon as possible.
Why not just continue it without medical intervention? You know, if you believe in the cause and all.
Tim Blair
Carbon dioxide only threatens “the public health and welfare of the American people”. Previously confined to Melbourne, global warming now lives somewhere else.
Climategate: How one human caused Darwin to warm
Andrew Bolt
We’ve already asked how New Zealand climatologists produced this iconic “proof” of global warming:

...from this raw data.

Now Willis Eschenbach asks how the IPCC produced this ”proof" of global warming in Northern Australia:

... from this raw data:

Professor Wibjorn Karlen had already raised the alarm about the IPCC’s graph to the IPCC itself - in fact, to Climategate scientist Kevin ”We Can’t Account For The Lack of Warming” Trenberth:
Another example is Australia. NASA [GHCN] only presents 3 stations covering the period 1897-1992. What kind of data is the IPCC Australia diagram based on?

If any trend it is a slight cooling. However, if a shorter period (1949-2005) is used, the temperature has increased substantially. The Australians have many stations and have published more detailed maps of changes and trends.
Something is starting to smell about such recalculations by the people who gave us “hide the decline”. Says Eschenbach, after studying the crude manipulations to the Australian data:

Those, dear friends, are the clumsy fingerprints of someone messing with the data Egyptian style … they are indisputable evidence that the “homogenized” data has been changed to fit someone’s preconceptions about whether the earth is warming.

One thing is clear from this. People who say that “Climategate was only about scientists behaving badly, but the data is OK” are wrong. At least one part of the data is bad, too. The Smoking Gun for that statement is at Darwin Zero…

Now, I want to be clear here. The blatantly bogus GHCN adjustment for this one station does NOT mean that the earth is not warming. It also does NOT mean that the three records (CRU, GISS, and GHCN) are generally wrong either. This may be an isolated incident, we don’t know. But every time the data gets revised and homogenized, the trends keep increasing. Now GISS does their own adjustments. However, as they keep telling us, they get the same answer as GHCN gets … which makes their numbers suspicious as well.

And CRU? Who knows what they use? We’re still waiting on that one, no data yet …

What this does show is that there is at least one temperature station where the trend has been artificially increased to give a false warming where the raw data shows cooling. In addition, the average raw data for Northern Australia is quite different from the adjusted, so there must be a number of … mmm … let me say “interesting” adjustments in Northern Australia other than just Darwin.

A club for the civilised
Andrew Bolt
Never even considered supporting a team in the Scottish Premier League? Power Line may give you just the prompting you need:
I’ve always tilted towards Celtic; not for religious reasons but because for a few years I occasionally watched Celtic matches with members of a club of Celtic supporters. The club consisted mostly of dour Scotsmen, made all the more dour by the fact that Rangers were in the process of winning nine straight championships.

Now I have a new reason to support to Celtic. Last week Celtic played the Israeli club Hapoel Tel Aviv in Glasgow. Before the match, as Evelyn Gordon reports, the Scottish Trade Unions Congress urged Celtic fans to wave Palestinian flags during the match in “solidarity with suffering Palestinians.”

The club responded by issuing a statement that its stadium is “no place for a political demonstration,” and urging fans to ignore STUC’s call. According to Reuters, the Celtic fans did just that and the “protest” fizzled.
For new fans, this quick guide to the top five Celtic chants. You’ll find that any club that has Fields of Athenry as well as You’’ll Never Walk Alone in its repertoire has all the taste you could hope for in a soccer club:

Climategate: the mug
Andrew Bolt

Step 1: buy your ”hide the decline” mugs from Lucia.

Step 2: invite your warmist friends for a cooling drink.
The Age of groupthink
Andrew Bolt
Gerard Henderson says the same-same of the political commentary in The Age, which refuses to employ a single conservative columnist, is mirrored in its letters page:

Precisely 100 per cent of letters published in The Age on the Liberal leadership bagged Tony Abbott - along with 15 out of 16 readers’ comments in the “And Another Thing” section. Even “The Hard Question” in the Melbourne Life section was predictably predictable. The Age asked one reader: “Do you think that Tony Abbott is the man to unite the Liberal Party?” Tim, of Elsternwick said “No”. Gosh. No one else was asked, apparently. So that’s 100 per cent of Age readers responding to the negative to its “Hard Question”. Hard luck for Abbott.
Global warming would fix it, of course
Andrew Bolt
Never happy. First they call a Copenhagen summit to moan about the heat. Then the people there bitch about the cold instead:

Matthew Knott:
Copenhagen is absurdly expensive. It is so cold – a bone-shuddering four degrees Celcius right now – that walking outside feels like entering a giant meat cooler.
Giles Parkinson:
Clayton Utz climate change partner Brendan Batemen copped the worst of it – one of hundreds of NGOs and BiNGOS (business types) forced to spend nearly three hours in 3 degree temperatures and nearly four hours overall in the queue. ”Freezing my arse off,” he lamented by text.
Katie Fehrenbacher:
It’s hard to feel some sense of warmth and companionship after waiting in hour-long lines in Copenhagen’s freezing cold weather (6 degrees C, a little above zero) to get a badge to attend the summit.
Stop Global Warming activist Mike Gaworecki:
The first day of the UN climate summit dawned cold and gray, just like all of the past few days since I arrived in Copenhagen.
Will the temperature at least make some realise that far more devastating than global warming would be global cooling?
Tim Blair
For the entire duration of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, I am joining fellow activists in a radical protest for climate justice. We pledge to eat even more than usual, every single day, until our demands are met. People, we are the face – and especially the mouth – of change. We are Climate Justice Feast!
The warming theory is falling to bits
Andrew Bolt
Geoscientist Michael Asten says new research only confirms the man-made warming theory is in trouble:

(T)wo recent results published by top scientists cast doubt on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s theory about the link between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming…

Paul Pearson of Cardiff University and his international team achieved a breakthrough recently, published four weeks ago in arguably the world’s top scientific journal, Nature.

They unravelled records of atmosphere, temperature and ice-cap formation 33.6 million years ago, when the Earth cooled from a greenhouse without ice caps, into something quite similar to our present day…

Pearson’s work contains a couple of remarkable results. First the greenhouse atmosphere pre-cooling contained a CO2 concentration of 900 parts per million by volume, or more than three times that of the Earth in pre-industrial days… Second, while the cooling of the Earth took place over a time-span of around 200,000 years, the atmospheric CO2 first dropped in association with the cooling, then rose to around 1100ppmv and remained high for 200,000 years while the Earth cooled further and remained in its new ice ages cycle.

We can compare these huge swings (both up and down) in atmospheric CO2 with current computer-modelled estimates of climate sensitivity by the IPCC which suggest that a doubling of CO2 relative to pre-industrial times will produce a temperature increase of 2.5C to 4C.

If the Earth started a cycle of ice ages 33.6 million years ago while having its very carbon-rich atmosphere, and if the Earth showed cycles of ice-age activity when atmospheric CO2 was four times the level that it was in humankind’s pre-industrial times, what new information must we incorporate into our present climate models?

Another key parameter in climate modelling is the warming amplification associated with increasing CO2 in our atmosphere. This amplification factor is generally believed to be greater than one, giving rise to an understanding that increases in atmospheric CO2 amplify warming (a positive feedback in the physical process)…

However since the IPCC’s fourth report, our Laboratory Earth has also delivered new data on this CO2-induced amplification factor...

Trampling - literally - on the truth
Andrew Bolt
Janet Albrechtsen visits the disgraceful Melbourne Museum - now a temple of far-Left propaganda:
I came across a large piece of unusual art surrounded by a fence.

Inside the fence, artist Julie Gough, had pasted to the ground each page of Keith Windschuttle’s 472-page book, The Fabrication of Aboriginal History. A nearby sign said: “Please enter the installation.” Turning to the uniformed man in the room, I asked whether visitors were meant to walk on the piece of art. “Yes, that’s the whole point. She wants you to do that,” he said. “Read her explanation on the wall.”

Of course, you don’t need to read the explanatory statement on the wall to understand the message. Stomp on facts and you will feel better. Or, in Gough’s words, she hopes that walking over the pages will “blacken and erase this text”. I watch two women hesitating as they walk on the pages of Windschuttle’s book…

Here, in one room, is a neat exhibit of the Left’s addiction to emotion, feel-good symbolism and an infantile rejection of facts as heresy.
Shouldn’t a museum invite people to read a book, rather than destroy it? Isn’t such book destruction the kind of barbarity we deplored in the Nazis?

Speaking of Windschuttle, his new book will confirm what I’ve argued for years against propagandists so hostile to facts:
His third volume of The Fabrication of Aboriginal History pulls apart the case for genocide and the Stolen Generations…

Start with this example. Since the 2002 release of Philip Noyce’s film, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Australian schoolchildren have been forced to watch what the filmmaker says is a “true story” of the Stolen Generations. In fact, as Windschuttle reveals, the film misrepresents the motive for removing the three young girls, Molly, Gracie and Daisy, from their families in the remote West Australian community of Jigalong. While Noyce depicts an evil tale of Chief Protector A. O. Neville committed to “breeding out the colour”, this had nothing to do with removing the girls from their families. Noyce attributes the words of others to Neville and invents scenes for dramatic effect, all the while presenting this as a true story of evil white men.

As Windschuttle shows in his detailed examination of the period, the removal of Molly, Gracie and Daisy was not racially motivated. Instead, Neville’s long-held concern was the sexual abuse of Aboriginal girls, in this case by white workers passing through Jigalong who were having sex with the girls....

Windschuttle… destroys the central thesis of genocide with reams of cold hard facts. For example, he reveals that the “small numbers of Aboriginal child removals in the 20th century were almost all based on traditional grounds of child welfare”.
For my take on Noyce’s deceits in Rabbit Proof Fence, go here and here.
Creating warming from cold Australian stats
Andrew Bolt
Reader Ian George says we now need an investigation into how the Bureau of Meteorology adjusts past data to prove we’re warming:
Very interesting graph re Darwin’s ‘warming’ graph, Andrew.
It has always amazed me that many years during this decade in Australia were warmer than all the years prior to 1950.
After looking at long-term weather stations (in Qld, NSW, Vic), and comparing 1914 temperatures against 2008, about 75% of the stations were warmer in 1914.
The BOM really needs a review of all temp data immediately by an independent authority.

How much of our wealth is Rudd signing away?
Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd may be promising what he’ll never be able to deliver - not without losing the next election:
A draft deal has been hatched at the Copenhagen climate conference which would see Australia green up its actions on global warming.

Australia would have to slash its greenhouse emissions by 25 per cent in a decade if the deal got up, quadruple spending on climate-friendly research, and axe subsidies to fossil fuels. And taxpayers would have to find millions of dollars to help poor countries.

The secret deal has been proposed by the Danes, who are in charge of the conference, with some support from Australia and Mexico....

(R)ich countries would have to find $US10 billion ($A11 billion) a year right away to help poor countries tackle climate change.
How many billions is Rudd handing over? How much of our growth is he promising to choke? How many jobs are being killed off?
Trust the data or trust Wong’s meeting
Andrew Bolt
Tony Abbott goes in even harder:
“Notwithstanding the dramatic increases in man-made CO2 emissions over the last decade, the world’s warming has stopped,” he told Macquarie Radio.
Climate Change Minister Penny Wong’s idiotic response?
He is out there publicly talking about the world cooling when we have so many world leaders ... going to Copenhagen because they are concerned about climate change.
Let’s be clear about Wong’s deceit and stupidity.

Tony Abbott is saying no more than what the data actually says:

He is also saying no more than what IPCC authors and even Tim Flannery now admit when they concede ”we can’t account for the lack of warming” and we are going through ”a slight cooling trend”.

So Abbott is talking science. But Wong’s response is merely to claim but, but, but … we politicians are holding a meeting.

What do you think is the best evidence of the current climate? The data or Wong’s meeting? Who do you trust most to tell you the truth about the climate: Abbott or Wong?
Climategate: CNN now gives sceptics a platform
Andrew Bolt

Sceptic Steve McIntyre gives specific examples of tricks and cheats revealed by Climategate. Warmist Michael Oppenheimer skips right over the specifics: “There’s nothing here that changes the picture.”

But this is precisely the kind of debate we should have been having for years, so high are the stakes. Why only now are sceptics allowed onto the mainstream media?


Rich Lowry:
Copenhagen’s opening session featured a video of children pleading, “Please help save the world.” Had these precocious kids carefully reviewed the costs and benefits of a large-scale global carbon-rationing scheme? Of course not. They were props in the climate confab’s effort to propagandize itself, in the kind of closed loop always welcomed by true believers.

How the debate was stifled until now:
Dr. John Christy of UA Huntsville is named in about 50 of these (Climategate) emails. Christy is also Alabama’s state climatologist…

“What these e-mails show is that there was a concerted effort it’s pretty clear to delay our publications or deny them,” he said.

Christy is director of the Earth System Science Center at UA Huntsville. He said he and his team have found their data does not support the widely held view that greenhouse gases are accelerating global warming.

“They don’t want the information to come out that the climate is changing much more modestly than is being promoted,” Christy said.

Smashing through the media gatekeepers. In North Fitzroy, the far-Left enclave of Melbourne, this graffiti:
Google Climategate
(Thanks to readers Deadman and Combat Wombat.)
Just prey for a Tiger
Andrew Bolt
TIGER Woods has done every married woman a favour. Well, every married woman bar his wife, that is.

Now do you finally see, ladies?

Just study the pictures of the golfing superstar’s harem - all those pumped-up breasts, bed-tousled hair and come-take-me eyes of women with may-I-light-your-cigar-sir jobs.

See for yourself and relax. There are women that men marry, and then there are these, who are strictly for play. Here is that type of woman who may reach the bedroom, but rarely the altar.

To confirm what I say, now look at Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren.

Yes, she’s a former model, and just as beautiful as the others. But she stands out as the lone strawberry on a plate of tarts. You know already who is the only one a wise man would feel safe to take home to his mother. To raise his children.

You also know instinctively who is the least likely to say yes on first meeting to a quickie in the car parked just outside a church, which is the closest that Mindy “I thought I meant something to him” Lawton came to getting Woods actually inside one.

Not that many wives will quite appreciate such reassurances just yet, since their first instinct is naturally to take a five-iron to a philandering husband’s head - whether it’s their own husband or someone else’s. And right now it’s Woods’ already well-battered scone that most needs teeing off.

(Oh, I say: good shot, madam!)

My colleague Susie O’Brien, a young married mum, on these very pages yesterday laid down that law of wives worldwide as she flogged Tiger with her tut-tuts: “Even rich, powerful men shouldn’t cheat on their wives and children.”

But that, of course, is precisely why Woods’ affairs are also other people’s business the minute they become public.
Trust Flannery to forget
Andrew Bolt
TIM Flannery is right. I mean, if you can’t trust even him on global warming, why believe any alarmist?

Except that’s not quite how the author of The Weather Makers put it before jetting off to the orgy of 35,000 fellow global warmists in Copenhagen.

His question, delivered with a snort on ABC radio last week, was actually: “Trust is the issue ... Would you trust Andrew Bolt on climate change?”

And trust is indeed the issue. But the more pressing question, after checking his extraordinary record of dud predictions, hypocrisy, undeclared interests and convenient forgetfulness, is: “Would you trust Tim Flannery?”

Of course, I don’t deny he is trusted. No Australian has worked longer and harder to persuade us the world is warming to hell and our gases are to blame, and millions have believed him.

In fact, he was even made Australian of the Year for this doom preaching, and now has the run of every ABC studio without having to face a single hostile question.

On ABC Radio National’s Breakfast last week it was the same trusting story.

During the cosy chat between host Fran Kelly and the man she kept chummily calling “Tim”, Flannery was asked about my claim that he’d a week earlier conceded “the world was not warming, it was cooling, and it was doing so against what the climate change models on which Kevin Rudd is relying were predicting”.

Flannery bristled: “That is entirely untrue.”

But what I’d said was entirely true. Flannery had indeed just conceded the warming of the previous 25 years had halted, telling the ABC’s Lateline: “There hasn’t been a continuation of that warming trend ... (climate scientists) work with models, computer modelling, when the computer modelling and the real world data disagrees you have a problem ...

“We have to understand why the cooling is occurring, because the current modelling doesn’t reflect it.”

Oddly enough, that wasn’t Flannery’s only convenient memory loss on that show. When he then promoted a green scheme to get power by pumping water to hot rocks deep under the South Australian desert, he somehow forgot to declare he’d invested in this very project. He also forget to mention that all three wells of this you-beaut hot rocks scheme crumbled this year, delaying it for at least two years.

His memory failed a third time on the show when he was asked whether he hadn’t once suggested instead that nuclear power “should be in the mix for Australia”, since such green-power schemes would never be enough.

“No, I’ve never said that for Australia,” he said, adding: “There’s no way we’ll need nuclear power in this country.”

But here again are Flannery’s own words, from The Age in 2006:
Just one more baseless scare - like the 26 before
Andrew Bolt
A fascinating new paper comparing global warmism to past scares concludes this one is much like the rest - just as dodgy and just as likely to peter out.

It’s the work of South Australian academic Dr Kesten C. Green and American forecasting expert J. Scott Armstrong:
We summarize evidence showing that the global warming alarm movement has more of the character of a political movement than that of a scientific controversy. We then make forecasts of the effects and outcomes of this movement using a structured analysis of analogous situations—a method that has been shown to produce accurate forecasts for conflict situations…

We searched the literature and asked diverse experts to identify phenomena that could be characterized as alarms warning of future disasters that were endorsed by scientists, politicians, and the media, and that were accompanied by calls for strong action. The search yielded 71 possible analogies. We examined objective accounts to screen the possible analogies and found that 26 met all criteria. We coded each for forecasting procedures used, the accuracy of the forecasts, the types of actions called for, and the effects of actions implemented.

Our preliminary findings are that analogous alarms were presented as “scientific,” but none were based on scientific forecasting procedures. Every alarming forecast proved to be false; the predicted adverse effects either did not occur or were minor. Costly government policies remained in place long after the predicted disasters failed to materialize. The government policies failed to prevent ill effects… The structured analogies approach suggests that the current global warming alarm is simply the latest example of a common social phenomenon: an alarm based on unscientific forecasts of a calamity.

We conclude that the global warming alarm will fade, but not before much additional harm is done by governments and individuals making inferior decisions on the basis of unscientific forecasts…


To date, no scientific forecasts support the alarm over dangerous manmade global warming. Improper procedures were used to forecast dangerous warming, and there has been no validation to support their use (Green and Armstrong 2007a; Green, Armstrong and Soon 2009). The basic claim by those who promote alarming predictions of dangerous manmade global warming is that nearly all scientists agree that it will occur. However, voting by scientists on what will happen in the future is not a proper approach to science. Moreover, the claim that nearly all scientists agree has been shown to be false by surveys and by petitions signed by identified scientists with relevant qualifications (e.g., Bray and von Storch 2007; Robinson, Robinson and Soon 2007). Despite published and verifiable evidence that the claim of scientific consensus is false, global warming alarmists continue to repeat this claim…

Exhibit 1: Analogies to the alarm over dangerous manmade global warming

Analogy Year
1 Population growth and famine (Malthus) 1798
Tim Blair
Who on earth is crazy green Clive Hamilton talking to?
Hi there,

There’s something you need to know about your father.

Your dad’s job is to try to stop the government making laws to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution. He is paid a lot of money to do that by big companies who do not want to own up to the fact that their pollution is changing the world’s climate in very harmful ways.

Because of their pollution, lots of people, mostly poor people, are likely to die.

Not hottest, not heating
Andrew Bolt
What the Copenhagers claim:
“The decade 2000-2009 is very likely to be the warmest on record,” WMO secretary general Michel Jarraud told reporters at the Copenhagen climate summit late on Tuesday, Australian time.
What the records actually show:

And what the Copenhagers fail to add - that while it’s warmer than average, the warming trend stopped nearly a decade ago, against their predictions and their theory:

Wigley denies: “I did not choke on the deceit”
Andrew Bolt
Sheesh, I try to do Climategate scientist Tom Wigley a favor by suggesting he was principled enough to have choked on the deceit he was witnessing, and this is how he repays me:
I didn’t choke on the deceit because there was no deceit. All I did was ask a number of pointed questions and I received perfectly adequate answers and that’s the end of the story.
In fact, he refuses to accept the accolade of being the kind of principled man who could well have been the whistleblower, had be been inclined:
Using the word whistleblower is really just another ploy on the part of Andrew Bolt and others to attempt to make it look as though the person who hacked these emails was a good guy and that they had a motive of trying to expose nefarious activities within the Climatic Research Unit,” he said.

“Well, of course there were no such nefarious activities...”
Wigley claims in the above ABC interview that he got perfectly good answers from his angry demands for answers from fellow Climategaters to what he was witnessing. Oddly enough, he did not pass on what those answers really were, other than to suggest that any destruction of material was of no consequence. (How would he know? Did he hold an inquiry?)

In this interview he dodged answering questions about the apparent fraud of Climategate scientist Wang Wei-Chyung that had got him so upset in private emails, or about the bizarre decision of Climategate scientist Keith Briffa to pick an unrepresentative group of tree rings to show a warming rather than the cooling that a bigger sample would have showed. He did not address what he meant when he wrote of “dishonest” IPCC presentations. He seemed to deny what the University of East Anglia has in fact confirmed - that raw data was destroyed. He denied what emails again confirm - that requests for data for checking by sceptics were blocked.

Let me now repeat what I wrote last week about Wigley and his emails, which to me showed he did indeed choke on the deceit he was witnessing. After each email, I’ll run the explanations and excuses Wigley gave the ABC today. Ask yourself: was he being totally frank?

First email: what Wigley said in private
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