Thursday, February 21, 2008

Media Chill in Pakistan

asia chill Global Warming?, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Musharraf is standing up to the media spin, but for how long?
A close presidential ally and PML-Q stalwart, Sheikh Rashid, cited three factors for his party's defeat: a deadly army raid last year at a radical mosque in Islamabad, pro-US policies and inflation.
However, had Musharraf had local allies, and had the Taliban and Al Qaeda not been the threats they are, none of those 'issues' would have impacted.
There is nothing wrong with being an ally of the US in the war on terror. There is something wrong with being allied with Taliban and Al Qaeda. Benazir paid for her early mistake of fostering the Taliban with her life.
How long can media spin support an opposition so beholden to terrorist elements?
Interesting picture re global warming. It has been the coolest February in Sydney for 50 years. That Kyoto agreement must have some magic in its paper .. even though there is more co2 than in '98 ..

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