Saturday, May 14, 2016

Light posts and no posts

I have moved and the current residence has no internet at the moment. I blame Malcolm Turnbull and ALP. The residence is a good one, with a young family in the middle of Melbourne's large multicultural hub of Dandenong. I believe Telstra has not wired it because of the expectation that NBN would be installed. Telstra have promised to wire it if an expensive connection is run through them, instead of a better option of TPG who cannot wire it. But Telstra contractors remain uncontactable, have not returned calls, have not answered calls and have not complied with agreements. Telstra refuses to be answerable for their consultants. They will sell a contract at a store, but not fix a problem sale. The home does not need a phone. It needs an internet connection.

The debate between Turnbull and Shorten confirms everything said previously by conservative commentators. Turnbull is not a fit PM. The Liberal Party made a mistake in dumping Abbott. But the Liberals are still the best party in policy terms and deserve your vote if you cannot vote National. The ALP have not got a working policy that does not support corruption or devalue Australia. Or, without the negatives, the ALP needs a policy which supports Australia. Only supporters of corruption will vote for anyone but LNP. The ALA are not going to be more responsible in the senate than Lambie, and by denying the conservatives, only the ALP will be fed.

The media are ignoring certain realitites. The $100 billion the ALP are promising to spend will not improve Education or DSP, which they are promising to spend on. It will be spent, but, in not improving anything, the bill will go directly to the youth of Australia. The ALP's promised cuts won't actually be of the magnitude they promise, but they will cut worthwhile or essential services. The LNP needs to cut spending. There is fat in Education and Health which can be cut which does not harm services. The submarine contract is ridiculuous and ruinous and will harm defence personell.

My brother's book, Machine Intelligence is a good one, I hope to use it to commence doctoral study in math education.
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