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Forty years ago, Australia had two PMs. Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam. A 45 yo woman is alleging she was raped by three former PMs 40 years ago. They might not have been PM at that time. The Royal Commission into institutional response to pedophilia apparently does not feel it fits into the scope of their investigation. Reasonable people might disagree, but the problem with the ALP having a partisan public service and judiciary in their favour, is that reasonable responses can't be assumed. ALP insurance covers the abusers, not the abused. 

For some, at the moment, the Sex Party has more credibility.
=== from 2014 ===
Great moments in Free Speech 
Actor Josh Thomas vs MP Wyatt Roy
Actors are not noted for their great thoughts in the political world. Many supported Nazism in the thirties, Many supported communism and still do. Actor Josh Thomas is not an idiot, but he is very foolish and his rhetoric is placed in Gay Activism which has a legitimate voice, but is wrong when it embraces Green activism which has nothing to do with the environment. Wyatt had posted that it was wonderful that the new immigration policy meant people did not drown, as over 1300 had under the previous ALP policy. Josh picked up on a lie that claimed that children were being raped in detention. That has happened in the past, infamously Rudd tore up evidence of such, involving the gang rape of a teenage Aboriginal girl in the late '80s, now called the Heiner Affair. There is no evidence or even claim that such is happening now. However, Josh may have evidence? Josh also referred to a red herring of secrecy involving illegal migrants. However, that is not strictly speaking what is happening. The government is not trumpeting results so as to steal from people smugglers a sales pitch. It is very effective. Detained people are not abused, but are processed according to UN rules and Australian standards, which are higher than the UN's. Josh should apologise to Wyatt, but one suspects he enjoys notoriety from parroting his green, communist heroes.

In defence of Barry Spurr
A former chinese student of the Professor has written movingly of her experience of his lectures. He has been censured by Sydney University following the theft of his private emails and their publication without his explanation. He has never publicly uttered them and the magazine that published them has some hard questions it should answer. But then, so does the Ukraine over MH17, and that will never happen.

Student who broke the privacy of Abbott's daughter sentenced
The student used the same magazine as denounced Spurr to denounce Mr Abbott's daughter in obtaining a scholarship on merit. The student was supposed to be sentenced today, but that has been delayed a month. The student has apologised for their crime. The magazine has not. Newman's defence claimed she was too immature to know that her crime was wrong. New Matilda might use that same excuse?

Canada's Parliament.
Gun battle inside Canada's parliament as ISIL further attempts to bring terror to the west and force a change of lifestyle. It is reminiscent of other opportunist attacks. The suicidal aspect is probably supposed to raise it in the public consciousness, but it looks badly planned instead. Good people are dying and each attack lessens the value of ISIL terrorists everywhere. Mr Abbott declared Mr Harper was like a brother and the Australian parliament would stand shoulder to shoulder with Canada's parliament.

Many fair people feel Whitlam lost government through gross incompetence. Rudd blames a "Massive Conservative Fuselage."An 18yo school girl says she has studied the issue and appreciated Whitlam giving women the vote. It is probably fair to say that Whitlam went too far in the public mind when he tried to make a horse senator and then ate the foetus of his love child he ripped from his sister's dead body. Others say that the hagiography of Whitlam unfairly neglect criticism and inflate achievements.

Michael Mann illustrates what he has been accused of. He is think skinned when he is faced with criticism of his work. He is sloppy and inaccurate and occasionally wildly parochial. He is not responsible and his work as a scientist discredits not only him but others who call themselves scientists.

The Royals have levelled the series after a sixth innings blow out on starter pitcher Peavey for the Giants. Maybe the Royals will keep momentum? Or will the Giants stand up?

As a social justice kitten has attributed to them "I drink your tears, oppressor"
From 2013
A corrupt anti semitic bigot steps away from opposition senate duty. Bob Carr was highly lauded as an opposition leader when he trawled for turds off Bondi Beach. But the one trick pony just wants his former Premier pension and assets. And with all his time in office, it is impossible to point to anything worthwhile he did. The press will be kind, referring to his status as a dart board figurine. He will be missed. 

ALP were upset the military did not toe the party line while they were in government. Bad decisions meant many soldiers were killed on duty. To punish the military, ALP leaked and inflated scandals. It is terrible to hear of young people having sex. Where crimes have taken place, the army is equipped to handle them. Sadly that doesn't help the ALP ..
A former journalist, but current ALP member in South Australia wants censorship. Mia Freedman is prone to saying dumb things, but not everything she posts is bad. Censorship also works when people stop listening. Mr Howard is Australia's greatest PM to date. Something journalists try to obscure as they barack for ALP. 

AGW extremism burns a billion dollars a day. Reminding me of an old Jud Strunk number "I'll burn you a billion a day dear .." 

The only cure for debt is saving. ALP must embrace abolition of carbon tax if it is to thrive again. 

Russia has migration issues related to terrorism. Something Australia has to think about as a culture of feral peoples .. not solely one religion .. behave appallingly badly. A parent copies their bush fire starting child's delivery of the bird. 

Barrie Cassidy booted Bolt from Insiders but enjoys perks he denies others.
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Or the US President at
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Mr Ball, I will not sign your petition as it will do no good, but I will share your message and ask as many of friends who read it, to share it also. Let us see if we cannot use the power of the internet to spread the word of these infamous killings. As a father and a former soldier, I cannot, could not, justify ignoring this appalling action by the perpetrators, whoever they may; I thank you Douglas. You are wrong about the petition. Signing it is as worthless and meaningless an act as voting. A stand up guy would know that. - ed

Lorraine Allen Hider I signed the petition ages ago David, with pleasure, nobody knows what it's like until they've been there. Keep heart David take care.

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1813 – Ludwig Leichhardt, German explorer (d. 1848)
1893 – Gummo Marx, American actor (d. 1977)
1925 – Johnny Carson, American television host (d. 2005)
1931 – Diana Dors, English actress (d. 1984)
1940 – Pelé, Brazilian footballer
1942 – Michael Crichton, American author, screenwriter, director, and producer (d. 2008)
1954 – Ang Lee, Taiwanese-American director
1957 – Martin Luther King III, American activist
1959 – Sam Raimi, American director
1959 – "Weird Al" Yankovic, American singer-songwriter, comedian, and actor
1961 – Laurie Halse Anderson, American author
1991 – Princess Mako of Akishino
1998 – Amandla Stenberg, American actress
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Tim Blair – Friday, October 23, 2015 (1:52pm)

A press release from the ABC: 
This week, ABC is on the road and Q & A is live from Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre in Queensland.


Joining guest host Tom Ballard on the panel will be … 
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second there. Tom who? It turns out that the ABC has handed over Q & A to a 25-year-old leftist comedian and Sarah Hanson-Young fan who doesn’t know what “disinterested” means. Presumably no other ABC presenters were willing to visit Queensland.
UPDATE. “Patronising, amateurish, tedious and intermittently baffling.” Ballard’s previous live work for the ABC was a brilliant success.


Tim Blair – Friday, October 23, 2015 (1:09pm)

… but Joe Hildebrand and I still managed to record our podcast, which includes mention of Eric Abetz’s terrible language crime. Interestingly, by today’s prissy standards, Martin Luther King Jr’s greatest speech would be considered a racist disgrace: 
Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.
But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. 
For shame, Dr. King. For shame.


Tim Blair – Friday, October 23, 2015 (1:00pm)

A note from News Corp Australia group editorial director Campbell Reid to News Corp staff: 
One of the basic rules of journalism is that reporters should talk to the actual subject of a story.
It’s called getting to the truth of the matter yet it’s extraordinary how many commentators and critics dislike it because the truth so often gets in the way of their chosen narratives.
That’s why the best thing I have read this week are the reports by The Australian’s Chris Kenny, the first journalist granted a visa to visit Nauru in 18 months.
Kenny’s exclusive interview with the 23-year-old Somalian woman who is the centre of controversy over her claims she was raped on Nauru and whether she wanted an abortion in Australia, was a genuine scoop.
During his Nauru stay, Kenny found the woman, she agreed to an interview and for the first time told her account of what happened. The Australian then ran Kenny’s report on page one on Tuesday.
It was a straight up and down story which told her version of events yet the commentary – some simply outrage and abuse – on social media and elsewhere would have you thinking otherwise.
This criticism and abuse ignores a telling point – the reporter’s job is to ask and report and that’s what Chris did. 
UPDATE. Labor MP Graham Perrett, who previously smeared Chris Kenny over his Nauru coverage, now retracts:



Tim Blair – Friday, October 23, 2015 (12:39pm)

Questioning the premise of microaggressions is itself now deemed a microaggression
The phrase “politically correct” is now a microaggression according to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The university’s “Just Words” campaign is the work of UWM’s “Inclusive Excellence Centre” and aims to “raise awareness of microaggressions and their impact” – microaggressions like “politically correct” or “PC.” 
These kids need some old-fashioned macroaggression. Meanwhile, if students spent as much time learning English as they did trying to stop coal, this press release from a local branch of might be almost readable: 
A student has scaled the centenary building at The University of Tasmania and has dropped a banner. The banner partially obscures the university logo on the building, the message reads: ‘Stop Funding Coal University of Tasmania’.
The climber has ignored security guards’ requests to come down from the roof of the building which is approximately 20 metres high, the Tasmania Police have been contacted. Students have been staging an occupation in the vice chancellor’s building since Wednesday 14 October. The university has so far refused to divest from fossil fuels.
The students are protesting UTAS investments in fossil fuels as part of a nationwide divestment campaign. The students are occupying the Vice Chancellor’s foyer and have established a semi-permanent support camp outside the building, stocking up on supplies and are planning to wait out the university. 
I’m counting at least six errors in those three paragraphs. And one great opportunity for a macroaggression.


Tim Blair – Friday, October 23, 2015 (11:02am)

Bacon and bacon-themed products are your key to becoming the most popular guy in the office:



Tim Blair – Friday, October 23, 2015 (10:38am)

trinket for Mugabe: 
China has awarded its home-grown equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize to Robert Mugabe, the man accused of driving Zimbabwe into poverty during his rule of more than three decades.
The Confucius Peace Prize, set up in 2010 after the Nobel original was awarded to a Chinese dissident infuriating the ruling Communist Party, was a reward for Mr Mugabe’s “inspired national leadership and service to pan-Africanism”.
“He has overcome difficulties of all kinds and has strongly committed himself to constructing his nation’s political and economic order, while strongly supporting pan-Africanism and African independence,” the citation read. 
Confucius say: man who reduce life expectancy to just 36 is damn strange choice for peace prize. 

Turnbull grants favor to Abbott haters

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (5:11pm)

Malcolm Turnbull gives his first major newspaper interview to two Fairfax reporters - both confirmed Tony Abbott haters. One, for instance, falsely claimed Abbott had snubbed the gay partner of an Ambassador in a “possibly homophobic” moment. (Now who leaked that?) The other praises Turnbull for what he damned in Abbott.

But they didn’t forget the bull

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (3:36pm)

Two sad things about this front-page ad in the Financial Review today.
First, of course, is the atrocious spelling mistake, not picked up by any sub editors.
But second is the boosterism. Turnbull has been in office for just a month and done almost nothing that is his own work. Yet he’s already being measured up for greatness? 

On The Bolt Report on Sunday, October 25

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (2:15pm)

Editorial:  Bill Shorten. Uh, oh.
My guest: First they came for the Jews… Labor MP Michael Danby on what the media isn’t telling you about the latest jihadist attacks on Israel.
The panel: Former Labor advisor Nicholas Reece and Victorian Liberal Georgina Downer.

NewsWatch:Gerard Henderson, head of the Sydney Institute, columnist with The Australian and author of the wildly popular Media Watch Dog blog.
Is Malcolm Turnbull taking the party too far to the Left? Turnbull’s finest speech as PM. The latest boat-people beat up. The “negro” fuss. And much more.

The videos of the shows appear here.
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Liberal Right starts to rebel

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (8:37am)

Malcolm Turnbull isn’t getting the balance right:
Conservative MPs have hit out at Christopher Pyne for axing funds for climate “contrarian” Bjorn Lomborg… The backflip on the funding has antagonised some MPs who told The Australian the move was another sign of the party appeasing the Left.
Tasmanian Liberal senator Eric Abetz demanded an explanation from Mr Pyne, who made the decision to withdraw $4 million in federal funding for an Australian branch of Dr Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus Centre in the days after Tony Abbot was replaced as Prime Minister by Malcolm Turnbull…
Liberal senator Cory Bernardi said Mr Pyne had succumbed to a campaign from the Left to shut down academic debate in a ­"pathetic sop to Leftist bullying"…

South Australian MP Tony Pasin said climate debate should be broad. “We provide funding to those whose views are different to Lomborg, so I don’t understand why we can’t give funding for a countervailing view because ultimately it should be the battle of ideas and ideology.”
But Christian Kerr says Abbott will hang around to provide some balance:
Tony Abbott has made it clear he intends to maintain a high profile in Liberal affairs and will not shy away from controversy.
The former prime minister is set to be the special guest next month at a function for forces pushing for plebiscite preselections that would give all party members a vote for their choice of candidates in NSW…
Influential NSW Liberal figures said Mr Abbott was expected to remain in parliament and use his past position and authority to play an active role in party matters.
I praised Malcolm Turnbull’s speech defending a public vote on same-sex marriage. Reader Nonna picks up a contradiction:
Part of Malcolm Turnbull’s reply to Bill Shorten’s question (during Question Time), re same sex marriage:

I am very disappointed at his lack of faith in the Australian people. He thinks so little of the people of this country that he does not believe we are capable of having a civil debate on a matter of this importance. He is so frightened of public debate that he wants to shut the people out…
Well, MT, perhaps you should apply the same logic to the matter of 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. You seem to believe the Australian people are ‘capable of having a civil debate’ on the matter of same gender marriage, but wish to deny them the same civil right to discuss matters of national and public interest based on race/colour/national or ethnic origin.
You can’t have it both ways.
(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.) 

Just being a man does not make you guilty

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (8:30am)

Fairfax writer Ruby Hamad has better learn the difference between an allegation and a fact before she continues to smear Hazem el Masri as “capable of such an abhorrent crime”. There are plenty of reasons to presume el Masri innocent until some court decides otherwise.
(Thanks to reader Nick.) 

Abetz framed by the race police

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (7:37am)

The Age plays the offence game, falsely accusing Liberal Senator Eric Abetz of a “racist slur”:

Demoted former cabinet minister Eric Abetz has used the offensive word “negro” while defending his opposition to same-sex marriage during a radio interview.
Speaking to 2UE’s Justin Smith on Thursday afternoon, Mr Abetz – a strident opponent of gay marriage - dropped the dated slur, considered offensive to black people, when rejecting the suggestion that refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding was akin to discriminating against Asian people.
“Those sort of analogies are quite offensive and that sort of analogy was completely debunked by Justice Clarence Thomas, the negro American on the Supreme Court of the United States dealing with this issue … who dissented on the issue of marriage as well,” Senator Abetz said.
It is true that Abetz has used a word deemed offensive when used by a white - a word I certainly would not use.  Curiously, though, that word is deemed acceptable even when used in its more loaded variant by an African American:
As recently as 2010, under President Barack Obama, the word appeared on the US Census form - and not as a “racist slur”:
But Abetz was not “slurring” Clarence Thomas, as the Age headline claims. He was not trying to denigrate him, but praise and defend him from outrage-seekers like The Age.
Ironically, he was referring to Thomas’s “race” to give the judge’s decision more credibility in this context. He presumed that Thomas, being black, would be spared the presumption of prejudice against gays or Asians in this decision, just as Thomas, being black, would have been presumed not to be racist had he said “negro”.
Which, incidentally, Thomas has done:
I agree with Ralph Ellison when he asked, perhaps rhetorically, why is it that so many of those who would tell us the meaning of Negro, of Negro life, never bothered to learn how varied it really is. That is particularly true of many whites who have elevated condescension to an art form by advancing a monolithic view of blacks in much the same way...
Is Thomas then guilty of a “racist slur”? If no, then why is Abetz?
Let’s ask the race-manners police of the pitiless Age
More from Roger Franklin in Quadrant online

The ABC justifies the Intifada against Israel

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (7:31am)

Once again, the ABC’s 7.30 slants its report on attacks on Israel:
LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: A wave of terror has swept through Israel and the West Bank this month with a new breed of lone-wolf attacker targeting Israeli security forces and civilians.
We might question “lone wolves”, given the incitement from the leader of the Palestinian Authority and imams:
But then came this:
So far dozens of Israelis and Palestinians have been killed on buses, at bus stops and at checkpoints.
Wait. The Palestinians were actually killed as they stabbed and ran down Israelis, so why are they listed as if among the victims?:
Just hours ago, Israeli security forces shot two more Palestinians after they tried to board a school bus south of Jerusalem.
But why were they trying to board the bus? To go to school?
Why were they shot? For just being Muslims?
In fact, the two 20-year-old terrorists - who wearing Hamas t-shirts - later stabbed an 18-year-old man outside a synagogue before being shot.
Why didn’t Sales say so? Why not say they were in fact shot after stabbing a teenager?
And finally this from Sales:
Tensions are being fuelled by the building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land and limits on Muslim access to the al-Aqsa Mosque.
And then Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill introduced us to one sympathetic Palestinian after another who were just standing up for their rights against those Israelis.
But this is a seriously one-sided interpretation. The tensions are fuelled not only Jewish settlements, the building of which has actually slowed. Nor is it about stopping men aged under 50 from going to the al-Aqsa Mosque, required as a security measure after recent violence.
There is also the Jew-hatred promoted by the Palestinian Authority, the imams and Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel. There is also the frustration and resentment of Palestinians living in corrupt Palestinian-run entities with little work, while across the border Israel thrives. Why is that not discussed?
At least the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Congress damned the provocateurs in an unanimous motion:
“The escalation of violence against Israelis is praised, encouraged, and even fueled by Palestinian Authority officials,” committee chairman Ed Royce (R) said upon passage of the resolution....
Palestinian attacks on Israelis have become a daily occurrence in recent weeks, amid tensions over the Temple Mount, a Jerusalem site holy to Jews and Muslims. Driving the tensions in part have been Palestinian allegations that Israel is planning to alter the regulations at the site, which houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and allow Jews to pray there. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has himself leveled such charges, which Netanyahu vehemently denies.
While Abbas hasn’t openly endorsed the attacks, he hasn’t condemned them either, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused him of inciting violence by calling for protests against Israel. At the UN last month, Abbas accused Israel of sending “extremists” into the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Last week, he alleged Israel was executing Palestinians in cold blood, and cited as an example a Palestinian teenager who had in fact perpetrated a terror attack, was alive, and was being treated in an Israeli hospital.
During a September speech in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Abbas hailed Palestinian rioters on the Temple Mount, saying any blood spilled in defense of the holy site was “pure.”
“The al-Aqsa Mosque is ours. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours as well. They have no right to desecrate the mosque with their dirty feet; we won’t allow them to do that,” he added.
Why was none of this mentioned by 7.30?
(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.) 

A unionist must still be free to do their job

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (6:44am)

I don’t share ABC reporter Stephen Long’s apparent antipathy to a royal commission - a “star chamber” - that has exposed so much serious corruption and abuses of power.
But Long is surely right to worry about an overreach of power:
Twenty one years ago Johnny Lomax - player of the year for the Canberra Raiders - was suspended by the rugby league judiciary for a high tackle and rubbed out of the 1994 grand final.
He suffered a better fate in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday: it threw out absurd criminal charges the Australian Federal Police had pursued against Lomax on behalf of the Trade Union Royal Commission.
Lomax’s “crime” was to seek better pay and conditions for workers under an enterprise agreement with their employer.
According to the police charge sheet, this amounted to making “an unwarranted demand with menace, namely that an enterprise agreement be signed between NEL Trading Pty Ld and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union ... with the intention of causing a loss.”
The “loss” alleged by police was that the company would have to pay its workers at least $26 an hour under the enterprise agreement, rather than the $17 the employer claimed it might otherwise pay (a wage which was, in fact, below the relevant award minimum).
The “menace”?
Lomax told the subcontractor, in a phone call, that his company might struggle to get work on building sites if it didn’t have an EBA; a statement of fact, since most enterprise agreements with principal contractors contain clauses requiring subcontractors to pay industry rates.
Somewhat apologetically, the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions wrote to Lomax’s lawyers this month saying it would “offer no evidence” when the case went to court - conceding, in effect, there was no case to answer.
A waste of taxpayers’ money, a waste of time, and an extraordinary overreach by the AFP and Dyson Heydon’s royal commission.
(Thanks to readers Owen and George.) 

Warmist Turnbull gives prize to scientist for questioning warming catastrophism

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (6:33am)

Malcolm Turnbull, a warmist, has seen his Prime Minister’s Prize for Science go to Professor Graham Farquhar for his work on photosynthesis.
Farquhar has won for work that actually challenges the apocalyptic global warming models we’re told not to question:
Professor Farquhar has also worked to unravel the mystery of why wind speeds and evaporation rates appear to be slowing under climate change, a phenomenon that goes against most climate modelling.
“We studied the meteorological records at all these sites and discovered from the physics of it that it was actually the wind speed going down that was causing the majority of decrease in evaporative demand,” he said.
He said the discovery meant climate change could be a lot wetter than many people realised.
That’s actually good.
In fact, Farquhar sees even more good in man-made warming:

“My reckoning is that if we could get rid of all the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emitted since the industrial revolution, then agricultural productivity would drop by 15%,” he says.
(Thanks to reader Rafe Champion.) 

Someone forgotten

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (6:12am)

A woman complains that doctors won’t kill her healthy 26-week-old fetus:
She said she never realised how difficult it would be to get an abortion in Victoria, especially after 16 weeks, without $7500.
“I was told: ‘No one wants to do it’ in relation to late-term terminations. I was told: ‘It’s very unpleasant’ for the doctor involved, as though it was fine for me and not at all distressing or unpleasant,” she said.
It is a bit distressing and unpleasant for the baby, too. 

No to integration on Nauru

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (5:25am)

The bottom line is that these are families allegedly fleeing mortal danger, and now living in safety.

Refugee and asylum-seeker children are missing out on school in Nauru because of a boycott — sanctioned by their parents — that is inflaming tensions with the Nauruan community.
Following the July closure of an Australian-run school at the refugee processing centre, parents and students are complaining about poor standards and lack of air­conditioning at the Nauruan schools. Some of the refugee and asylum-seeker parents clearly hope to force the Australian government to reopen the centre school…
When The Australian visited Nauru’s Refugee Processing ­Centre 3 this week — where asylum-seeker and some refugee families are housed — at least a dozen school-age children were at home with their families.
All three centres in Nauru are now open. Families are free to come and go, including to local schools. But many do not.
“I won’t go to school in Nauru,” said nine-year-old Iraqi refugee Hiba al Sabah. “I went for a week but didn’t like it.”
Her parents, Dihya and Khawla, say they cannot force her to go and also insist that the centre school was better. “The (Nauruan) school is very dirty and very hot,” says father Dihya. “She don’t like.”
Nearby nine-year-old Salam, from Syria, and his 11-year-old brother Salar, are also playing ­truant with the approval of their father. Away from the centres, in independent refugee housing, there are similar stories. Iranian refugee Rasool Bmohavi and his wife, Farideh, had their daughters Asia, 8, and Masomah, 10, home for the day…
A spokesman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is “committed to the integration” of all children into the island schools.
Integration would also be an issue in Australia, of course. 

Obama breaks bad promise. Puts boots on Iraqi ground

Andrew Bolt October 23 2015 (5:03am)

American soldiers would not fight in Iraq, said President Barack Obama in September 2014:
“The notion that the United States should be putting boots on the ground, I think would be a profound mistake,” Obama said in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.  “I want to be very clear and very explicit about that."…
Last Friday at a NATO Summit meeting about the Islamic State in Wales, Secretary of State John Kerry called “no boots on the ground” a “red line for everybody here.”
Luckily he was fibbing:
Elite US and Kurdish forces raided an Islamic State prison in northern Iraq on Thursday, freeing about 70 hostages and leaving one US service member dead, officials said.
The raid marked the first time a member of the US military had been killed in a combat situation in Iraq since the United States launched its campaign against the Islamic State last year.
Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said that US special operations forces and Kurdish Peshmerga troops launched the operation to rescue hostages who “faced imminent mass execution"…
Five Islamic State militants were captured and at least 10 were killed, officials aid. 
A pity that Obama is still resisting his generals’ advice to launch more special missions against the Islamic State. 


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (3:01pm)

Kevin Rudd reviews Gough Whitlam’s career, and reveals the gigantic aircraft component that brought Whitlam down:
Of course, where the Australian heart lies and lay then is in parties of the compassionate and reforming centre who were mindful of the challenges that we faced in the world, in the economy, but still committed with an open heart to giving opportunity for all. That’s what Gough Whitlam stood for, through thick and thin, and despite this enormous conservative fuselage unleashed against him. 
(Via J.F. Beck)


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (3:12am)

Central Ottawa is in lockdown after a soldier at the Canadian War Memorial was shot by a gunman who then stormed Canada’s parliament. Click for video. Police are now reportedly pursuing multiple attackers following claims the initial gunman was killed inside the parliament building. A television report claims shots have since been fired at a nearby mall. Earlier
The shootings in the heart of the normally placid Canadian capital came two days after two members of the Canadian armed forces were injured in a hit-and-run crash in a small Quebec city that the authorities considered an act of terrorism. 
The Canadian government has informed the United States that one shooter is dead in Ottawa, a senior U.S. official said. So far, there is “no indication the shooter has ties to violent Islamic extremism,” but it is still extremely early in the investigation, the source said …
Earlier this week, a man who Canadian authorities said was “radicalized” was shot to death after hitting and killing a Canadian soldier. 
Reports now claim several shootings in downtown Ottawa. Live updates here.
UPDATE II. CNN identifies the killer as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau
Bibeau, who was born in 1982, was a convert to Islam and had a history of drug use before he converted, two sources said.
His passport had been confiscated by Canadian authorities when they learned he planned to go fight overseas, a U.S. law enforcement official told CNN’s Susan Candiotti. The official said it was not clear when that happened …
Investigators haven’t provided any possible motives for the shooting. 
Could be anything, really.
UPDATE III. Globe and Mail headline: 
Suspected killer in Ottawa shootings had a disturbing side 
You don’t say.


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (1:18am)

Gerard Henderson reports
ABC TV News last night ran a special on Gough Whitlam. Reporter Rebecca Barrett visited North Sydney Girls High to get the reaction of students who had studied Gough Whitlam.
This is what one female student said about Gough Whitlam’s legacy – which the ABC reporter, producer and editor saw fit to put to air.
North Sydney Girls High Student: “As a woman coming into my eighteenth year, the fact that women were able to get the vote during Gough Whitlam’s reign …” 
Further on the epidemic of Gough exaggeration from Dennis Shanahan. Previously, the Age – of all places – accurately reviewed Whitlam’s second year in office: “For the economy, 1974 was the end of the good times. It was the year the Commonwealth budget exploded. As the Whitlam government pressed on with its big-spending reforms despite Treasury pleas for restraint, Commonwealth spending surged 46 per cent in 1974-75, dwarfing the 20 per cent rise the year before.”


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (1:14am)

“Unlike bland, privileged garbage kittens chosen for nothing more than shallow good looks, Social Justice Kittensradiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity.”
(Via Finker)


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (1:04am)

Kim Hughes, 1980:

Many cricket fans may not have seen this shot since it was played 34 years ago. In the mid-90s a highlights video of the Lord’s Centenary Test frustratingly omitted Hughes’s six off Chris Old.
From memory, Hughes entered the preceding one-day series in miserable touch but played himself into the best form of his career ahead of this one-off Test. Sixes of that size were such a novelty during an era of low-power bats that the next morning’s Age ran a front-page image showing how remarkably far the ball had travelled.


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (12:43am)

Sometimes a fish really does need a bicycle.


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (12:21am)

It’s like The Wicker Man except without any dialogue:



Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (12:17am)

An Amazon reviewer describes litigious warmist Michael Mann as “thin-skinned”. Mann then conclusively proves it.


Tim Blair – Thursday, October 23, 2014 (12:03am)

A mood-improving image via Erika S:


In defence of Barry Spurr

Andrew Bolt October 23 2014 (5:26pm)

Professor Barry Spurr has been suspended by Sydney University for writing private emails to friends containing racist banter - private emails which were somehow obtained and published by on online web site.
Lily Yuan Wang writes from China to say she’s appalled that Spurr could be treated so shabbily:
A RECENT graduate of the University of Sydney with a bachelor of arts in English and international and comparative literary studies, I have read every article concerning professor Barry Spurr.

The unauthorised exposure of his private emails, his suspension and, worst, the overreaction of the ­ignorant public and apathy of his fellow academics who have stood by in silence grieve me more than words can say. 

Spurr is one of the very few lecturers I unreservedly admire. When I began my degree I was a lone Asian face in a sea of fair-haired and clear-eyed Australians. I struggled to understand my lecturers. Their tendency to nominalise common adjectives rendered familiar words alien to me. Their habit of monotonously reading pre-prepared scripts and their inability to interact with students left me dissatisfied. Yet when I audited Spurr’s lectures on modernism, I saw, for the first and last time, every inch of the lecture hall, including the stair­cases, occupied by students. He spoke with confidence, clarity, eloquence, humour, pacing the room with a stately gait, quoting from a copy of Yeats (apparently unannotated) that always seemed to open at the right page. He took me on a breathtaking journey through Irish literature and revolution. They were classes to remember and set the bar by which I measure all teaching.
I never found Spurr patronising or discriminatory. I never felt undermined or underestimated. Contrary to the unapproachable, unsympathetic professor New Matilda eagerly paints, Spurr is actively involved in student societies: from poetry and religion to the defence of animal rights…
The exaggerated outrage at Spurr’s emails is centred on his role in the reform of the English school curriculum, insinuating his judgment on the dominance of indigenous literature in Australian textbooks is coloured by a racist antagonism towards Aborigines. Yet Spurr spent more time in his emails criticising the hypocrisy of the political establishment in its endless gestures towards the Aboriginal community than diminishing the Aboriginal contribution to Australian literature…
If the Australian government and people can garner the energy they’ve wasted on being politically correct and displays of gratitude or guilt, and channel it into constructing better community facilities, education and support services for Aboriginal people and all the sons and daughters of Australia, they would heal more wounds than random “racist” remarks can inflict.
All I know for sure is Spurr’s personal linguistic choices are none of our business. None of the emails prove him guilty of any sin other than a sardonic sense of humour and childlike whimsicality — the common vices of a poet.
To me he is someone who dedicates himself to the noble cause of restoring the beauty of a civilisation that people have too lightly cast away: good manners, respect for the elderly, a sound knowledge of English, modesty of dressing in public. His intentions are honourable, even if they make him unpopular with opponents.
He should not be made a scapegoat for an ideology of which he is not an advocate. He is not the parody the media presents. The university should not lose a jewel in its crown. If I, a small, sensitive, feminist, patriotic Chinese girl, am not offended by these leaked emails, why should anyone else be? 
But read the lot. This country is going mad. A gifted professor is publicly vilified by people claiming to be outraged by rude words said in private. 

Give Morrison more work

Andrew Bolt October 23 2014 (8:19am)

Scott Morrison, having given the Abbott Government its biggest and most unambiguous win, is now an under-utilised resource. It would be most useful if he were given wider responsibilities, and he’s thought of some:
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is pushing for his Operation Sovereign Borders team to take control of Australia’s Ebola response with new powers to force visitors from West Africa to be isolated in quarantine. 
The ABC can reveal the ambitious plan as the nation’s state and federal chief medical officers meet today to discuss the response to the deadly virus. Mr Morrison let his colleagues know he believed he and his department could take on a larger role in responding to the Ebola outbreak.
Once again, rival colleagues are getting their backs up and complaining privately to the ABC about Morrison wanting bits of their turf.
I think a formal reshuffle would actually be neater and more effective.  And the colleagues worried about the rise of Morrison might better respond by simply performing as capably themselves. 

Another suspected terrorist attack in Canada

Andrew Bolt October 23 2014 (7:50am)

 A second suspected terrorist attack in Canada in three days:
A soldier was killed during a shooting at Canada’s National War Memorial on Wednesday morning, which was followed quickly by additional gunfire inside the nearby Parliament, according to police. 
One gunman has also been killed, Ottawa police said. And there are still concerns about possible additional shooters… Canada has recently heightened its terrorism alert and, earlier this week, a soldier there was killed in a hit-and-run that authorities said was an act of terrorism.
Probably just another deliberate distraction from the Abbott Government’s Budget. As Labor Senator Sue Lines explained the terrorism threat two months ago: 
“It’s [the Government] hyping it up… And it’s looking for opportunities in the media and elsewhere to try and scare the Australian public and to distract everyone from the budget.”
But note: the motivation of the second killer is not known. He could be an Islamist or could be some other variety of crazy.
The Canadian government has informed the United States that one shooter is dead in Ottawa, a senior U.S. official said. So far, there is ”no indication the shooter has ties to violent Islamic extremism,” but it is still extremely early in the investigation, the source said … 
On the other hand:
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was identified as the shooter in Ottawa today. He is a Candian born in 1982, reportedly of Algerian descent.
Police say they are still looking for what could be multiple attackers and have warned residents to stay indoors.
Suspicions are being confirmed:

Two U.S. officials said that U.S. agencies have been advised that the shooter was a Canadian convert to Islam. One of the officials said that the man was from Quebec.
Meanwhile, in Australia:
MOHAMMAD Ali Baryalei, the fugitive Australian terrorist who allegedly masterminded a plot to kill a random member of the public in Sydney, has attempted to re-establish contact with one of the alleged ringleaders of his cell.

The Australian has been told that Baryalei, who is accused of recruiting Australian fighters for the Islamic State terror group, placed several phone calls to a key member of the cell, which was the target of police raids last month that thwarted its execution plans and sparked international headlines. 

The ringleader, who The Australian has elected not to name, was one of 15 alleged radical Islam­ists whose homes were raided in what police described as the largest counter-terrorism raid in Australian history. 
The killer:
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Muslim convert who fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a 24-year-old father, ... was a man with numerous criminal charges over the past decade who has been called ‘mentally ill’ ...

He was charged in February 2004 for possession of marijuana and possession of PCP. He pleaded guilty…
He also spent a day in jail in March of 2004 for a parole violation and was again convicted of marijuana possession in 2009.
In another case, he received a six-month sentence in 2003 and three years’ probation on a weapons charge, according to the Herald News.
There was also a prior conviction for assault causing bodily harm in 2001 for which he received a suspended sentence and a fine.
His longest sentence was for robbery, possession of break-in tools, theft and conspiracy with a co-accused in 2003, for which he was sentenced to two years in jail and three years probation…
In 2011, he was again charged with robbery, this time in Vancouver, but served only one day in prison after he pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of uttering threats, and was credited with 66 days in pre-trial custody.
Records show that in the 2011 case, he underwent a psychiatric assessment prior to his conviction and was found fit to stand trial…
David Bathurst..., a fellow Muslim convert, befriended Zehaf-Bibeau at their mosque and even got him a job, but says he soon seemed as if he might be ‘mentally ill’…
He says ...  Zehaf-Bibeau told him he was ‘only going abroad with the intent of learning about Islam and to study Arabic.’
He was never able to go though, and sources told The Globe and Mail ‘he had not been able to secure a valid travel document from federal officials, who have been taking measures to prevent Canadians from joining extremists overseas.’ ...
CTV News reports that Zehaf-Bibeau’s mother, Susan Bibeau, still lives in Montreal and works as a a federal public servant for the Immigrant & Refugee board…
His father is a Libyan businessman named Bulgasem Zehaf who once owned a local restaurant, Cafe Tripoli.
His parents divorced in 1999, and there are reports that his father ‘appears to have fought in 2011 in Libya.’ 

The three dangerous lessons Gough Whitlam taught and which Labor forgets

Andrew Bolt October 23 2014 (7:47am)

GOUGH Whitlam was lucky his government was sacked in 1975. To our cultural elite, that turned him from a failure to a martyr.

That allowed the ruin he caused to gradually become obscured by the giant shadow of his myth. More ominously, it also allowed Labor to gradually forget what it learned, painfully, from Whitlam’s disasters.
So Labor today weeps for Whitlam and much of the media with it. The ABC’s massive coverage in particular has resembled the state-ordered mourning for a socialist dictator.
But how must this astonishing torrent of tears strike most Australians?
Fact is, the elite’s verdict of Whitlam — the hero reformer, Great Leader and victim of a conservative conspiracy — has never been shared by most voters.
Aloof and arrogant, Whitlam was no man of the people and no prime minister was shunned by them so comprehensively — twice.
(Read full article here.) 

Gough Whitlam’s achievements miraculously increase

Andrew Bolt October 23 2014 (7:30am)

All around Australia, worshippers testify to the miracles of St Gough:
ABC’s News, bulletin, Tuesday:  

GOUGH Whitlam is hailed as a champion of the young. In fact his legacy was one of the subjects in today’s final high school exams. Modern history students were asked whether or not the Malcolm Fraser government completely overturned the changes of the Whitlam government. Rebecca Barrett caught some of these students (at North Sydney Girls selective high school) after the exam. 

Barrett: The girls say they spent a lot of time in Year 10 studying the Whitlam years.
Girl: As a woman, coming into my 18th year, the fact that women were able to get the vote during Gough Whitlam’s reign or “reign” (gestures to show quote mark) … 
Barrett: Principal David Tomlin was doing his final exams during Whitlam’s dismissal …
Greg Sheridan notes more:
The Whitlam legend has very little regard for facts. David Williamson this week hailed Gough for creating the first Australia Council. In fact the Australia Council was founded by Harold Holt and the Australia Council for the Arts put on an institutional footing by John Gorton… 
Whitlam is mightily praised for committing Labor to provide state aid to non-government, and especially Catholic, schools. But this was actually first done by Robert Menzies…
Similarly, it has been endlessly repeated this week that Whitlam brought the troops home from Vietnam. This is complete nonsense. The bulk of Australian combat troops left Vietnam in 1971. By the end of 1972, when Whitlam was elected, there was a tiny handful of army training advisers and a small group providing security for the Australian embassy. The army advisers had been scheduled to come out anyway ... 
And Sheridan warns:
For Labor, this [nostalgia] is peculiarly dangerous. It is celebrating the style and model of the worst single government Australia ever had and neglecting the example, in the Hawke government, of the best Labor government… 
Bob Hawke and Paul Keating ran anti-Whitlam governments and distinguished themselves from the style and substance of Whitlam.
Hawke in particular was a master of cabinet process, fiscal conservatism, prudent macro-economic management, incremental social reform that brought along a lot of conservative Australia, the closest possible ties with the US and deep strategic identification with US policy in the Asia Pacific. All of this was the reverse of Whitlam.
It was the tragedy of the Rudd-Gillard years that with their reckless increases in government spending, their disregard for the productive factors in the economy, re-regulation of the labour market and constant internal crises that they much more closely resembled the Whitlam than the Hawke-Keating governments… 
It’s merely the self- congratulatory humbug of the baby boomers. One of the reasons they loved Whitlam was because he took much of their moral dereliction and narcissistic self-­obsession and turned it into approved public policy.
nuke-free middle east : Dry Bones cartoon. kirschen, dry bones, israel. jewish, antisemitism, nukes, zionism,===
Pastor Rick Warren
Never confuse your net-worth with your self-worth. Your value isn't based on your valuables.
"A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."
-Jesus, Luke 12:15
I'm asking all my friends to PLEASE VOTE NOW for the epic TV mini-series #TheBible for a People's Choice Award. Vote here:
That show honored God. You can too.
If you love Jesus as Savior and Lord, you are my brother or sister. We are #family, despite any theological differences
Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin

Father in heaven,I thank You for Your good and precious promises. I choose to trust that my reward is coming.Search my heart and show me any area in my life where I may be hiding. I choose today to stand in faith and invite You to move mightily on my behalf. I choose to follow Your commands because they lead to blessing and life. Give me a heart that is fixed on You and fill me with Your peace. I patiently wait on You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Stand and see the salvation of the Lord..(II Chroniclees 20:17)

Is there something difficult in your life that you are avoiding? So many people today run from anything that’s hard. They run from their problems. They run from responsibility. They run from people they don’t like. They run from the past. They run from anything that makes them uncomfortable. Instead of facing the issues and dealing with them, they just take the easy way out and go down the path of least resistance. But if you’re going to live in victory the way God intends, you have to learn how to face your challenges head on.

Notice today’s verse doesn’t say, “Keep running until you see the salvation of the Lord.” It doesn’t say, “Bury your head in the sand until God delivers you.” No, God wants us to stand strong, set our faces like a flint, and fight the good fight of faith. And the good news is that you don’t have to do it in your own strength.He’s equipped you with His supernatural power to overcome every obstacle.Make the decision today to stand strong and face the challenges in your life. Be bold and dare to conquer. As you stand in faith, you will see the salvation, the deliverance of Almighty God in every area of your life.God bless you.
“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!” Proverbs 15:23 NIV
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon


"I will love them freely."
Hosea 14:4

This sentence is a body of divinity in miniature. He who understands its meaning is a theologian, and he who can dive into its fulness is a true master in Israel. It is a condensation of the glorious message of salvation which was delivered to us in Christ Jesus our Redeemer. The sense hinges upon the word "freely." This is the glorious, the suitable, the divine way by which love streams from heaven to earth, a spontaneous love flowing forth to those who neither deserved it, purchased it, nor sought after it. It is, indeed, the only way in which God can love such as we are. The text is a death-blow to all sorts of fitness: "I will love them freely." Now, if there were any fitness necessary in us, then he would not love us freely; at least, this would be a mitigation and a drawback to the freeness of it. But it stands, "I will love you freely." We complain, "Lord, my heart is so hard." "I will love you freely." "But I do not feel my need of Christ as I could wish." "I will not love you because you feel your need; I will love you freely." "But I do not feel that softening of spirit which I could desire." Remember, the softening of spirit is not a condition, for there are no conditions; the covenant of grace has no conditionality whatever; so that we without any fitness may venture upon the promise of God which was made to us in Christ Jesus, when he said, "He that believeth on him is not condemned." It is blessed to know that the grace of God is free to us at all times, without preparation, without fitness, without money, and without price! "I will love them freely." These words invite backsliders to return: indeed, the text was specially written for such--"I will heal their backsliding; I will love them freely." Backslider! surely the generosity of the promise will at once break your heart, and you will return, and seek your injured Father's face.


"He shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you."
John 16:15
There are times when all the promises and doctrines of the Bible are of no avail, unless a gracious hand shall apply them to us. We are thirsty, but too faint to crawl to the water-brook. When a soldier is wounded in battle it is of little use for him to know that there are those at the hospital who can bind up his wounds, and medicines there to ease all the pains which he now suffers: what he needs is to be carried thither, and to have the remedies applied. It is thus with our souls, and to meet this need there is one, even the Spirit of truth, who takes of the things of Jesus, and applies them to us. Think not that Christ hath placed his joys on heavenly shelves that we may climb up to them for ourselves, but he draws near, and sheds his peace abroad in our hearts. O Christian, if thou art tonight labouring under deep distresses, thy Father does not give thee promises and then leave thee to draw them up from the Word like buckets from a well, but the promises he has written in the Word he will write anew on your heart. He will manifest his love to you, and by his blessed Spirit, dispel your cares and troubles. Be it known unto thee, O mourner, that it is God's prerogative to wipe every tear from the eye of his people. The good Samaritan did not say, "Here is the wine, and here is the oil for you;" he actually poured in the oil and the wine. So Jesus not only gives you the sweet wine of the promise, but holds the golden chalice to your lips, and pours the life-blood into your mouth. The poor, sick, way-worn pilgrim is not merely strengthened to walk, but he is borne on eagles' wings. Glorious gospel! which provides everything for the helpless, which draws nigh to us when we cannot reach after it--brings us grace before we seek for grace! Here is as much glory in the giving as in the gift. Happy people who have the Holy Ghost to bring Jesus to them.

Today's reading: Isaiah 65-66, 1 Timothy 2 (NIV)

View today's reading on Bible Gateway

Today's Old Testament reading: Isaiah 65-66

Judgment and Salvation
1 “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me;
I was found by those who did not seek me.
To a nation that did not call on my name,
I said, ‘Here am I, here am I.’
2 All day long I have held out my hands
to an obstinate people,
who walk in ways not good,
pursuing their own imaginations—
3 a people who continually provoke me
to my very face,
offering sacrifices in gardens
and burning incense on altars of brick;
4 who sit among the graves
and spend their nights keeping secret vigil;
who eat the flesh of pigs,
and whose pots hold broth of impure meat;
5 who say, ‘Keep away; don’t come near me,
for I am too sacred for you!’
Such people are smoke in my nostrils,
a fire that keeps burning all day.
“See, it stands written before me:
I will not keep silent but will pay back in full;
I will pay it back into their laps—
7 both your sins and the sins of your ancestors,”
says the LORD.
“Because they burned sacrifices on the mountains
and defied me on the hills,
I will measure into their laps
the full payment for their former deeds.”

Today's New Testament reading: 1 Timothy 2

Instructions on Worship
1 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. 5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time. 7 And for this purpose I was appointed a herald and an apostle—I am telling the truth, I am not lying—and a true and faithful teacher of the Gentiles.
8 Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing. 9 I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10 but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.
11 A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 15 But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.
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