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Todays report stands on its own because this time in 2014, the Conservative Voice was looking for rental accommodation after being forced to sell their unit/home.

People wish to come to Australia to stay. At least one bikie hopes to return and three who had left to join ISIL death cult are asking to come back. Australia has passed laws to protect herself from such terrorists. Why should Australia harbour such beasts? Citizenship is not a revolving door. Redemption is important, but it isn't the job of a nation to redeem terrorist who have eschewed national virtues. Apparently, their lawyers are saying they want to be an example for those others wanting to join the death cult. But if we never let them back in, they are. 

In 639, Ashina Jiesheshuai and his tribesmen assaulted Tai zong at Jiucheng Palace. Ashina had tried to get his brother in trouble with the emperor, and so the emperor ignored him because he had felt that behaviour despicable. So Ashina launched an attack at the palace, but did so in a way badly timed. Bad weather meant that the palace did not make a mistake of attacking outside the walls. So Ashina tried to steal some horses and flee. He was caught and killed. 715, Pope Gregory II was elected. 1051, Henry I of France was married to Anne of Kiev. 1445, John II of Castile defeated the Infantes of Aragon at the First Battle of Olmedo. 1499, Catherine of Aragon was married by proxy to Arthur, Prince of Wales. Catherine was 13 and Arthur was 12. Catherine would later argue she had not consummated the marriage. Henry VIII would find it convenient to claim she had. 

In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier set sail on his second voyage to North America with three ships, 110 men, and Chief Donnacona's two sons (whom Cartier had kidnapped during his first voyage). 1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII of England, was beheaded for adultery, treason, and incest. The charges against Anne were monstrous, probably so as to prevent division in the court from sympathy to her. In Anne's defence, she maintained her dignity for her daughter. 1542, the Prome Kingdom fell to the Taungoo Dynasty in present-day Burma. 1568, Queen Elizabeth I of England ordered the arrest of Mary, Queen of Scots. Elizabeth had not wanted to kill Mary. But, Mary was persistent. 1643, Thirty Years' War: French forces under the duc d'Enghien decisively defeated Spanish forces at the Battle of Rocroi, marking the symbolic end of Spain as a dominant land power. 1649, an Act of Parliament declared England a Commonwealth was passed by the Long Parliament. England would be a republic for the next eleven years. 1655, the Invasion of Jamaica began during the Anglo-Spanish War. 1743, Jean-Pierre Christin developed the centigrade temperature scale. 1749, King George II of Great Britain granted the Ohio Company a charter of land around the forks of the Ohio River. 1776, American Revolutionary War: A Continental Army garrison surrendered in the Battle of The Cedars. 1780, New England's Dark Day: A combination of thick smoke and heavy cloud cover caused complete darkness to fall on Eastern Canada and the New England area of the United States at 10:30 A.M.

In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte founded the Legion of Honour. 1828, U.S. President John Quincy Adams signed the Tariff of 1828 into law, protecting wool manufacturers in the United States. 1845, Captain Sir John Franklin and his ill-fated Arctic expedition departed from Greenhithe, England. 1848, Mexican–American War: Mexico ratifies the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo thus ending the war and ceding CaliforniaNevadaUtah and parts of four other modern-day U.S. states to the United States for US$15 million. 1897, Oscar Wilde was released from Reading Gaol. Oscar's incarceration was a tragedy, but it was also his own fault. He had sought an advantage not within Queensbury rules. 

In 1911, Parks Canada, the world's first national park service, was established as the Dominion Parks Branch under the Department of the Interior. 1917, the Norwegian football club Rosenborg BK was founded. 1919, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk landed at Samsun on the Anatolian Black Sea coast, initiating what was later termed the Turkish War of Independence. 1921, the United States Congress passed the Emergency Quota Act establishing national quotas on immigration. Following WW1, immigration had been high. This was a bad attempt at dealing with it. 1922, the Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union was established. 1934, Zveno and the Bulgarian Army engineered a coup d'état and installed Kimon Georgiev as the new Prime Minister of Bulgaria. 1941, the Viet Minh, a communist coalition, formed at Cao Bằng ProvinceVietnam. 1942, World War II: In the aftermath of the Battle of the Coral SeaTask Force 16 headed to Pearl Harbor. 1943, World War II: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set Monday, May 11944 as the date for the Normandy landings ("D-Day"). It would later be delayed over a month due to bad weather.

In 1950, a barge containing munitions destined for Pakistan exploded in the harbour at South Amboy, New Jersey, devastating the city. Also 1950, Egypt announces that the Suez Canal was closed to Israeli ships and commerce. 1959, the North Vietnamese Army established Group 559, whose responsibility was to determine how to maintain supply lines to South Vietnam; the resulting route was the Ho Chi Minh trail. 1961, Venera programVenera 1 becomes the first man-made object to fly-by another planet by passing Venus (the probe had lost contact with Earth a month earlier and did not send back any data). Also 1961, at Silchar Railway Station, Assam, 11 Bengalis died when police opened fire on protesters demanding state recognition of Bengali language in the Bengali Language Movement. 1962, a birthday salute to U.S. President John F. Kennedy took place at Madison Square Garden, New York City. The highlight was Marilyn Monroe's rendition of "Happy Birthday". 1963, the New York Post Sunday Magazine published Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail, drafted shortly after his arrest on April 12 during the Birmingham campaign advocating for civil rights and an end to segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. The letter was in response to "A Call for Unity": A statement made by eight white Alabama clergymen against King and his methods, following his arrest, and became one of the most-anthologised statements of the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

In 1971, Mars probe programMars 2 was launched by the Soviet Union. 1984, Michael Larson, a contestant on the television game show Press Your Luck exploited a bug in the prize board, and won over US$110,000. 1986, the Firearm Owners Protection Act was signed into law by U.S. President Ronald Reagan. 1991, Croatians voted for independence in a referendum. 1997, the Sierra Gorda biosphere, the most ecologically diverse region in Mexico, was established as a result of grassroots efforts. 2007, President of Romania Traian Băsescu survived an impeachment referendum and returned to office from suspension. 2010, the Royal Thai Armed Forces concluded its crackdown on protests by forcing the surrender of United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship leaders.
None in 2014 because of Government and public service corruption related to the petitions
Historical perspectives on this day
In 639, Ashina Jiesheshuai and his tribesmen assaulted Tai zong at Jiucheng Palace. 715, Pope Gregory II was elected. 1051, Henry I of France was married to Anne of Kiev. 1445, John II of Castile defeated the Infantes of Aragon at the First Battle of Olmedo. 1499, Catherine of Aragon was married by proxy to Arthur, Prince of Wales. Catherine was 13 and Arthur was 12.

In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier set sail on his second voyage to North America with three ships, 110 men, and Chief Donnacona's two sons (whom Cartier had kidnapped during his first voyage). 1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII of England, was beheaded for adultery, treason, and incest. 1542, the Prome Kingdom fell to the Taungoo Dynasty in present-day Burma. 1568, Queen Elizabeth I of England ordered the arrest of Mary, Queen of Scots. 1643, Thirty Years' War: French forces under the duc d'Enghien decisively defeated Spanish forces at the Battle of Rocroi, marking the symbolic end of Spain as a dominant land power. 1649, an Act of Parliament declared England a Commonwealth was passed by the Long Parliament. England would be a republic for the next eleven years. 1655, the Invasion of Jamaica began during the Anglo-Spanish War. 1743, Jean-Pierre Christin developed the centigrade temperature scale. 1749, King George II of Great Britain granted the Ohio Company a charter of land around the forks of the Ohio River. 1776, American Revolutionary War: A Continental Army garrison surrendered in the Battle of The Cedars. 1780, New England's Dark Day: A combination of thick smoke and heavy cloud cover caused complete darkness to fall on Eastern Canada and the New England area of the United States at 10:30 A.M.

In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte founded the Legion of Honour. 1828, U.S. President John Quincy Adams signed the Tariff of 1828 into law, protecting wool manufacturers in the United States. 1845, Captain Sir John Franklin and his ill-fated Arctic expedition departed from Greenhithe, England. 1848, Mexican–American War: Mexico ratifies the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo thus ending the war and ceding California, Nevada, Utah and parts of four other modern-day U.S. states to the United States for US$15 million. 1897, Oscar Wilde was released from Reading Gaol.

In 1911, Parks Canada, the world's first national park service, was established as the Dominion Parks Branch under the Department of the Interior. 1917, the Norwegian football club Rosenborg BK was founded. 1919, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk landed at Samsun on the Anatolian Black Sea coast, initiating what was later termed the Turkish War of Independence. 1921, the United States Congress passed the Emergency Quota Act establishing national quotas on immigration. 1922, the Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union was established. 1934, Zveno and the Bulgarian Army engineered a coup d'état and installed Kimon Georgiev as the new Prime Minister of Bulgaria. 1941, the Viet Minh, a communist coalition, formed at Cao Bằng Province, Vietnam. 1942, World War II: In the aftermath of the Battle of the Coral Sea, Task Force 16 headed to Pearl Harbor. 1943, World War II: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set Monday, May 1, 1944 as the date for the Normandy landings ("D-Day"). It would later be delayed over a month due to bad weather.

In 1950, a barge containing munitions destined for Pakistan exploded in the harbour at South Amboy, New Jersey, devastating the city. Also 1950, Egypt announces that the Suez Canal was closed to Israeli ships and commerce. 1959, the North Vietnamese Army established Group 559, whose responsibility was to determine how to maintain supply lines to South Vietnam; the resulting route was the Ho Chi Minh trail. 1961, Venera program: Venera 1 becomes the first man-made object to fly-by another planet by passing Venus (the probe had lost contact with Earth a month earlier and did not send back any data). Also 1961, at Silchar Railway Station, Assam, 11 Bengalis died when police opened fire on protesters demanding state recognition of Bengali language in the Bengali Language Movement. 1962, a birthday salute to U.S. President John F. Kennedy took place at Madison Square Garden, New York City. The highlight was Marilyn Monroe's rendition of "Happy Birthday". 1963, the New York Post Sunday Magazine published Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail, drafted shortly after his arrest on April 12 during the Birmingham campaign advocating for civil rights and an end to segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. The letter was in response to "A Call for Unity": A statement made by eight white Alabama clergymen against King and his methods, following his arrest, and became one of the most-anthologised statements of the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

In 1971, Mars probe program: Mars 2 was launched by the Soviet Union. 1984, Michael Larson, a contestant on the television game show Press Your Luck exploited a bug in the prize board, and won over US$110,000. 1986, the Firearm Owners Protection Act was signed into law by U.S. President Ronald Reagan. 1991, Croatians voted for independence in a referendum. 1997, the Sierra Gorda biosphere, the most ecologically diverse region in Mexico, was established as a result of grassroots efforts. 2007, President of Romania Traian Băsescu survived an impeachment referendum and returned to office from suspension. 2010, the Royal Thai Armed Forces concluded its crackdown on protests by forcing the surrender of United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship leaders.
This column welcomes feedback and criticism. The column is not made up but based on the days events and articles which are then placed in the feed. So they may not have an apparent cohesion they would have had were they made up.
Editorials will appear in the "History in a Year by the Conservative Voice" series, starting with August https://www.createspace.com/4124406September https://www.createspace.com/5106914October https://www.createspace.com/5106951, or at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/1482020262/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_dVHPub0MQKDZ4  The kindle version is cheaper, but the soft back version allows the purchase of a kindle version for just $3.99 more. 
For twenty two years I have been responsibly addressing an issue, and I cannot carry on. I am petitioning the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to remedy my distress. I leave it up to him if he chooses to address the issue. Regardless of your opinion of conservative government, the issue is pressing. Please sign my petition at https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/tony-abbott-remedy-the-persecution-of-dd-ball

Or the US President at
https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/change-injustice-faced-david-daniel-ball-after-he-reported-bungled-pedophile-investigation-and/b8mxPWtJ or http://wh.gov/ilXYR

Mr Ball, I will not sign your petition as it will do no good, but I will share your message and ask as many of friends who read it, to share it also. Let us see if we cannot use the power of the internet to spread the word of these infamous killings. As a father and a former soldier, I cannot, could not, justify ignoring this appalling action by the perpetrators, whoever they may; I thank you Douglas. You are wrong about the petition. Signing it is as worthless and meaningless an act as voting. A stand up guy would know that. - ed

Lorraine Allen Hider I signed the petition ages ago David, with pleasure, nobody knows what it's like until they've been there. Keep heart David take care.

I have begun a bulletin board (http://theconservativevoice.freeforums.netwhich will allow greater latitude for members to post and interact. It is not subject to FB policy and so greater range is allowed in posts. Also there are private members rooms in which nothing is censored, except abuse. All welcome, registration is free.
Happy birthday and many happy returns Chris DuongLinda Haarberg,Bonny HuynhCatherine Ash and Hien Tran. Born on the same day, across the years. In 1743, French physicist Jean-Pierre Christin published the design of a mercury thermometer with the centigrade scale where zero represents the freezing point of water and 100 its boiling point, thus confusing scientists who followed who never know, if it is 20 degrees outside, if it is freezing. But you know, because it is your day.
Portrait of a girl believed to be Catherine of Aragon
We have temporal power. The maiden has a future and a past. It is dark here. Our parks are national. The referendum counted everyone. Let's party. 


Tim Blair – Tuesday, May 19, 2015 (5:36am)

The furious Frightbat hate campaign against Tony Abbott has caused a dramatic decline in female support … for Bill Shorten
Abbott and Shorten are virtually level as preferred prime minister among female voters – the Opposition Leader is favoured among female voters by just 40 to 39 per cent …
Shorten has suffered a precipitous 14 percentage point drop in support among female voters, down from 54 per cent to 40 per cent. 
Things have sure turned around since a February poll at Mamamia claimed “86% of Australian women want Tony Abbott to step down”: 
“We’ve seen a trend in women turning away from Tony Abbott. His performance as Minister for Women has been widely condemned,” said editor-in-chief of the Mamamia Women’s Network, Jamila Rizvi. 
Comments at that link are interesting: “You do realise a large part of your readership is male, I assume? I voted in that poll. I’m a guy. Did you count me among the 86% of women?”


Tim Blair – Tuesday, May 19, 2015 (4:23am)

Leftoid Ben Eltham does not approve of Monday’s column:


Modern leftists have arrived at a curious place. They now demand that money be taken from workers and given to middle-class nimrods for the purpose of … well, nothing at all, really. A question for Ben and his fellow funding fans: what is Australia’s single greatest piece of tax-financed art?
Personally, I’d nominate the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectricity Scheme, a sustainable installation utilising multiethnic resources in natural surrounds to create large-scale light and movement displays. But that’s just me.


Tim Blair – Tuesday, May 19, 2015 (4:02am)

Following Belle Gibson’s confession that she wasn’t a multiple cancer-suffering tumour mass, Cosmopolitan editor Bronwyn McCahon announced she would not withdraw an award her magazine gave to the young liar: 
“We won’t be stripping her of the award because Cosmo is about supporting women through triumph and adversity,” McCahon said. 
I wonder if McCahon’s generosity of spirit will extend to another woman who has endured genuine adversity – namely Gibson’s mother
Natalie Dal-Bello told the Australian Women’s Weekly she was “embarrassed” by Gibson, who she said had dragged her family through the mud in her attempt to blame her cancer lies on a troubled childhood.
Gibson said as a five-year-old girl she had been forced to care for Mrs Dal-Bello — who has multiple sclerosis — and run the household, while also looking after her autistic brother.
“What a lot of rubbish,” Mrs Dal-Bello (formerly Gibson) told the magazine, saying the only truth to the story was her MS.
“Her brother is not autistic and she’s barely done a minute’s housework in her life,” she said …
“She doesn’t seem to be sorry. There doesn’t appear to be any remorse. I’ve never seen her cry in her life.” 
Tear duct cancer, probably.


Tim Blair – Tuesday, May 19, 2015 (2:45am)

Confectionary controversy last year in Mosman:


(Via Alan R.M. Jones) 

The Queensland Government feathers more union nests

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (9:45am)

What on earth is the Palaszczuk Government up to? Its pro-union lean is ludicrous:
The Courier-Mail revealed public service managers have been ordered to recruit staff to unions in an extraordinary deal signed in secret by the Palaszczuk Government.
The pact means the State Government will in effect become a recruiting arm of the union movement, with union delegates granted a free run of agencies.
Union delegates will be given taxpayer-subsidised office space, telephones, computers, noticeboards and other facilities – and allowed to recruit members and conduct union business during office hours.
The deal includes a plan to subsidise unionists to study industrial relations at uni in work hours. The pact even links the running of government agencies to unions.
“As part of this commitment the government will encourage the establishment of joint union and employer consultative committees at a central and agency level,” it says.

Astonishing. The public’s taxes, the unions’ profit.
(Thanks to reader John.) 

Check for yourself if Leigh Sales is as fair as she says

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (9:12am)

ABC host Leigh Sales responds to the criticism of her hostile interviewing of Joe Hockey, when she aggressively interrupted him some 14 times and made it almost impossible at times for him to get out an answer:

ABC presenter Leigh Sales has defended her budget night interview with Treasurer Joe Hockey after Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said a “less aggressive” style of interviewing would be more effective.
In a Sunday appearance on The Bolt Report, hosted by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, Mr Turnbull said budget interviews by Sales and Lateline host Emma Alberici were “very aggressive” and recommended journalists take a “more forensic” approach…
Sales said her budget week interviews with Mr Hockey and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten were both “pretty standard political interviews”.
“Go back and have a look at my budget interviews when Wayne Swan was treasurer or with Julia Gillard or with Kevin Rudd during the election campaign or Tony Abbott about BHP,” she said.
Yes, let us indeed compare. Here is Sales interviewing Wayne Swan on Budget night 2013, quite properly subjecting his claims to scrutiny and occasionally interrrupting him:
And here is her interview with Hockey on Budget night:
One was actually interrupted less and given time to give his answers. Guess which?
As with Emma Alberici, Mia Freeman on Mamamia lets herself down by playing the gender card, without the slightest attempt to check the facts:
And how come male journalists are never accused of being “aggressive”?...To my mind, it all comes down to one question. Have you ever heard a male interviewer described as ‘aggressive’?
It’s a highly loaded term and one I can’t recall ever hearing used to describe Laurie Oakes, Tony Jones, Barrie Cassidy, Mark Reilly, David Spears, Kieran Gilbert or any other male journalist working in Canberra.
Utter nonsense. Pure victimology. As I wrote when Alberici tried the same excuse:
Turnbull was commenting after I played or shown him four examples of bias or aggression by ABC presenters, two male, two female, and one from a male-hosted show (PM).
Moreover, Alberici should Google the many criticisms I have made of her male colleagues Tony Jones, Paul Barry, Jon Faine, Robyn “100 metres” Williams and more.
Here, for instance, is an excerpt of just one of the many criticisms I’ve made of Faine’s bias and interviewing style

Fourth, Faine repeatedly interrupted and badgered Monckton…
Sixth, Faine repeatedly allowed Posner and callers to abuse Monckton in the most offensive and childish manner, even calling him a “lunatic” and suggesting he was corrupt…
Eighth, Faine allowed the calls that got through to be entirely dominated by ones hostile to Monckton…
And ninth, Faine’s personal interventions were not just partisan but so ill-informed - or, rather, so informed by alarmism - that he even claimed “tsunamis” were caused by global warming. 
On Faine again:

Faine this morning wasted no time in confirming everything I’ve said about his rank bias - and that of the ABC. Here are just some excerpts from this aggressive, angry and highly partisan interview of Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg:
About Tony Jones:

… a smartarse insult from ABC Leftist host Tony Jones ...
On Jones again:

I don’t heckle [my own guests], sneer at them, get stacked audiences to jeer them or run Tweets under their face to insult them. Yet Liberals do go on the ABC’s Q&A program to subject themselves to all the above.
Mia Freedman again plays the gender card, as does Annabel Crabb, both again making false assumptions that fit their only-women-bleed victim narrative:
Political writer Annabel Crabb told Mamamia, “One year ago, Laurie Oakes started his post-budget Hockey interview by giving the Treasurer both barrels about the song he was dancing to with his little boy before delivering the budget. It was an incredibly hard-core opener. I don’t remember anyone making much of a fuss about that. But it seems that when Leigh conducts a tough interview, it’s worth days and days of stories. It’s actually embarrassing for the outlets who are beating this up.”
Crabb either is incredibly ill-informed or incredibly forgetful. I indeed criticised Oakes for his stupid questions, on air and repeatedly in print.
Even Paul Barry, on the ABC’s Media Watch, called out Oakes:
And that opening question to Joe Hockey on budget night from Nine’s Laurie Oakes must rank as one of the great ambushes of all time.
Moments before inflicting all that pain on the masses, the heartless Treasurer had been dancing in his office ... and worse still ... just wait till you hear what the music was.
JOE HOCKEY: Dancing?
LAURIE OAKES:Yeah, you put on a song called ‘This will be the best day of my life’ and danced with your wife.
JOE HOCKEY: Ah, well, oh, I think it was more about our little boy was there and I hadn’t seen him for three weeks. So, I think that was more of a focus ...
— Channel Nine News, 13th May, 2014
Poor old Joe didn’t know what hit him.... And before he could marshal a defence, Oakes hit him with the next shot
LAURIE OAKES: ... the unemployed, the sick, the welfare recipients who were hit by the budget, they’re not going to be dancing are they?
JOE HOCKEY: Uh, no Laurie, they’re not, but I ...
LAURIE OAKES: It won’t be, it won’t be the best day of their life?
JOE HOCKEY: Ah, no but it is the, it is the best day for Australia, Laurie. It is the best day for Australia ...
— Channel Nine News, 13th May, 2014
It was certainly riveting television and a cut-through moment in that great mass of budget coverage.
But fair it was not.
Did Crabb not see that?
So, yes, we don’t just criticise female journalists for overly aggressive questioning.  So why this whingeing?
(Thanks to readers Rusty and Joshua.) 

Our welfare culture produces the opposite. Time to hand out contraceptives with the dole?

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (8:42am)

Nick Cater is right, of course:
It’s not so much the poverty that haunts us in the SBS series Struggle Street as the hideous human cost of another failed utopia.
The planners didn’t mean Mount Druitt to turn out this way when they set out to build a little piece of paradise on the western fringe of Sydney a half-century ago… Some 8000 homes were to be rented out at an affordable price to workers; there would be parks in which children could play and schools in which they could rise to their full potential…

The drug trade is pervasive but why did heroin hit Mount Druitt hard and why were its residents so ill-armed to confront it?
From the comfort of the ABC’s studios in Ultimo, Struggle Street’s critics on Q&A tried to condemn its characters as unrepresentative. “It was an incredibly lopsided show,” The Australian Financial Review’s Jennifer Hewett said. “It was kind of condescending … it was just as if they went out and kind of looked for talent."…
They would not have needed to look particularly hard. Here is just a little of the evidence to be gleaned about postcode 2770 from the last census:
More than 12,000 homes belong to the Housing Commission; that’s one in five homes in the suburb. More than half the tenants are single parents who outnumber married couples almost three to one. In 2011, 45 per cent of commission tenants survived on less than $300 a week.
Six out of 10 working-age adults do no work at all. In 26 per cent of families with children there is no adult holding down a job. A trawl through welfare and crime statistics would doubtless complete the picture; Mount Druitt is an experiment in social engineering that went badly wrong.
Early tenants had to pass what amounted to a character test, proving to the satisfaction of Housing Commission officials that they possessed the right degree of civic pride to become good neighbours.
In the 1970s, however, the policy changed. Housing would be granted on the grounds of social need, which in effect gave priority to the most dysfunctional applicants. The idea of homes for diligent working folk was abandoned. Bill Randolph and Dominique Murray’s analysis of the 2001 census found 98 per cent of NSW Housing Commission tenants received social security payments.
Mount Druitt ... is the entrenchment of a welfare culture that saps people of their dignity, robs them of agency and sucks the meaning from their lives. Welfare entitlements, though far from generous, have the potential to turn substance abuse into a viable career choice, albeit a wretched one…
If offering a window on this dust bowl of entitlement gives the Abbott government courage for serious-minded welfare reform, the show will indeed have performed a useful service.
Former Labor minister Gary Johns suggests we give out the dole only if recipients agree not to have children:
Struggle Street, the erroneously labelled “poverty porn” SBS documentary about the shocking lives of three families in Sydney’s Mount Druitt, was confronting viewing.... . It is Australia, a half century on, in one of the richest countries, with one of the most progressive tax systems, one of the most generous benefits systems and more charity than ever. It is also a half century since the feminist revolution. It does not get any better than this for the underclass and for women.
But there she was, the pregnant Billie Jo, sitting on the toilet sucking on a bong. Billie Jo was pregnant to a lifelong drug addict, the pitiful Bob…
Two cheers to Mia Freedman of Mamamia for her comment on Struggle Street : “Our priority as a society must be to remove children from parents who cannot take care of them. I’m not big on second chances.” Her policy declaration on Billie Jo seems consistent with Mamamia philosophies: a no-tolerance policy on abuse; women’s rights to control their own bodies; and, above all else, the rights of the child.
So, Billie Jo cops a scolding and a penalty for drug abuse. Tick philosophy No 1. The serial drug-addled woman gets to control her own body by having a child. Tick No 2. And Billie Jo has her child taken to protect the rights of the child. Tick No 3.
But three ticks do not a policy make. It seems to me the right to procreate has overridden the best interests of the child. What to do when the woman wants a child but abuses the child by having the child? Billie Jo’s first two children were removed. How traumatic for the children and Billie Jo. She should have been prevented from having the third child, indeed, arguably, any.
No child should be born to a parent or parents unable or unwilling to care for them. Billie Jo’s welfare history was not reported but I do not doubt that she, her mother and Bob were long-term welfare beneficiaries.
While she was on a benefit Billie Jo should have been on a long-acting reversible contraceptive. The same should have applied to Bob were such available. Billie Jo could have been saved the trauma of having her third child taken. And what awaits those three? 

Unlucky for some

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (8:39am)

Nicely put by James Jeffrey:
The concept of “frame of reference”, as illustrated by a single headline on The Daily Telegraph website: “Embattled singer Jon Stevens continues his string of bad luck after hitting an elderly pedestrian.”

The real victims of religious persecution. So where is our victim industry?

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (8:18am)

It is the most vicious and predominant religious persecution in the world, yet rarely challenged as such in the media:
Yazidi girls kidnapped by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadists were given the chance to convert to Islam but told if they refused they would automatically become Muslims anyway the moment an ISIS fighter raped them, U.S. lawmakers heard on Wednesday.
During a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on ISIS’ war on religious minorities, a representative of a California-based, non-profit organization recounted the testimony of some of the Yazidi girls she met and counseled during recent trips to Iraq.
“In one night [in Sinjar town in northern Iraq] ISIS came and took all these girls,” said Jacqueline Isaac, vice-president of the group Roads of Success.
“And they told them first – they gave them an option. They said, ‘Will you become a Muslim? Will you convert to Islam?
‘“And many of them said no,” Isaac continued. “And they told them, ‘You are going to be Muslim regardless, because we are going to sleep with you. And the moment that we do that, once we rape you, you will be Muslim.’”
The International Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic organization, is reporting that some of its members in Syria were kidnapped by the Islamic State last week and told that if the adults do not deny their Christian faith, they will be decapitated and “their children burned alive in cages.”
... last month, the Nigerian army rescued nearly 700 captured women and children that were found in the Sambisa Forest and near Chalawa Village in Adamawa State. When the women were brought in for medical examinations, it was discovered that over 200 of them were pregnant.
“Boko Haram insurgents deliberately raped women with the intention of getting them pregnant so they would give birth to future insurgents...,” Isa Gusau, spokesperson for Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima, told reporters…
Now, some of the women who were rescued from Boko Haram are talking about their life in captivity, sharing horrifying details of sex slavery and forced conversion…
“Every day they would come around and tell us we were infidels, that we should convert and accept their religion,” 27-year-old Lami Musa told the BBC.
“They told us that if we do not convert to Islam, they will slit our throats,” said 15-year-old Abigail John. “They said they would marry us off … and would marry us to their members who are single.”

For nearly six years, Boko Haram has wreaked havoc in northeastern Nigeria and killed more than 13,000 innocent civilians, mostly Christians…
Interestingly, the New York Times’ lengthy report on the Boko Haram rapes fails even to mention the victims were Christian.
Why has our victim industry not adopted the cause of Christians?
(Thanks to reader fulchrum.) 

Get over the culture cringe. It’s only Oliver

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (8:08am)

A Leftist smartarse in the US mocks a conservative politician in Australia.
About as consequential to us as I would be to the US calling Barack Obama the worst US president in a century. 

Say no to Forrest’s crazy demand

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (8:04am)

I must be missing something in this farce, in this brazen appeal to help Andrew Forrest make more money as the expense of his competitors.
Forrest opens a new mine, and since 2005 has put more new iron ore on the market than either Rio Tinto or BHP.
Now, because the price for iron ore has plummeted, he risks going broke, so he wants the Government to stop Rio and BHP from selling so much, or at a low price.
Even more astonishing, he wants the Government to restrict highly-efficient and low-cost producers of good quality ore to the benefit of Forrest, a high-cost producer of lower-quality ore.
And he wants this attempted even though this is a world market, with big producers in Brazil and Africa ready to sell what Australian producers won’t.
Are we stark, staring mad? Is the Government seriously considering this self-serving appeal?
Don Argus is surely right:
Former BHP Billiton chairman Don Argus has warned Australia would become a “laughing stock of the world” if the government ­intervened in the iron ore market.
As the Abbott government considers an inquiry into claims by Fortescue Metals Group chairman Andrew Forrest that industry giants Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton have been forcing down prices and driving out smaller rivals, Mr Argus warned that intervention would make the nation non-competitive and send mixed signals about whether Australia was a command economy or a market economy…
In March, Mr Forrest called for a cap on iron ore production. Last week, Mr Forrest urged Australians to lobby the government to “consider the multinationals’ ­licence to operate in Australia if they don’t market Australian iron ore responsibly for all Australians”. On Sunday, an “Our Iron Ore” campaign was launched to gather support for an inquiry.
Mr Argus said an inquiry was not needed… “It’s just ­beyond my comprehension how anybody would even be thinking about it."…
Independent senator Nick Xenophon has continued to push for an inquiry. Tony Abbott flagged an inquiry last Friday, and yesterday said he wanted to get to the bottom of the “claim and counterclaim” being made within the market. “An inquiry may well be a very good way of doing that,” the Prime Minister said..., vowing that “one thing you will never find from this government is any attempt to regulate a market which is working well”.
Terry McCrann:

As [Fortescue Metals Group’s] share price collapsed, [Forrest’s] been blaming BHPB and Rio with ever-rising ferocity… His argument? That they’ve been boosting their production.
The simplest response is: duhr. They are the two cheapest producers of iron ore in the world; they can make very handsome profits even at $US50-a-tonne. Why on earth wouldn’t they want to sell more?
In biblical terms Twiggy can’t see the bloody great steel I-beam in his own eye — the 155 million tonnes of extra, lower-grade, iron ore that he and Fortescue have pumped into the market.
That’s far more than BHPB and Rio have each added. Yet he wants them to cut back their — much more profitable — production; so he can continue to not only make a buck but a bigger buck. He’s not got the unthinking endorsement of both Hockey and Abbott....
As the head of the ACCC Sims, politely if somewhat quizzically pointed out,… it was impossible to describe something as ‘predatory’ when they were selling what they produced above — indeed, well above — their production cost…
Indeed arguably what the PM is supporting — which is ultimately, if indirectly, some sort of attempt to force BHPB and Rio to cut their production — is even stupider than the mining tax. It’s stupider on so many levels, you wouldn’t believe.
McCrann says there are two excuses for an inquiry - one very much to Forrest’s disadvantage:
Good, even just basic, policy would see PM and Treasurer sending him packing with the proverbial flea in the ear…
But, the counter argument is twofold. That an inquiry would reveal the emptiness of Twiggy’s claims…
But secondly, ... if the “independent” Senate is going to have an inquiry anyway, try to have some controlling, rational, input to it and even perhaps take it over.
The PM is trying to achieve the latter by seeking to make it a joint Senate-Reps inquiry headed by a Coalition member.
Fran Kelly on ABC Radio National shows zero understanding of market economics or the industry which produces more than anyone else of the taxes that subsidise the ABC. She demands to know why BHPB is selling more iron ore when the price is low. Answer from the BHPB CEO: because it is still making money, and if it cut back production it would run at a loss. Not added: and foreign competitors would snatch our market share. 

Misogyny smear fails

Andrew Bolt May 19 2015 (8:04am)

Tim Blair notes these lines in a report on the latest Fairfax poll, held just three months after Mamamia claimed its own poll showed “86% of Australian women want Tony Abbott to step down”:
Abbott and Shorten are virtually level as preferred prime minister among female voters – the Opposition Leader is favoured among female voters by just 40 to 39 per cent …
Shorten has suffered a precipitous 14 percentage point drop in support among female voters, down from 54 per cent to 40 per cent. 

Posted by Better Raw on Friday, 24 April 2015

I can confirm that an application for a new Australian visa has been refused for a person with an alleged association with an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. I am committed to protecting the Australian community from those involved in serious criminal activity, including Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. People who abuse the privilege of living in Australia can expect to have their visas cancelled under this Government.


If you could make one dream come true today, what would it be?
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After receiving fan mail from a young girl, C.S. Lewis replied with these 5 essential tips for writing: http://bit.ly/1IM3JYO
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anh ấy mới học mấy năm mà anh ấy vừa sáng tác vừa hát Tiếng Việt hayphát nể ảnh rồi <3
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=== Posts from last year ===


Tim Blair – Sunday, May 19, 2013 (5:04am)

Angry times for the party of peace
Greens leader Christine Milne is being accused of running a dysfunctional office and allowing a culture of intimidation after the sudden resignation of a highly regarded senior employee.
Alexandra Lamb, a media adviser to Senator Milne, quit her job last Sunday after professional clashes with the party’s new communications director, Georgie Klug.
Ms Lamb was given half an hour to leave her Parliament House office after her resignation. 
Only half an hour? Barely enough time to gather up your dream catchers and medicine wheels
The incident highlighted a culture of tension and mistrust inside the balance-of-power party. Sources say a ‘’bitter, petty and nasty’’ process was put in train to force Ms Lamb’s resignation and was indicative of measures used against other staff.
‘’Alex was so dedicated and professional and this shouldn’t have happened,’’ one party source said. ‘’But the problem is far deeper than what happened last week. The culture is not good.’’
Another source said ‘’tensions have skyrocketed’’ inside the party and ‘’there is an air of chaos and panic as the election gets closer’’. 
They’re worried that the great lie will end: 
The Greens vowed today to fight for the carbon tax if the Coalition is elected in September and urged Labor to defy a double-dissolution election threat. 
Another 117 days to go.



Tim Blair – Sunday, May 19, 2013 (4:18am)

Geelong beaten for the first time in 2013 – by a certain team wearing black and white:

Other notable results: consecutive wins for the Suns and a draw between Sydney and fast-finishing Fremantle.
UPDATE. AFL storms Texas.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (10:02pm)

To nobody’s great surprise, it turns out that “countries with more economic freedom have higher degrees of tolerance.” This also applies to racial tolerance, although there are exceptions: 
Though you might expect the richer, better-educated Western European nations to be more tolerant than those in Eastern Europe, that’s not exactly the case. France appeared to be one of the least racially tolerant countries on the continent, with 22.7 percent saying they didn’t want a neighbor of another race. 
France’s problems may be related to youths of no particular background. When it comes to economic freedom in general, however, Europe is heading in the wrong direction
The small glass jugs filled with green or gold coloured extra virgin olive oil are familiar and traditional for restaurant goers across Europe but they will be banned from 1 January 2014 after a decision taken in an obscure Brussels committee earlier this week.
From next year olive oil “presented at a restaurant table” must be in pre-packaged, factory bottles with a tamper-proof dispensing nozzle and labelling in line with EU industrial standards. 
Regulation breeds resentment.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (9:59pm)

first for tomorrow’s Bolt Report: 
Anthony Albanese joins us – the only Labor Minister ever to agree to come on the show. 
Labor’s media strategy over the past year or so has focused on soft, argument-free platforms. It isn’t working. Good on Albanese for stepping outside the pillow zone.
UPDATE. As commenters point out, Albanese has previously braved the horror of Bolt Report questions. No other Labor minister has appeared on the program.



Tim Blair – Saturday, May 18, 2013 (9:56pm)

You can chop and change a Mike Carlton column as much as you like, but it’s still a Mike Carlton column.


Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (10:57am)

The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear. (UPDATE: LINK FIXED.) 
19 MAY 2013
ANDREW BOLT, PRESENTER: This show started more than two years ago. We’ve asked the Prime Minister, and her other Ministers, to come on hundreds of times. Come on, show me where I’m wrong. Reach out to people who might not be natural Labor voters. Only one Labor Minister has ever agreed. Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, thank you for coming on. Why-
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Good to be here.
ANDREW BOLT: Why don’t more Labor Ministers do what you do and reach out to people who might not be natural Labor voters?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Oh, look, that’s a decision for them. I take a view that even though you and I would disagree pretty fundamentally on a range of issues, you’re someone who puts your name to things, you argue your case. And I am prepared to argue the case with you. And this is my, I think, third appearance on this show.
ANDREW BOLT: Yeah, but no other Labor Minister does it. And I’m just wondering, is this symptomatic of one of the problems I have seen in Labor, that there’s this division, you know, playing off people against each other, and I’m the enemy, so don’t come on?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Look, I don’t think so. I think it’s probably just a matter of there’s a range of demands on people’s time.
ANDREW BOLT: Yeah, but you know, Anthony, they don’t reach out like you do. And I think this is part of Labor’s wider problem. You’ve got to reach out more, don’t you?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: Well, I certainly think that we’ve got to argue our case in every forum possible. That’s the approach that I have taken. There’s a perception of where you are politically, I guess, and that might repel perhaps some people from engaging in the debate. Look, that’s a decision for them. But there’s certainly no edict or anything. I make my own decisions and I’m happy to be here.
ANDREW BOLT: Well, and I’m happy you are. The Budget - just one month ago, the Prime Minister said the Government’s revenue was down $12 billion, right? On what you would expect when she lasted promised a surplus six months ago. But then she gave us a deficit of not $12 billion but $19 billion. So in just one month, some $7 billion went walkies. What happened?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: No. It’s a difference between the time frames. So it’s the difference between from MYEFO, and the difference from the last Budget.
ANDREW BOLT: No, that’s - MYEFO. After MYEFO she said she was going to deliver a surplus. So it’s from that time. Six months ago. Where did the $7 billion go?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: But it’s a time frame of where she’s picking. There’s a reduction in the anticipated revenue from MYEFO to the Budget, but obviously there was a greater reduction in revenue from last year’s Budget to this year’s Budget. I think that’s the difference between the things.
ANDREW BOLT: I’m just saying, $12 billion gone in a month. She said - she’s $12 billion down a month ago. But you have delivered a sur- a deficit of $19 billion. That’s $7 billion more. You were going to always deliver a deficit, regardless of the reduction in revenue, on what you expected. That’s true, isn’t it?
ANTHONY ALBANESE: No. That’s not right, Andrew. We were determined to deliver a surplus. What occurred was that there was an impact on Government revenue. A massive write-down, as a result of - as a result of essentially the high Australian dollar.
ANDREW BOLT: It wasn’t. No, the revenue-
ANTHONY ALBANESE: The high Australian dollar.
ANDREW BOLT: The revenue went up. 


Insiders no longer the excuse Mark Scott once claimed

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (6:50am)

Readere Peter wonders if Insiders has gone on a war footing:
AB, worrying signs at Insiders that the established three-versus-one format (Barrie + two leftists versus a conservative) might be going by the wayside. 
This morning’s show will feature Tingle, Farr and Atkins. Last week it was Toohey, Megalogenis and Taylor. The week before that, it was Kelly, Maley and Farr. You need to go back to 28 April to find a conservative, when Hendo appeared.Anne Summers’ tweet didn’t send the frighteners through them, did it?
I agree with Peter than Maley can be neutral and fair. I think she’s good. But where’s the balance over all?
Remember, Insiders is one of the very few shows which ABC managing director Mark Scott cites as evidence of “balance” within the overwhelmingly Leftist ABC:
Mr Scott acknowledged that “there is now the expectation...that there is demonstrated plurality of opinion and perspective” within the ABC. Mark Scott praised the Insiders and Lateline programs for ”ensuring a range of political perspectives on the issue of the day” (Insiders)...
Can he still say even that? 


Labor no worse off after the Budget

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (6:30am)

Good news for Labor. A Budget that should have utterly destroyed its credibility actually leaves it no worse off:

WAYNE Swan’s decision to axe the baby bonus has won voters’ approval but nearly half of all voters believe the Budget has left them worse off… 
Support for Labor, on a two-party preferred basis, is unchanged at 46 per cent while the Coalition has 54 per cent.  
That said, this was a small poll (1006 sample), with a larger margin of error, and was done before Tony Abbott Budget reply. 


How strangely keen builders are to donate slush

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (6:03am)

What is it with Labor MPs with union backgrounds that makes builders eager to donate to slush funds?

Victorian Labor has failed to account for a secretive slush fund that has generated half a million dollars and is controlled exclusively by the party’s newest MP, former Australian Workers Union Victorian secretary Cesar Melhem. 
Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has refused to comment on the status of the controversial Industry 2020, which has been bankrolled by major companies including builder John Holland and recycling giant Visy through union-organised events since 2008. As sole director of the fund, Mr Melhem’s move into Parliament raises questions about potential conflicts of interest but also about the fate of money donated if he dissolves the fund and removes himself from it.
The Sunday Age does acknowledge:
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been embroiled in a continuing controversy over her legal work relating to a different AWU-linked slush fund in the mid-1990s.


One man says September 14 isn’t Clean up Australia Day

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:55am)

Ian Kiernan, former chairman of Clean Up Australia Day, seriously thinks Australian are “confused”? He’s seriously upset?  He seriously expects Alan Jones - and thousands of others - to stop with the joke?
I have had numerous complaints that you are describing election day the 14th September 2013 as Clean Up Australia Day.
Clean Up Australia and Clean Up Australia Day are both registered trademarks of this organisation.
By falsely claiming that 14th September is Clean Up Australia Day, you are causing confusionto those who genuinely support our event. Further it is causing damage to our organisation and brand through political affiliation that does not exist.
CUA is not government funded, a choice we have made to protect our independence. As well we are a not for profit organisation and are essentially owned by those who support it …
As a first step I am asking that you cease your reference to our day and brand for the benefit of your campaign. 
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t get satire. Indeed, I once found myself in the dock complaining I didn’t know there was a law against satire.
Not so sure about that anymore. 


Don’t police search in the dark?

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:45am)

I did wonder last month about Queensland police’s concern for occupational health and safety when refusing to chase escaped prisoners into a swamp for fear of water and maybe crocodiles.
And now:
WHEN police scaled back their search for toddler Tyler Kennedy at nightfall on Friday, nearby residents refused to give up, turning out in droves to scour the thick bushland where he had disappeared. 
With temperatures plunging to 6C, the community of Johns River, on the mid-north coast, feared two-year-old Tyler could die of exposure.
Last night police admitted: “In hindsight, an official search could have continued into the night,” and Police Minister Mike Gallacher is demanding a police report explaining the decision to scale down the search.
Soon after the official search was scaled down at 5.30pm, more than 100 volunteers joined the only remaining police officer on the scene and the search was back on.
By 1.15am, a group of volunteers found Tyler in thick scrub just 150m from Wharf Rd…
Tyler, covered in scratches and bitterly cold, was reunited with his distraught mother Amanda Kennedy. “I was speechless when they said they had to call it off,” Ms Kennedy, 21, said. “My heart stopped…
“We thought, ‘OK, we’ll call in our own search party and get everyone out there to find him’."…
Mr Henson said the volunteers, mobilised by phone, social media and word of mouth, arrived at the property from Port Macquarie, Kempsey and even Wollongong. 
“The street was full of cars,” he said. “People just kept turning up wanting to help.” 


Greens get bloody

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:29am)

Greens leader Christine Milne in February:
If you are being bullied there are people out there who will help you. You are loved. You are a good person and what’s more it can happen to anyone… Make sure you don’t suffer as a result of their inadequacies.
The Greens today: 
Greens leader Christine Milne is being accused of running a dysfunctional office and allowing a culture of intimidation after the sudden resignation of a highly regarded senior employee.
Alexandra Lamb, a media adviser to Senator Milne, quit her job last Sunday after professional clashes with the party’s new communications director, Georgie Klug.
Ms Lamb was given half an hour to leave her Parliament House office after her resignation…
Sources say a ‘’bitter, petty and nasty’’ process was put in train to force Ms Lamb’s resignation and was indicative of measures used against other staff… 
Another source said ‘’tensions have skyrocketed’’ inside the party and ‘’there is an air of chaos and panic as the election gets closer’’. 


Judge by performance, not Treasury’s forecasts

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:18am)

Judith Sloan is amazed by all this talk of waiting to hear the “real” stake of the books when Treasury releases the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook in August.   Just check the 2010 PEFO released prior to the August election.

The Treasury decided to revise down the expected budget deficit for 2011-12 from over $20 billion to $10.4 billion.  Actual outcome: $43.4 billion… 
And according to the 2010 PEFO, the budget surplus would be $3.5 billion in 2012-13 – again a figure that suited the government.  Actual result: close to $20 billion in deficit.
Judge not by promises or forecasts. Judge by performance. 


Not too broke for half a billion in pork

Andrew Bolt May 19 2013 (5:09am)

Never too broke for bribes:
The Gillard government has stashed away a ‘’war chest’’ of nearly half a billion dollars in secret projects to be announced before the election. 
In Tuesday’s budget, Treasurer Wayne Swan listed a line item of $463.9 million as “decisions taken but not yet announced”.
Deloitte Access Economics director Chris Richardson said Australians should expect to see the money spent on a range of pork barrelling campaign announcements…
“Yes, it is a war chest and they’re holding back a bit of money here that will be announced before the election,’’ he said.
In last year’s budget papers, the same line item amounted to $119.4million.
Try to get a straight answer from Swan:

“Some of them can be commercial matters in confidence,” he said… 
Mr Swan’s office subsequently suggested the measure could include defence contracts and other matters under negotiation.



May 19Pentecost (Western Christianity, 2013); Greek Genocide Remembrance Day in Greece; Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey; Ho Chi Minh's birthday in Vietnam
Thai soldiers on 19 May 2010 during the crackdown on political protests
“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” - Hebrews 6:10
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon


"In him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him."
Colossians 2:9-10
All the attributes of Christ, as God and man, are at our disposal. All the fulness of the Godhead, whatever that marvellous term may comprehend, is ours to make us complete. He cannot endow us with the attributes of Deity; but he has done all that can be done, for he has made even his divine power and Godhead subservient to our salvation. His omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, immutability and infallibility, are all combined for our defence. Arise, believer, and behold the Lord Jesus yoking the whole of his divine Godhead to the chariot of salvation! How vast his grace, how firm his faithfulness, how unswerving his immutability, how infinite his power, how limitless his knowledge! All these are by the Lord Jesus made the pillars of the temple of salvation; and all, without diminution of their infinity, are covenanted to us as our perpetual inheritance. The fathomless love of the Saviour's heart is every drop of it ours; every sinew in the arm of might, every jewel in the crown of majesty, the immensity of divine knowledge, and the sternness of divine justice, all are ours, and shall be employed for us. The whole of Christ, in his adorable character as the Son of God, is by himself made over to us most richly to enjoy. His wisdom is our direction, his knowledge our instruction, his power our protection, his justice our surety, his love our comfort, his mercy our solace, and his immutability our trust. He makes no reserve, but opens the recesses of the Mount of God and bids us dig in its mines for the hidden treasures. "All, all, all are yours," saith he, "be ye satisfied with favour and full of the goodness of the Lord." Oh! how sweet thus to behold Jesus, and to call upon him with the certain confidence that in seeking the interposition of his love or power, we are but asking for that which he has already faithfully promised.


Hebrews 12:11
How happy are tried Christians, afterwards. No calm more deep than that which succeeds a storm. Who has not rejoiced in clear shinings after rain? Victorious banquets are for well-exercised soldiers. After killing the lion we eat the honey; after climbing the Hill Difficulty, we sit down in the arbour to rest; after traversing the Valley of Humiliation, after fighting with Apollyon, the shining one appears, with the healing branch from the tree of life. Our sorrows, like the passing keels of the vessels upon the sea, leave a silver line of holy light behind them "afterwards." It is peace, sweet, deep peace, which follows the horrible turmoil which once reigned in our tormented, guilty souls. See, then, the happy estate of a Christian! He has his best things last, and he therefore in this world receives his worst things first. But even his worst things are "afterward" good things, harsh ploughings yielding joyful harvests. Even now he grows rich by his losses, he rises by his falls, he lives by dying, and becomes full by being emptied; if, then, his grievous afflictions yield him so much peaceable fruit in this life, what shall be the full vintage of joy "afterwards" in heaven? If his dark nights are as bright as the world's days, what shall his days be? If even his starlight is more splendid than the sun, what must his sunlight be? If he can sing in a dungeon, how sweetly will he sing in heaven! If he can praise the Lord in the fires, how will he extol him before the eternal throne! If evil be good to him now, what will the overflowing goodness of God be to him then? Oh, blessed "afterward!" Who would not be a Christian? Who would not bear the present cross for the crown which cometh afterwards? But herein is work for patience, for the rest is not for today, nor the triumph for the present, but "afterward." Wait, O soul, and let patience have her perfect work.

[Āhazī'ah] - jehovah holds orpossesses.
  1. A son of Ahab, the Ahaziah of Israel - its eighth king who reigned for only two years. He followed the religious policy of his idolatrous father. He died as the result of a fall from the palace window (1 Kings 22:49, 51; 2 Kings 1:2; 1 Chron. 3:11; 2 Chron. 20:35, 37).
  2. A son of Jehoram or Joram, the Ahaziah of Judah who was Judah's fifth king, and who reigned for only one year. He is also known as Jehoahaz and Azariah. Since his wife was a daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, it is not to be wondered at that he was a Baal worshiper (2 Kings 8:24-29; 9:16-29; 10:13; 12:18; 13:1; 14:13; 2 Chron. 22).

Today's reading: 1 Chronicles 4-6, John 6:1-21 (NIV)

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Today's Old Testament reading: 1 Chronicles 4-6

Other Clans of Judah
The descendants of Judah:
Perez, Hezron, Karmi, Hur and Shobal.
2 Reaiah son of Shobal was the father of Jahath, and Jahath the father of Ahumai and Lahad. These were the clans of the Zorathites.
3 These were the sons of Etam:
Jezreel, Ishma and Idbash. Their sister was named Hazzelelponi. 4 Penuel was the father of Gedor, and Ezer the father of Hushah....

Today's New Testament reading: John 6:1-21

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
Some time after this, Jesus crossed to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee (that is, the Sea of Tiberias), 2 and a great crowd of people followed him because they saw the signs he had performed by healing the sick. 3 Then Jesus went up on a mountainside and sat down with his disciples. 4 The Jewish Passover Festival was near.
5 When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" He asked this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do....

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