Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cabramatta Liberal Party Inaugural Dinner

Thursday 19th November was the date of the dinner. In the heart of ALP territory, over 400 dignitaries and guests turned up for the party fund raiser. Local candidate Dai Le, Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell, former Premier Nick Greiner, Shadow Transport Minister Berejiklian, Ficarra (MLC), Ajaka (MLC) Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird, Dominello (MP), Lynn (MLC), Macguire (MP) and the Hon. Phillip Ruddock (MP) were seated around the guests. A large media contingent was present, but notably absent were 2GB's Macquarrie Radio, Local papers Champion and Advance as well as mainstream press, giving room for Vietnamese, Chinese and local Arabic reporters.
Local council members were there, like Frank Oliveri and Zaya Toma and the Australian Business Party's Joseph Adams.
The girls who were acting as hostesses were stunning. A lovely gentleman who wished to spend some time with people at the back of the room, gave up his seat for Mr Ball, who had failed to pay in advance for his seat. Mr Ball, was soon correctly located among the media where one helpful journalist suggested the Hamidur Rahman issue be brought before overseas papers, like in New Zealand, UK, India or US where independent journalists may be able to report on the issue long covered up by the ALP.
Mr Ruddock's presence was a poignant reminder that the flight Dai Le's mother made by boat thirty years ago had been championed by Mr Ruddock over the opposition of Whitlam. Whitlam had refused to take responsibility for the desperate position he had placed Vietnamese (and Cambodian and Timorise) peoples. Whitlam has a local library named after him, and a liesure centre.
Dai Le spoke brilliantly and movingly. She reminded the audience that it was not past battles which the party is fighting, but the right for a bright future through good management. NSW is currently badly managed by the ALP. Barry O'Farrell also spoke brilliantly, reminding us of the excellent legacy of Mr Greiner and the debt the Liberal Party owes to cultural diversity. Sadly, the ALP seek to exploit minority cultures, but doesn't seem to know how to cooperate and grow with them.
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