Friday, July 17, 2009

Selling Reference Books

- The Encyclopedia Britannica full set. 1991 Ed. 29 volumes. Classic Blue binding. Bought new, some never opened. Minor printing damage involving some volumes having paper cut strangely. Also '91 to '94 annuals. '93- '95 Science and the Future in Classic Black

- The World of Science * 1989 edition * Never used - just sitting on bookshelf * The titles of the volumes are as follow: the human factor, the human machine, the evolving earth, actions and interactions, medical science, face of the earth, the solar system, the universe, technology and discovery, technology of change, the diversity of life, the mechanics of life, physics in everyday life, chemistry in everyday life, the classical scientists, pioneers of modern science, what is science, science and society, info technology, biotechnology, expanding environment, body and mind, illustrated dictionary of science A - K, illustrated dictionary of science L – Z

- Great Books 60 volumes, 1993 edition. Also Gateway to the Great Books 10 volumes and The Great Conversation. These books include the writings of the greatest authors of all time, from Homer and Plato through Oscar Wilde. Including writings of Voltaire and Einstein. Moliere and Shakespeare. all up 124 volumes of books.
I bought these intending to have them for the rest of my life. I must sell them to live. It hurts.
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